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  1. Dialysis at Sea is their own company. They have a website with a schedule, and will also send brochures. They bring hemodialysis machines and staff onto many different royal and celebrity ships, so there are lots of itineraries to choose from. They are normal length dialysis sessions, so figure about 4 hrs including prep time, and are usually offered in 2 shifts, with the first being around 6 a.m. and the other later morning. We took my mom on 3 of these cruises. They were fantastic, and my mom had a blast. The staff both for booking beforehand and for dialysis onboard were extremely professional. I cannot say enough good things. However, they are very expensive. Medicare will not cover the dialysis sessions onboard, which as of last year were about $700 each. (Some supplemental or private insurances will cover them, but most do not.) There is a minimum charge for 3 sessions, so even if you do a 5 night cruise that only has 2 sessions, you must pay for 3. Otherwise it's not worth it for the company. There are also admin charges, and mandatory travel insurance paid at time of initial booking. Overall, a good rule of thumb would be to presume a couple grand over the regular cabin price (for the fees, insurance, etc) plus the cost of dialysis. Despite the price, these trips were some of the best times my mom had in her last years, and I'm so glad we got to take her on them.
  2. We were on the harmony transatlantic when the cubs won the world series. The ship did not broadcast it. From talking to the cubs fans onboard, it sounds like a passenger who subscribed to i think the MLB station and therefore was able to stream the games on mlb.com purchased the streaming internet package, and the cubs fans would meet in a conference room to watch on his laptop. Not a cubs fan so i didn't go, but i heard a few complaints about royal not offering it. I was just on grandeur during the wild card games last week and, despite assurances from the concierge that we would get the national league game, we did not. We've been nationals season ticket holders for a dozen years so were pretty disappointed. Taking our cue from the cubs fans, we purchased the streaming internet package and signed up for tbs.com (tbs was broadcasting the game), but internet on grandeur is just too slow and we could not get any picture. We ended up streaming just the audio on espn radio on my husband's phone, and then after were able to watch highlights on espn on our stateroom tv. Grandeur was out of baltimore so there were a lot of disappointed nats fans onboard, especially because the ship showed all the football games during our trip. I guess the nfl is easier to license.
  3. Just off grandeur, where you could buy the UDP onboard for $25 pp per night. Fwiw, we had purchased it online beforehand and were assigned an 8 pm dining time, but we went to chops first thing when we boarded to make our reservations for the week and the host said we could choose any dinner times we wanted and could vary them each night. So at least on grandeur we were not locked in to that 8 pm dining time. Since you're in a suite, if you pre-purchase the plan you can email the concierge your preferred schedule and they should be able to secure it for you. We've done that before with the 3 and 5 night plans.
  4. We just got off grandeur this morning, after a 5 nighter to bermuda. We paid $90 pp for the package (during the black friday sale last year), and got 9 meals out of it (5 dinners and 4 lunches, including embarkation day lunch), so paid $10 per person per meal. Well worth it. Grandeur only has chops, giovannis, and izumi, but the lunch menus in chops and giovannis have some different items than dinner, so we found the selection to be good enough that we did not get bored. With your cruise also having sabor and johnny rockets, i think there would be enough different choices for most people. As a side consideration, i think i would not buy the drink package again with unlimited dining, because we ate so much i didn't want a blender drink or frappuccino like i usually get throughout the cruise, so i definitely did not drink my money's worth. Also, we left extra tips after each meal, and they added up to more than the extra we usually give our dining room servers at the end of the cruise. Overall, we loved having the package and would do it again in a heartbeat, just probably without the drink package.
  5. Got milkshakes and root beer floats on anthem using the refreshment package in feb. Did not have to purchase any food. By the end of the cruise, they'd see me coming and start my float. : )
  6. I'm finding this thread super interesting because this happened to us for the first time ever on june 30. Our TA called us to get final payment and we reminded her we had a FCC to apply; she called royal to get it applied and then called me back with the new total, which was higher than what i had calculated. Turns out royal had added the insurance, so she had to call back again to get it cancelled before we paid. In about 20 cruises, that's the first time I've ever had the insurance unilaterally added after i had declined it when first booking. It could just be a glitch, but it strikes me as totally shady. My TA was on the phone with a real live person, who presumably deals with TAs all the time - you think they'd notice the charge was added. I'm just glad we caught it, as we had insurance through a third party.
  7. Last black friday/cyber monday sale (i can't remember which), we purchased the UDP for a 5 nighter on Grandeur this sept for $90 pp. It's the Bermuda itinerary that also includes 4 lunches in specialties, so 9 meals for $90. Grandeur only has 3 specialty restaurants, but for such a short cruise, we shouldn't get tired of them. Even if we decide to do only dinners, it's about $18 per dinner - not too shabby. : )
  8. They have some pre-set virgin drinks on their menu, or you can create your own. I also don't know if they can do blender drinks, as i got one of the pre-set virgin drinks last time i was on anthem, and it was definitely not a thick blended type drink (though it was very good).
  9. This thread just made me laugh because we crashed a McDonald's cruise on Royal once. I think it was on Liberty. Most of the passengers were McDonald's employees; many were there for hitting sales records etc and had never cruised before. It was interesting (in a good way - people were nice, and super excited to be there). As far as cruise quality, there's a reason I'm diamond plus on royal but have only been on one norwegian cruise. I'll leave it at that. To each their own.
  10. On adventure right now and keep passing a door decorated with a pineapple and a sign that says something along the lines of "dancing, romancing, and having fun." I presumed they were dancers, but now I'm wondering... : ) in any case, it's making me giggle every time i go by.
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