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  1. Thank you for this wonderful idea, it gives hope and inspiration for the future! 💞
  2. So very sorry to read of her passing! I always enjoyed her posts, and accepted her contributions with weighted authority. May perpetual light shine upon her.
  3. We will most likely cancel, too. Since final payment isn’t due until mid July, we have a little bit of wiggle room to see what will be offered in place of Cuba.
  4. We are also booked on Journey 11/25 cruise. When I view the Azamara website it still shows it as viable. Final payment isn’t due until mid July, so I’m hoping this will work out in our favor before then.
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a wonderful review! Your pictures were very nice and your organized attention to detail was very easy for the reader to enjoy your trip through your eyes. We were on Silly a few years ago with almost the identical itinerary, aside from Dominica. Reading your review had me reliving our cruise. Kudos for such a positive spin on your wonderful cruise!
  6. Yes Lois, thanks for posting! We are booked in November on Journey. Our favorite cruise line is Celebrity, and after reading some of the comments on the Azamara board, I am a little concerned. Please keep posting, as you can be sure I will be following closely.
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