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  1. Already booked this in an OV - interior is $400 cheaper so we switched. As the cruise is nothing but b2b2b2b2b2b2b port days, I don't think we will spend much time in the room.
  2. I saw in another thread that you will be on Anthem. First thing to note is that Cafe Promenade is open 24 hours a day: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-dining/cafe-promenade They change up their menu throughout the day to target breakfast vs lunch/dinner. You will always be able to grab a snack. And normally if Sorrento's Pizza closes, Cafe Promenade will have the pizza there. Windjammer is the best place to "stock up" on snacks. Grab an extra piece of fruit or a couple cookies for later and keep them in your room. Just remember - don't take fruit ashore as ma
  3. Details are under the second bullet point here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passenger_Vessel_Services_Act_of_1886 The Passenger Vessel Services Act, however does not prohibit foreign-flagged ships departing from a U.S. port, visiting a distant foreign port, and then continuing to a second U.S. port. However, in order to embark in a U.S. port and disembark in a second U.S. port, the vessel must visit a distant foreign port outside of North America (Central America, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and all of the Caribbean except Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, count as part of North America);
  4. I just noticed, we are also in Westerville. I've been WFH for over a year now and somehow I've been able to convince the DW to allow me to book three cruises. I wonder why? 😆
  5. The confusing part to me (at least at the time) is they named a Quantum class ships Anthem and Ovation and then have Oasis ships Harmony and Symphony. It is a bit odd they split the music theme across two classes. I mean Freedom, Liberty, and Independence... all the same. Voyager, Navigator, Explorer, Mariner, Adventure... mostly in the same vein. Radiance, Brilliance, Jewel, Serenade... Serenade seems a bit out of place in the naming scheme.
  6. They started it a few years ago. You can book a refundable rate, but it will cost extra (prices vary by cabin type, length of cruise, popularity of the cruise, etc).
  7. It happened during the last round of website "upgrades" a couple years ago. They made the C&A pages look nicer but dropped about 5-7 features that people were using. Don't worry, in another couple years they will hire another website consultation company to redo the site all over again and remove different features that are currently working.
  8. We did Barefoot Beach at Labadee as we were in the "Sweet" on Independence. I liked the area as you don't need to walk past the multitude of vendors to get to the farther beach, and it's quieter than adrenaline beach as it doesn't have the zipline noise above your head. From what I remember, the lunch for us was not upgraded but it is separate from the other lunch areas so not quite as crowded.
  9. I'm at 89 points now, hoping to be at 131 after two cruises... Should be able to make D+ in a few years.
  10. Dang, I was hoping for zipper pulls.
  11. Thanks to that post, I started doing some math... 1. You can get to diamond in 3 cruises (inside solo) with this bonus. 2. It took me nine years to get to diamond (I'm still a working stiff so only two cruises per year at best). 3. I think this reinforces that I will never make pinnacle. Diamond+ is within reach.
  12. I'm now curious that with cruises cancelling through April 2021, will they extend the bonus point offer farther into 2022? I've got a nice TA lined up in April 2022 which would make leveling up quite a bit quicker.
  13. I was checking prices and noticed that the Enchantment of the Seas is missing from schedules between October 20th and Nov 14th. I don't see her listed on what limited dry dock schedules I find. Anyone know where she is going during this time?
  14. I'm lucky enough that I can work from home if need be. If our workplace instituted this idea, I'd try to take a cruise every 3 weeks.
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