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  1. We have three cabins booked in our family. Bookings are linked. We sail in six weeks. Today received move up email for two of cabins only. Tried to log in with third cabin on move up page using reservation number, but said had to be within thirty days. Crazy! Has this happened to anyone that only part of family eligible to move up? The cabin without the request is for a celebrity elite member. Strange?? All cabins are inside. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have an accurate price for June 20 equinox with the four perks and veterans obc? Just for a regular balcony. Having trouble no matter which browser I use!!
  3. i know they added over 100. Looking specifically for a balcony cabin. What is the difference between old/new cabins? thanks!
  4. I received the birthday offer and my birthday is many months away! All I did was sign up for emails to make sure I receive move up bid offer for dec cruise!
  5. Yes got what we were entitled to booking 6 ms out
  6. What a wonderful detailed review! So great!
  7. Will be sailing with him on infinity? Any thoughts? Fun?
  8. They sent me the code as well. What kind of discount is it?
  9. just realized i have three different bookings (immediate family) all using my email! How would move up bid work then? If I get an email how will I know which booking it is for?
  10. I hear you! am Canadian myself!
  11. wow ,big difference! weregoingcruising above, moved up from inside to balcony for $80 pp!!! For which ship,janineallison,was the bid for?
  12. How much did it cost? How many days before did you receive bid and then have accepted?
  13. thank you were going cruising! found it on move up bid tracker. wow, only 80 dollars for a great upgrade. I should only be so lucky! have a really crappy inside cat 12 also. I paid half the price of what the cruise is going for now, so stuck waiting for move up bid to be offered to upgrade!
  14. also waiting to find out how much bid was! would like to move up from inside to balcony also!
  15. also, thanks hvbaskey, am reading your "fine print" above. 100-300 seems ok for an upgrade from OV to balcony for an 11 day, does anyone know if they would ask for less for a 4 day?? thanks!
  16. wow! what a mess! i don't trust anything,and always have everything in writing. would never consider move up, like to pick my cabin, but got a rock bottom group rate on 4 day infinity. Unfortunately gave me a category 12 inside cabin, all the way at front of ship where you really feel movement. will have to see what the prices are like when offered.
  17. Am on dec 26 infinity. Have inside cabin. Any idea how much move up bid would be from inside to balcony on a four day? Appreciated
  18. Anyone know CD on infinity for Xmas and New Years?
  19. Wow! Thank you all for taking the time to compare! Think will try Indy! Easier out of Lauderdale anyways!
  20. Hi! Couple in our fifties trying to decide between these two for four day June cruise. Thoughts? Will be our first cruise as diamond!
  21. Anyone know who the CD will be?
  22. Wow! So much I am not aware of! Appreciate responses!
  23. Didn’t realize three drinks loaded even if officers party! Are they loaded as well first night of cruise? I know there is nothing in lounge first night
  24. Curious about this also!
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