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  1. We're close to actually booking a Lindblad expedition and checking the 7th continent off our list :) I have to say that BA is our preferred jumping off city because we haven't been there and would like to see it before and after the cruise. However, the smaller and newer Orion itineraries start in Santiago. My only concern with Explorer is that some searches I've done indicate that there are limitations on the number of guests allowed ashore and so I'm wondering if I should go with the Orion and plan a separate trip to BA (maybe open jaw and head there after the cruise, possibly even direct from Ushuaia)?
  2. Gig103

    Aqua Class or Concierge Class

    I agree Hank. It's no different from when Alex Cruz took over BA after running a low cost carrier (Clickair / Vueling).
  3. Gig103

    Aqua Class or Concierge Class

    I prefer even a C3 to Aqua Class. I just didn't like Blu, although this year I found the MDR had definitely dropped in quality compared to my 2012/2013 cruises. It felt like RCCL dining, which is only 'fine' not 'can't wait'.
  4. Gig103

    Where to get soda?

    I'm with the other folks who prefer the Celebrity method because it's individual cans. On RCCL the Freestyle was nice (especially in the busy buffet) but if you did go to a bar, the soda didn't taste right. If it came from a 2L bottle it had no fizz and if it came from the soda gun it was weak.
  5. Gig103

    Question re: Surge protectors

    I love my little Belkin surge protector, but for cruises (and international travel, since mine isn't 240V approved) I travel with the cheap "dollar store" extension cords which are only about 6 feet but turn 1 outlet into 3. I also bring my international plug adapter on board so I can use both the EU and North American outlets in the cabin.
  6. Gig103

    Celebrity-Choice AIR When to book?

    I'd book it now if you like the price. Choice Air often is buying a bulk set of tickets front he departure airport and they're gone when they're gone. One way tickets are often hard to find deals on. My anecdote - back in 2013 I hesitated to buy the one way airfare early at $1200/pp from Choice Air after an Infinity cruise. No joke economy jumped to $2400 for the same flight when we got closer. I ended up getting FC for $3000 because I was never paying so much for an economy ticket.
  7. Gig103

    Over packing.

    You forget about getting to and from airports, to and from the cruise terminal, as well as pre-cruise or post-cruise touring. As for the topic, my wife and I pack 7 or 8 days and plan on doing laundry. It takes two carry on size bags and one checked back to share (including empty space out to make room for souvenirs home).
  8. Your review has me wanting to take a second MSC cruise. Food was definitely lacking from X, but drinks were cheaper for non-Aurea, and as an Aurea cabin I found the drinks far more inclusive than the Classic package. Service was about on par, but some of that is me believing Celebrity service has dropped. I liked all the bars on MSC and the fast drink service, but the evening entertainment (after the main show and dinner) was always dancing - not to my taste.
  9. There's nothing listed on my Cruise Planner, but as I recall from past cruises other bus transfers don't show up there, but can be booked on board. I'm just trying to plan ahead on if I should hire a tour company; we were thinking about doing Seoul on our own.
  10. Gig103

    Guarantee balcony worked!

    Go buy a lottery ticket! ;-)
  11. The food's gone downhill? I was last on a ship in 2013 but am booked on an X ship again. The Celebrity food was something I really missed when I tried RCCL (even a suite) the past two years. I'm sorry, but as I've been away, does "extra cost burger bar" mean that the Mast Grill is gone on M-class ships?
  12. I did NOT know they could do this, and while I could see it happening on a GTY fare, not a regular, room-selected, fare!
  13. Gig103

    room service on X?

    I'm close to an RCCL cruise and just found out about their new $7.95/order room service (excluding continental breakfast). I hope Celebrity maintains its upscale feel and leaves the nickel and diming to NCL, Carnival and RCCL.
  14. Gig103

    $7.95 Room Service Charge

    I was looking directly at RoyalCaribbean.com tonight... You're saying their Facebook page is more up to date? That's weird.
  15. Ah, I didn't mention that i'm from the US. But good advice in case I wasn't.