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  1. Thank you! Read and reread and still seems ambiguous
  2. I also filled out the form!! waiting game....just called cc company, no refund, not even of port taxes.
  3. i am in the same situation. I cancelled on Friday,one week ago so I would get FCC. supposed to sail on sky tomorrow. my travel agent thinks I will only get 100 percent FCC,but I filled out form anyways asking for full refund as well as FCC. Nobody seems to really know!
  4. Supposed to cruise March 14. Cancelled and asked for fcc Friday when they announced new policy am I entitled to refund as well,ie option 2 if I cancelled already last week? Thanks if anyone has this answer!
  5. So far have received no refund of taxes or fcc although cancelled fri. Done via travel agent. For poohunderstands above wondering how u got fcc and refund so fast?
  6. Supposed to cruise March 14. Cancelled on Friday to take fcc. Now that cruise is cancelled do we get refund and fcc??? Can’t seem to figure out from that chart. My travel agent thinks we will not get refund
  7. Also trying to figure out if taxes are refunded and rest as fcc? Anyone receive anything back yet to verify?
  8. Anyone know who would sell cfar for quebecers? Excluded from princess’s policy
  9. Cfar insurance is not available to people from Quebec or Puerto Rico so we are unable to purchase
  10. I would love them to serve us at the buffets instead of handling utensils everyone touched!
  11. Can you receive move over offer if booked balcony guarantee and stateroom not yet assigned? Sailing in March. If you use a travel agent, who gets the email? Thanks.
  12. thanks for all the info. At least got a better deal on flights than I would today!
  13. wow, you have all been so lucky! Two of the travel agents called for me and got nowhere. Price dropped two days after booking ! They said because I booked some "flash sale",no upgrades,obc,or refunds were possible.
  14. you are very lucky. I emailed my travel agent and she said "once full payment is made, they will not refund or give any obc". Very aggravated,because could have done a courtesy hold for a couple of days. who knew??? Also, it seems even if I upgrade to the highest balcony category,would still be 20 dollars less than what I paid. I know with many cruise lines has to be more than what I paid to get upgrade,even if only one dollar. Is this so with princess as well??
  15. hope someone has the answer to this! booked cruise three days ago..after final payment. Noticed a price drop today of approx. 150 pp. I know I don't get any refund,but am I able to get an upgrade if available? Booked a balcony guarantee.thanks!
  16. hi! I see you can pre-pay a four device package for 14.99 per day before cruise. If there are only two people in cabin,and you want to give the other two device code to family members in another cabin,how would this work? Do they give you four codes right away to use?? thanks!
  17. hello, I was on princess many years ago. Just wondering if ez air has a special contact number, or do you just call the 1-800 princess number and wait on hold forever (like I have been doing!). If your flight is cancelled or you have a last minute emergency,how would you get through to them? Their price is lower than the airlines,that's why I am asking. Also,does anyone know if you can book the ezair flight in Canadian dollars if cruise was booked in US dollars?thanks!
  18. Thanks!!! It is just that the Uber app asks which terminal
  19. Does anyone know which terminal to go to?
  20. If I am elite I know I get one free bag laundry. My daughter is not elite but is in my cabin thus her luggage tag says elite. I know she can come to cocktail hour but will she get free laundry as well? Thanks!
  21. On celebrity our bids were accepted 24 h apart. Bid same for both. Reservations linked. No rhyme or reason
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