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  1. We were on the first Celebrity Seacation, and service was in a different league to the shambles that was Regal Princess. On the plus side all the crew and officers we spoke to know it's a shambles, so hopefully it will improve.
  2. We were in Vines last night asked the very helpful waiter for some potato crisps, we were told no food in Vines. So I ordered potato crisps on the App. We got a plate of French fries about 30 minutes later "we have run out of crisps".
  3. If it saves us from this abomination we will do... And single ply toilet tissue!
  4. Foot stools are there in Concierge. Not sure what is going on but Eurofins have set up in The Meeting place and there is a big banner saying "welcome to your rapid Antigen test ".
  5. I think I have been unfair, hence why I paused posting. Initially I thought what I see as poor service was teething issues, but after discussing with other passengers I realise it is normal service for Celebrity. I mainly sail with Cunard and the service standards are different. I have reset my expectations accordingly.
  6. The weather is good this afternoon and from where I am sitting - at a bar, that rule seems to have been relaxed - there isn't a spare seat. I don't know if it is usual for Celebrity, but there are no bar waiters and no-one clearing tables. I suspect - but it's just a guess - with AI the bars three outdoor bars that see open are busier than expected.
  7. Generally things are good, service is very willing and enthusiastic. Cleanliness is excellent. Murano last night was superb. But there are a few issues. I don't think they have realised that with only organised tours available, many many people have remained onboard. As an aside the Eurofin team that were at the port yesterday are onboard.
  8. By way of an update, our experience so far today has been disappointing. We wanted coffee around 11am today, the coffee bar was full all morning. There are no indoor bars open and all of the outdoor bars were washed down at the same time. There is no room at The Porch, The Mast Bar or Mast Grill. We ended up eating in Ocean View and in my opinion it was terrible. I started with a plate of cold meats which were put on a very hot plate, then luke warm pasta with no spoon available and no condiments such as tabasco. It's the worst cruise food I remember experiencing. I know I will get flamed for daring to say anything negative, but it is what it is.
  9. There was a quiz scheduled for 7pm in Craft Social last night. No-one turned up (or to be more precise, no one wanted to join) so it was cancelled. I have seen a couple of tables of more than 6 people, although I don't think it is officially allowed. Big scoop for me is that you can sit at the bar outside Murano, and you can order via the bar man, however a server has to bring the drink to you. Max four people to a lift with X on the floor to tell you where to stand. I have seen quite a few people with visors rather than face masks. I would describe service as amazingly willing, but rusty. For example I asked for a Heineken in Craft Social and the waiter just didn't understand, I ended up with some hoppy ale. My room steward is unable to bring me sparkling water. He has brought champagne, instead he has brought tonic, but water with gas he can't do. My only real gripe (anything else being a niggle) is the AI wifi. It's unusable for anything other than the Celebrity App and the odd message on Whatsapp. You can't browse this site for example, you can't send a picture on whatsapp.
  10. A couple of other things. Drinks & More wine was two bottles of red. Welcome bottle was red.
  11. Eurofins had a testing station set up at the terminal, it was probably 45 minutes extra delay. They didn't allow priory boarding for Concierge. At least they didn't for us.
  12. It's so slow I can't even get a speed check reading. Maybe (and I have no idea if this is the case) the paid internet is streaming speed and the AI is snails pace? There was no mention of mini-bar drinks in the Drinks & More letter. I'll need to check on that.
  13. A few surprises from Silhouette so far. No Concierge boarding day lunch. No water in the mini bar. Everything else so far is as you would expect. Only small gripes would be the bar snacks in Craft Social were off, as was the burger bun in MastBar. The bar seat rules at MastBar were silly. You can sit at the bar, but must face away from the bar and can't put your glass on the bar. Wifi is as bad as ever.
  14. I'm not sure that's correct. Celebrity have offered to test in port those passengers on today's sailing whose Eurofin results have gone missing. I don't think it's a general "turn up without a test and we will test you". My results are still missing, so I expect a few hours hanging around the dock in secondary screening later. Not the way I wanted to start my holiday.
  15. That makes me even more nervous. Great experience, but not knowing the timeline for results is challenging. I'm pleased you have you results though.
  16. Eurofins test yesterday at midday, and no results yet. They are going to test my nerves I think.
  17. As the US is not significantly behind the UK in terms of percentage of population vaccinated (although the gap is widening by day) I would be confident a travel corridor will be established by the time you come to pay your deposit. Two months is a long time in pandemic terms. The UK Transport Minister has stated it is being progressed and there is the political will, the complexity would appear to be around the US not having a standard vaccination certification and a common UK approved vaccine not being recognised in the US. Having worked closely with the UK Transport Minister, he isn't one to dangle the carrot unless he is confident he can deliver.
  18. Thank you, we have "maidens" on this, Cunard and Princess. It will be interesting to compare.
  19. The admin lady said they send them by DHL Express to the lab a couple of times a day, but its up to the customer (Celebrity) if they are notified, the passenger notified or both notified. She didn't know the specifics for Celebrity. They are doing test for multiple customers. Either way results tomorrow.
  20. We had our Eurofins PCR tests at Bristol Aztec Hotel this morning. It was superb. Well sign posted to the meeting room, a beer pleasant room, two staff who couldn't have been more helpful. We arrived 40 minutes early and that was no problem. They even gave a voucher to cover the £10 hotel parking charge. I was very impressed.
  21. I don't believe so. I think it's to install a sense of occasion. In the same way it would be against norms to attend a wedding in a jeans and T-Shirt. On Cunard* where formal dress is enforced fiercely, I love seeing military (serving and retired, from many nations) having the opportunity to wear their dress uniforms and proudly sporting their medals. Being able to thank and acknowledge people for their service is amazing. On a purely personal level, it is one of the rare occasions I get to wear my awards (UK obviously) issued for services to Gender Equality and the LGBT community and to engage with people about that subject. I perfectly understand it's not for everyone, we all have a choice of how we wish to travel, but I'm in no way a believer it's anything to do with installing gender norms. And I admit the sight of an attractive Scott in his kilt, does make my heart beat a little faster. *I reference Cunard as they are at the extreme end of Dress Code.
  22. I travel Cunard mainly, where dress codes are not only adhered to but form part of the overall experience. The cruise line attracts a healthy number of travellers who do not dress according to their gender either fully or for part of the day (mainly men who opt to dress and be treated as woman for dinner). No one seems to care, everyone appears happy. The staff respect their choice (Mr Smith at lunch is Mrs Smith at dinner) and the Gentleman Hosts happily dance away with Mrs Smith. But they do stick to the dress code, that's the important thing. But I wholeheartedly get your point about cologne. I don't want to taste other peoples scents.
  23. I think this makes the assumption that cruise lines operating UK summer cruise will amend their on-board social distancing practices to reflect government easing. I'm not sure it's going to be that joined-up. I suspect no sitting at the bar, wearing a mask indoors, no contact with cabin steward/butler, restricted dining times and groups etc may be around way past the 19th July.
  24. I do wish they would be consistent. This relates to the 3rd July UK sailing.
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