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  1. Sigh, a week already? How vacation flies so quickly. Thank you for all the humor (and guffaws) from sharing your very, very special cruise!
  2. That's nothing compared to this Commie Pinko we saw in Nassau. He kept saying "Sexy Time" to my wife in some stupid accent. Note the crowds later in the day from your picture. There had to be 20, TWENTY!!! people on the beach!
  3. Sigh, I've been holding off on replying to this thread, because it all seems so ridiculous. Everybody seems to be having such a great time, but I was on this ship last month, and had a totally different experience. My wife (Mabel) and I took our 6 teenagers (Mandy, Randy, Brandy (she's a fine girl), Candy, Tandy, and Fred) hoping for some quality family time (followed by even more quality bar time every evening). First off, despite the myriad of activities on board, I could not tear the kids away from staring at their books or playing Hungry Hungry Hippo. Evenings? The ship was pla
  4. Spot on, in my view. It's not an age, it's a mindset. It struck me as obvious from the ages of many of those posting here (55 yo myself!). I absolutely love the idea of no kids, no restaurant surcharges (with what looks to be upscale dining), more than reasonably priced booze, and a well-done sense of whimsy to it all.
  5. "My cruise was ruined by insufferable people on the ship telling me how their cruise was ruined." 😊 That being said, I can't say after 30 years that I've ever had a cruise ruined. Call it lucky or just rolling with whatever comes my way!
  6. Yes, yes, yes and yes!!! As a newly solo traveler, I was surprised to find I could sail for 5 days for just less than $1000. When the perks are added, including what appears to be very much upscale food, it works great for me. Needless to say, I just booked!
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