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  1. I received the e-mail an hour ago and have received my registration confirmation. I'm a bit surprised the webinar wasn't full.
  2. Got the e-mail at 4:21pm (AT) and am registered.
  3. Just went in to register for the Apex Webinar for tomorrow night and I am now registered. Immediately received a confirmation.
  4. When I went to register the response was webinar is full.
  5. Does Celebrity deduct points? An e-mail I received yesterday stating the number of points I have is down one point from an e-mail I received in September. Unfortunately I haven't been keeping track of PUP surveys that I have responded to and don't know how many I should have. Oh well, I do enjoy doing the surveys and answering the questions.
  6. So, checked luggage size is allowed on the tri-rail? Thanks for your help.
  7. Staying at a MIA airport hotel and need transportation the following day to Port Everglades. Do any of the shuttle companies pick up at Miami Airport hotels and drop off at Port Everglades? Has anyone used Metro Shuttle Service from Miami airport to PE. I have sent a couple of e-mails to them and it has been more than a week and no response. Thanks for any advice.
  8. Hi, I really enjoyed following along. We will be on the Regal Princess in March. I saw that they are showing Downtown Abbey on MUTS, but missed it in the Patter. Do you know which night it was playing. Thanks so much.
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