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  1. Thank you... we visited Rouen, Honfleur and Giverny on a river cruise from Paris through Normandy. They were all beautiful. We did not go to Deauville, so that is a possibility. We loved sitting at a cafe on the water in Honfleur and I could definitely do that again!
  2. Hello! We have a stop at Le Havre... we've been to Paris and the Normandy beaches. Loved them, but do not want to sit on a bus to go there again. We've also been to Rouen and loved that too. Has anyone done a tour to either Deauville or Caen? Is there enough to do in Le Havre if we decide to stay there for the day?
  3. Can someone explain what this is please? It popped up when I looked at my cruise reservation and gave me an option to book it. We are sailing on Silhouette.
  4. Looking for info on how easy it is to depart from the Nice airport. We flew out of DeGaulle last year and it was an absolute nightmare and we are hoping the experience in Nice is better.
  5. We disembark in Monte Carlo and are going to a hotel in Nice. Will there be cabs at the dock, or should we pre-book a transfer? How long is the ride?
  6. I have always found the people on the CC message board to be extremely helpful and respectful.... I am the OP and here is why I asked this question... we love the GDR, but on our 7 day cruise on Marina, we want to go to only 2 specialty restaurants. We were on Sirena last fall, and there were only 2. I asked, because if there was an overwhelming response about any, either negative or positive, that would impact our decision on which 2 to choose. Thanks to all of you who answered respectfully and honestly.
  7. If you were picking 2 specialty restaurants on the Marina, which would you choose?
  8. OMG, this is unbelievable and just so sad. We had an amazing guide through FerTours in September in Cienfuegos and again in Havana, and learned so much about Cuba and its people from him. We had to meet him a block away from the port, and in Havana he told us that if we were approached by anyone "official", we were to say that he was taking us to look at beach property and not being "guided". Similar to those who have mentioned above, we did tip very well and I gave him my portable phone charger as he said there were none available in Cuba. The educated in Cuba earn about $35 a month, no matter the profession. The tourist industry was helping tremendously.
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