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  1. We paid a surcharge for the 4 of us in two different cabins; on HAL in December 2008. the surcharge ended in the middle of the cruise and they refused to give us credit for half of the cruise. It rather soured us on HAL and most likely will not sail with them again.
  2. I remember the days of the "Smoking Sections" in restaurants which was a step forward. Otherwise, it was smoking anywhere. And now, it is no smoking at all, as well as at your job. Heck, anyone could smoke at work... So, it is with optimism that we may someday enjoy no smoking on a cruise ship. Yes, there have been improvements, but the smoke knows no boundaries and does not remain in the designated smoking areas.
  3. @Lucky TGO I am so sorry for your loss. The pic is lovely.
  4. Hi @donswife! We are on that cute peninsula, Ocean Shores (not the Long Beach peninsula). We are 75 miles west of Olympia. Aberdeen is our closest main town which is 22 miles away and takes at least 30-35 minutes to reach. Grays Harbor County has really grown in the last few years and the one road to (Hwy 109) get there can be really crowded and many slow drivers and RV's. In answer to your other question, yes, we have an IGA which is horribly run down and expensive. Sometimes, they have decent sales. So, there is a Dairy Queen and Papa Murphy's in Aberdeen and other fast food. Once, every 2.5 to 3 weeks or so, I make a day out of driving to Olympia and make the rounds of: Costco, Trader Joes, Fred Meyer, and Total Wine. If needed, I will run to Aberdeen and go to Safeway which happens to be a fabulous Safeway! We get our vaccines at this Safeway because the Pharmacy staff is wonderful and very skilled at administering the injections. Our neighbors also go there for their shots. You were our neighbor for 35 year when we lived in Portland. It is always nice to see a Washingtonian on CC! And Oregon too!
  5. @jwattle All you did was repeat what we already read. So, would if Mrs. Cameron tests negative, is she required to also be in quarantine or leave the ship? Granted, she would have more exposure to Mr. Cameron than table mates.
  6. You may also get excellent comments if you ask on the "Cruise Air" forum listed under "Cruise Discussion Topics". It is also an excellent forum.
  7. @CenTexan Since a major reason to "downgrade" is the issue of having a "connecting" cabin, why not just ask for a different cabin in your cabin category and prevent any re-faring fees. A decrease in rates may be absorbed by nasty fees. As previously said, if you booked with Princess and have to wait, put your phone on speaker and then do some research on CC or do some dishes...
  8. Apparently, we are experiencing an inability to communicate. Have a great day.
  9. True, in a super IDEAL world, hopefully all passengers test as negative. I will explain further. Let's say Mr. Cameron on the Regal Princess in Cabin B736 tests positive for Covid 19 and his Cabin Mate, Mrs. Cameron tests negative. Is she permitted to remain in the same cabin as Mr. Cameron? And if so, is she also considered as quarantined as well? Or will Mr. Cameron be moved to a special cabin for his quarantine period?
  10. How would this affect your negative testing cabin mate, like a spouse?
  11. Please understand that we have discovered that the "Port Staff" really know nothing and I do not believe they are Princess employees. So, do not put this on Princess.
  12. We do not cruise for the "cabin experience". We cruise for the overall experience about the ship; service, food, shows, lovely open atrium, and general non- snooty atmosphere.
  13. We also really enjoy and use the "Cruise Atlas". I flip back and forth on the pages and highlight many things such as itineraries, deck plans, etc. I also think it would be nice as has been mentioned, for customers to opt out.
  14. From the Princess website when trying to book our air for late September 2022. "Air will become available for this cruise approximately 300 days prior to departure. You may reserve air after booking your cruise."
  15. @skynight is a fantastic resource. That said, each of us have our own guidelines. Our main preference is to be aft on a deck which offers the larger balconies. On the Sky, for us, that would be D728-731, Baja 736-739. You get the idea. As was said, I would not let being by the self serve laundry be an issue. We will also be on the Sky in 2023 for the Iceland and Norway cruise.
  16. Thanks for posting. We lived in Portland for 35 years and had no clue that Portland has the largest dry dock in the USA. The "journalist" called it a "boat".
  17. As the 330 or 300 days draw near, I just check back we h day to see if I can book. That works well.
  18. It says the testing has to be 2 days out, not the day of. We arrive 3 days before embarkation and that is too far ahead of the two days to be tested. Otherwise, of course we would test BEFORE we flew all of the way to London.
  19. Missing my point regarding customer base. I get that money is money.
  20. I understand your points... however, money is money and FCC's are given out quite often. Full ships of regular customers also bring in "gobs of revenue".
  21. You are very brave to arrive on embarkation day!
  22. Our Scenario; comments, please? May 5 2022: Depart Seatac for London May 6 2022: Arrive in London May 6,7,8: London stay for 3 nights Monday, May 9 2022: Embark on ship Yes, we have "angst" about doing this test TWO days ahead when we will already be in a foreign country. I sure wish that we could do this on our flight day or the day before. If, for some reason, we test positive, then we are "stuck" in another country and the complications therein.
  23. Personally, I find this offensive, that Princess wold do something like this! We have all been through so much and remained faithful with the ups and downs of life during the last 19 months. We have endured and adapted to all of the cancellations and re-bookings. This must have been some windfall for Princess to turn around and disappoint so many of their plainly only human dedicated customers. We are booked on the Regal for late September 2022. I wish you all well!
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