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  1. I retire from this post disappointed not to hear more happy instances of Celebrity kindness.
  2. Xmas 2018 , and very nice it was too, thanks for asking.
  3. No puzzle we have cruised with Celebrity and Azamara mostly that is why we are in the highest Captains Club level. In this year of current world chaos small kindnesses are everything to us.
  4. Thank you Celebrity Cruises for acknowledging our loyalty. We appreciate the good will shown and will enjoy the bottle of Shiraz kindly gifted to us. We will return when it safe to enjoy more happy Cruises.
  5. From memory on Encore same layout I think this is a housekeeping area.
  6. RECEIVED FROM EMIRATES Before You Travel 1. Masks are mandatory inflight, gloves are recommended 2. Online Check-in services are currently unavailable 3. Arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight 4. Do not bring hand luggage for your flight 5. Expect thermal screening and other checks 6. Social distancing at the airport & no groups gathering 4 20 HOURS OF TRAVELLING LIKE THIS ......NO THANK YOU ! 🤔😟
  7. I think we all have to be patient for itineraries to be decided and posted for cruising. Currently we are in a huge reset. There will be a multitude of changes until "the virus" is under control. Australia and New Zealand are taking a very slow and steady approach as we have so far succesful at keeping infection numbers low. Some Australian States have not yet opened their borders to their adjacent neighbouring States.
  8. We cannot help re the original question of comparing hotels, however for an impressive alternative:- ahh Venezia, bellisimo. On our visits to Venice we have stayed at Palazzo Abadessa in Canareggio. The building formerly housed the Hungarian Embassy . A small elegant Hotel which has a Canal front with a pier for the Water Taxi and a lovely garden at it's rear to take tea, coffee or breakfast . A big plus is it's quiet location , yet close to the action. Palazzo Abadessa is in walkable distance to popular sites. There is an abundance of restaurants close by to tickle your taste buds. Concierge staff are magnificentand truly make your stay most enjoyable.
  9. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/amsrd-renaissance-amsterdam-hotel/?scid=bb1a189a-fec3-4d19-a255-54ba596febe2 Renaissance Hotel, convenienty situated in a pretty quiet area tucked away close to Canal. Wonderful breakfast and fantastic Concierge . This comfortable Hotel has a Boutique feel which we prefer and we make it our home whenever we travel to Amsterdam. Restaurants abound in easy walking distance .
  10. Hi robertmartha, we did first meet Jose on Odyssey. Then to our delight our next few cruises on Encore we were so happy to see him again. There may be more than one Jose waiting on Seabourn. This happy chappy is of short stocky stature with a wicked sense of humour. He knows your every desire and is a true professional. Many of Seabourn's staff and crew have given us much joy and wonderful memories over the past years. More food we are salivating in memorial about are risotto and Ghanaian prawns in the Colonnade.
  11. it is so refreshing to read your positive thoughts "robertmartha". We also choose 😉 a long languid brekky with anyone who cares to join us. For it is these times we have met the most delightful people. As you said, "many cups of coffee later and yet another Croissant " we rise with new friends. Speaking of the food, one such friend was crazy about the lamb chops for breakfast. On the Colonnade outside deck we have had the happiest experiences being looked after by our favourite waiter and much loved character is Jose.
  12. Thank you " rkaCruiser " for you kind comments. By the way I realised after posting my favourite eggs should have read "en cocotte". These delicious eggs often sat unoticed on the corner of the hot buffet items. This crisis has shocked every nation. We must maintain hope, whilst the height of the Virus is lessening in some parts of the world. It will be new medical advice, break through treatment, plus our patience, diligence and heightened awareness that will carry us closer to consideration of wether to cruise again. We all will require this positivitivity and confidence before making any future responsible decisions. In the meantime I would like to read more about your gastronomic delights enjoyed in the Colonnade.
  13. Quote:" My favorite was the lingonberry Swedish pancakes but there was never a bad morning". Thanks for the memories Kauaijim. Following the theme of your post , my favourites at the Colonnade breakfast are the coddled eggs, beautiful fruit , yogurt and decious pastries. To be accompanied by many espresso coffees and lots of hot water and lemon. Lunch in the Colonnade , delicious salads, but most of all the many fish dishes from the Menu washed down with a glass of Prosecco or any delicious vino and sparkling water. Dinner in the Colonnade, Indian night is usually amazing or Thai Cuisine if Chef Jez is on board. French evening if Chef Frank is cooking. His Bouillabase is to die for. Let us hope for a vaccine in the near future , and or , sucessful treatments for this mysterious and life changing dilema. That the world will be a kinder more humane place to live in future. It is MHO this is our wake up call to reset our world. My wish is that you and your families and friends keep safe and in good health for these are biggest treasures.
  14. For more room why not use the shower over the bath. Personally we do not find the shower uncomfortable or claustrophobic . It is more than adequate for the average size frame. This is our experience in the verandah suite.
  15. Same deal 506 to 509 they are identical forward cabins 9 an upside down 6 . Disney we always say in our humble opinion all Suites are good on Seabourn ships .
  16. My first thoughts on this topic were if you have not sailed with Seabourn previously you are not au fait with the "Suites". Yes, all all Seabourn staterooms are Suites. 509 is a standard Suite, deck 5 has it's advantages of The Club, the small pool and serviced covered sun lounge area. It is only one floor up from the Dining Room and two floors down from Seabourn Square to lounge, drink great coffee and delicious Gelato or a snack. Other than deck 5, I love deck 10 but it would be a rare chance to be upgraded so many levels. I must say allocation early for OB or GTY is not the usual for Seabourn. I admire your optimismn of Cruising at this moment in time.
  17. Likewise this a personal comment, not relative fact to this thread.
  18. So sorry to hear of your cruise being cancelled Flamin_June . I hope you get resolution and compensation as you would wish for. Koala
  19. Julie, heres a thought Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne before the Tasman. 😉 Just a shell fish thought, by late April/May I might just get approval to travel hands free. Quite honestly we have given up speculating on 2020 travel for the moment. Good News is our Melbourne scientist are up to a testing poin with a nasal spray that basically tells the immune system to attack and kill the virus. All we can do is wait on all fronts .....patiently. That is for us with no current bookings. Fingers crossed and all the very best for good outcomes for those who do have bookings. 🐨🐼
  20. Thank you Julie you are most kind. Look forward to meeting some day Jenny
  21. "Flamin June" thank you for your new thread. It is much appreciated by many in a quandry for our 2020 Seabourn Cruise plans . As "Rols" said or similar the world situation presently "is what it is." Never the less having a booking , the usual anticipated excitement dampened by being in limbo at wether you will sail away is very stressful. We certainly feel for you all. I sincerely hope you this awful period will pass quickly. It is especially scary for all affected by all kinds of disasters and unsettling phenomonen who have to re adjust their lives. "Chairsin" We wish you well for your surgery and a speedy recovery. Your posts are always informative , I have not forgotten your kindness thank you. "Frantic36" glad to hear " Keith" is doing well, I can imagine how much you are looking forward to the cruise post recovery. I too am looking forward to that day and estimate I am approximately half way to being able to travel . The Seabourn CC threads have been a daily go to these last three months . You all give me the inspiration to heal as I yearn to Cruise again as you all do. Looking forward to reading more ,love your tongue in cheek humour, thanks, Flamin Jo.
  22. Now 3.5 months later there has been much interest in this topic. Some Seabourn friends have now tasted and enjoyed these new distilled non alcoholic brews on shore. As far as I have read there has still been no distilled non alcoholic drinks served on Seabourn ships despite advertising this would be so in the Herald. I am afraid "mocktails" do not set my taste buds soaring . I would be interested if anyone has requested pre cruise Seed Lip etc for their Suite Bar as there definitely seems to be an interest in these drinks.
  23. Thank you Shyla for your kind words. Life has it's tests but I am sure the pleasure of being back on a Seabourrn ship will be greatly heightened having had this experience. I wish you a wonderful cruise and great adventure in Greece.
  24. Hi Shyla, your itinerary is very hectic but that is my perspective. It seems doable but with some degree of stress. I do all our itinerary planning . Panda is an anxious traveller , so every move has to be dovetailed and precise to reduce anxiety. May I ask have you purchased your airfares yet? Previously we have sailed an Odyssey round trip with Istanbul fly in fly out sector. I chose to stop for a few days pre cruise in Istanbul and do day trips to the Islands post cruise. This settles the luggage problem and still gave us a good taste of the sights and culture of the islands.If you have booked flights then this out of the question. Our November cruise was cancelled a week prior to sailing as I fell fracturing R radius and Ulnha and L humerus fracture and dislocation. I am recovering after surgery and have my fingers uncomfortably crossed for a Seabourn European summer sailing. Stay safe in super Sydney. koala
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