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  1. We're sure hoping we have to sit in the sun. Looking at the weather forecast, it appears we might be getting off the ship in the rain. :') Our plans are to head to Magens Bay for a wedding vows renewal ceremony, going back to celebrate where we were married there on the beach 20 years ago. We're of course very excited! If the rain comes, so be it. We won't let it dampen our celebration - plan B in a local church will carry us on!:halo: Thanks again for yours and fellow cruisers or locals here on this board who help with many a celebrations!
  2. This board is so good. You all have been very helpful. Thanks so much. I'm sure we can work it out from all the good info here. For clarification, we plan to meet him at 9:30 a.m. I see the restaurant opens at 10:00 a.m. so can't meet up inside. We'll catch him in back parking area.
  3. We already told him Smoking Rooster, so don't think we'll change it. We can walk that far with no problem. But we mentioned to him we'd meet at the restaurant's entrance. In looking at the map, I was wondering about that, as it does look like parking is in the back like you say. Should I tell him we'll meet him in the back where the parking is, or will he be able to drive up to the entrance? Sorry if I sound confused - likely am. :):)
  4. Looking at Google maps, Smoking Rooster looks fairly close to walk to from the ship. You think our friend could find a parking place around there? Guess we could buy a BBQ sandwich or two to give them some business. Any thoughts ?
  5. We will also be renewing our vows at Magens Bay next week. We married there 20 years ago and promised to return and renew them every 10 years, which we did in 2008. On both occasions, we did it away from the main beach area down among the trees to the south. But we've been hearing that the hurricane did a number down there and you wouldn't recognize it the same as it was. Did you find it being that bad of condition from the hurricane?
  6. Thanks so much for your good info. May I pick your thoughts one more time? I am thinking we'll take you up on advising him to look for a parking spot in the Al Cohen Discount Liquor Mall parking area and to wait there with his phone on. Then as we're ready to leave the ship we can phone/text him and have him drive on inside the Havensight Mall and pick us up at some designated location we need to come up with. So my next question is what might be a good location for us to have him drive in and meet us? I have looked at the maps and wonder if he would be able to drive in to the Tourist Information building, or if not there, would you suggest a location that might work good for us? Closest to the ship as he might be able to drive to.
  7. Thanks. How long would you estimate time wise to walk to there from the ship? My wife is a little frail, so I was hoping for them to meet us maybe a bit closer. Is it hard, or maybe not possible, finding a place to park inside the Havensight Mall area?
  8. We're going to be arriving in St. Thomas on the Carnival "Fascination" and be picked up by a local friend. He apparently isn't that familiar with the Havensight Dock and Mall area, so is asking where he should meet us. Anyone know enough about the area to suggest a good place for us to meet up with him?
  9. Hearing different reports on present condition of the Megan Bay area. Not just the main beach area but the area with trees as you travel down the road toward the south bend in the beach. Where a lot of tree were in the past. Some reports sound like several trees down there were knocked out and you wouldn't recognize it anywhere like it used to be. Did it get hit that hard with the hurricanes last year? Anyone recently been there to speak of the overall area condition?
  10. Do you think we can buy a cheap styrofoam cooler in San Juan the right size and all for carrying drinks on board and use during Fascination cruise? We'd discard it after disembarked.
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