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  1. We will be on the Veendam over Xmas. Wondering how many kids are on there now? Have been reading some very polarizing reviews...honestly a little nervous. We were on the Oosterdam for a Greek cruise several summers ago and had a blast. The itinerary was very fast paced so we really enjoyed relaxing when we were on the ship. We really want to do the same on this vacation. Don't mind the low key part of it but want to make sure there are activities for all of us on the days at sea...especially the kids. Love the updates!
  2. We usually stay the night before at a nearby hotel, check out soon after breakfast and head to the port. I kind of feel like we are paying for that day might as well get use out of it! It's nice when luggage comes in early as well. I can usually unpack and get everything organized and enjoy "set sail" and dinner.
  3. @Krazy Kruizers thank you. Great to know our options. I like to travel light so i am sure we will get some clothes laundered.
  4. I love having lunch in the dining room...didn't realize it closes at 1pm. We are usually on the ship before noon .... will head straight there with the family 🙂 I think it's really a "suggestion" so everyone doesn't come at the same time.
  5. I keep getting mixed answers. We were on the Oosterdam and did the fill a bag but want to be prepared if that is an option. Thanks 🙂
  6. We were on our first Holland cruise (Oosterdam) "Greek Odyssey" summer before last and of course when we booked we let TA know that our daughter had a severe tree nut allergy. With kids we prefer open seating in case it took longer to get ready or we were out in port later. When we got on the ship we grabbed the daily activity sheet and there was a time scheduled to meet the Maitre'd/Dining Room manager in one of the lounges. My daughter and I went to make sure we were all on the same page and knew what to expect. The gentleman had a list already with her name and the specific allergy on i
  7. Ugh that is so frustrating. Can you speak to a manager or the owner of the TA company? If it's for this December than it's too late to cancel and re book? I would let the TA know that you are upset and disappointed and will not ever use them again or refer them to anyone else.
  8. Ugh...but glad to hear it's working again. Hopefully it's not a long term issue. We are on Veendam in December. Would love to hear more about the ship. Have a great trip.
  9. 100% newbie that made a lot of assumptions and unfortunately was wrong...$7000 back??? We always stay the night before and I watch the driver put our luggage into the vehicle then personally give our luggage to the cruise line porters and of course tip them 🙂 I also take pictures of all of our luggage at the airport and at the port. It helped us one year when we were missing one bag and even after dinner it was mia. We were on Carnival that time. They finally brought us the bag and left it outside of our cabin. We brought it in and there was a huge cut in it with damaged clothin
  10. I usually try to get them from the dollar store. We rarely come back with them lol. I think someone mentioned it already but i always grabbed a few of those mini boxes of cereal from breakfast for a snack i didn't have to pack from home.
  11. Not sure but did you add hat and sunglasses? This may be too much but we traveled with 3 kids and when the younger two were really young i packed complete outfits in gallon size storage bags and labeled them (day outfit, evening outfit...). In it had a diaper, onesie, shorts and tshirt or diaper, dress and tights. When we would head out to the beach i would throw in 2 of the day outfit bags or if dh went to get someone ready all he had to do was grab an evening outfit bag. I threw them in the drawers. Worked wonderfully 🙂 Have a great time!
  12. I had no idea this was even an option. Learn something new everyday! Will look into it when we go on several trips a year.
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