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  1. Where is the best place to stay precruise at Port Canaveral? Are there any hotels where you can see the ships in port? Thanks
  2. JWBmom

    MTD Question for FOS

    I sent an email to rcldining asking about the 6:30 time frame and received a response stating that MTD was unavailable during those times on FOS. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of MTD?:rolleyes:
  3. JWBmom

    MTD Question for FOS

    Thank you everyone!!! Naturally I was looking for a time within the time frame that wasn't showing available. This is my first experience with MTD and I wasn't exactly sure how it worked.
  4. I see that the MTD reservations have opened up for my sailing. However, there is a gap from 6 to 7:30. Are you able to make MTD reservations between that time or are they all taken? Thanks
  5. I have a couple of questions and let me first say I apologize if they have already been asked and answered. I will be booking connecting cabins on FOS for next spring break. I am booking my dh and one child in one cabin and myself and child in the other (using C & A certificates). What is the process for switching the kids to one room and dh and I in the other? My second question is about MTD- we have always done traditional dining as we love having the same servers the entire cruise, but 5:30 is a little early and 8:00 is a little late. I am considering MTD this cruise and I am unsure of how it works. Also, will our dining be linked as they are connecting cabins on the same reservation? Thank you, Ginger
  6. JWBmom

    Problem at port in Tampa?

    [quote name='printingchick']Does anyone know if the dogs alert ONLY to explosives, or do they alert to drugs as well? Clearly they are assuming this is the former, rather than the latter. No need to clear the area for smuggled drugs! Keep us posted!!! So good to have this forum to get the REAL SCOOP!!! :)[/quote] Typically the dogs are trained to alert to something specific- either drugs or explosives not both
  7. Thank you for the pictures- this definitely gives me something to think about- with my little one the bathtub would be great. I don't see these rooms as an option on online booking- do you have to call to book them? Also- how was the location as far as viewing parades, etc?
  8. I would love to be able to do a balcony and inside across the hall, but it is not really an option for us. My teenager always meets ton of people and likes to participate in all of the teen activities, which sometimes has him coming to the room later and my younger one would be absolutely terrified to be in the room by herself (i am not entirely comfortable with that thought either). At least if we have connecting we can leave the door open and we are visible to her as well as her to us.
  9. I am looking into booking the FOS for 2014 Spring Break We have cruised with our two children (who will then be 7 and 16) in a balcony cabin (yes, all 4 in one balcony cabin) on our last 2 cruises. While we love the balcony, we would also love a little more space. Here are my options: 1 balcony cabin- $4335 Connecting outside cabins- $3995 Connecting inside (PR)- $3755 I am very tempted to book the connecting insides, but have never been on a ship with a promenade before so I don't have any first hand knowledge. The space would be great and obviously the price is the best. Which option would you choose? In addition, if you chose the insides which deck is the best? Thanks a bunch.
  10. Why do you love cove balcony cabins? Are they the same size as a regualar balcony?
  11. JWBmom

    Dream- which would you pick????

    Anyone else??????
  12. JWBmom

    Can you believe it?!!!

    We just sailed on the Disney Magic (we were in port with Disney Fantasy several times- it was the inagural sailing). We sailed Disney with our DS when he was younger and wanted DD to have the experience as well. We went on the Pride in 2011 for Spring Break last year (DD's first cruise) and she was a little bored on the boat- she hated the kids club. All that being said- Disney has beautiful ships and she loved the Mickey slide and pool on the boat as it is more geared towards smaller kids-that will most likely be our last Disney cruise. She hated the kids club on Disney as well. The shows were good and there was a lot of character interactions, but unless you are a Disney fanatic that can get a little old after a while. I think as long as I get her on a ship with some water slides that she can go on she will be thrilled- we are looking at the Dream for next summer. Disney has only four ships now and aside from the Wonder doing Alaska, the other three ships either do a Bahamas itinerary or Eastern or Western Carribean. I think people are looking at other cruiselines not only for some savings because they are significantly higher, but for other itineraries. This may be why they are offering discounted fares- people can get better itineraries for less money on other lines.
  13. Help me decide. I am looking at booking the Dream for next summer- there will be four of us traveling- 2 adults, 2 kids (15 & 6) I can book two connecting deluxe ocean views or an OS for $900 more. Would it be worth it? Which would you go for??? I am mainly looking at cabins with a bathtub, which would be the reason for the Deluxe Ocean views. Thanks!
  14. JWBmom

    Dream Cabins?

    On the Dream is there a huge size difference between the balcony cabins and the Ocean Suite cabins?
  15. I think it would be worth it to try Disney once while your kids are little. We just sailed on the Disney Magic with our two kids (14 and 5). We have sailed RCL before but not with our kids. We did sail last year for Spring Break with them on Carnival. My youngest hated the kids clubs on Carnival and I thought Disney would be different (it is Disney after all), but she hated them on Disney too.. that is actually okay with me as I go on vacation with my family to spend time with my family. She loved seeing the characters, but that is the only reason she would want to go on Disney again. Her favorite part of the cruise was the slide, so any cruise ship with a slide would be great with her. She loved the shows on both Disney and Carnival. My oldest said no more Disney, it is too much for little kids. Disney's cabins are nice with the split bathroom and not having to pay for sodas is nice. We did enjoy the Disney cruise, but it most likely will be our last as they are very expensive. There is nothing bad to be said about Disney and like I said before you should try it once, especially if your kids like the characters as there is plenty of interaction.