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  1. You should read the description of the excursions offered to see if they will show you what you want to see. You will not see much of anything from the boat as you sail the lower Mississippi because the levees block the view of buildings along the banks of the river. You have to get off the boat and usually drive a bit to see the sights. If houses are your main focus, I would expect a land tour would be better. If you like the cruise experience and only want to tour a few houses, then ACL should be a good choice. The small size of the river boats make them very different from an ocean cruise.
  2. We took the new Ameican Song from Memphis on November 10, 2018 heading to New Orleans. The cruise was a mixed experience of good and disappointing. The new boat is very nice. The cabins are large for such a boat, with bigger than usual bathrooms. Some beautiful lounges for sitting and shows. Very easy to get around with 2 elevators and an open stairway. The disappointment was the food, which was usually OK, but nothing special and the waitstaff is amateur. They try hard and are pleasant, but it isn't like on a big cruise ship. The cocktail hour in the lounge was very popular and quite a success. Out cruise was made less wonderful by the unusual cold weather. It was too cold to sit on our balcony or enjoy the beautiful top deck with all the seating. And two days we had some rain too. The coldest November day in Memphis in 25 years when we left. Another thing was the lack of scenery on the lower Mississippi. You see vitually nothing except muddy water and scrawny trees most of the time. The levees block the view of anything on the land. The last stretch from Baton Rouge to NoLa is more interesting, including a lot of large ships and barges. The excursions were all good, though the Vicksburg Battlefield tour dragged on too long for me. Others enjoyed it. We only took the included tours. The staff was very good at helping those passengers who needed extra help. The lectures were mostly interesting..And the entertainment was mostly excellent. We were delayed because of loose barges and had the same duo 3 evenings (instead of 2), but they did 3 different shows and were wonderful. Dan Knowles and Eddie Coffey on banjo and other instruments. This was our first experience with ACL and we loved the boat, but found the entire cruise to be somewhat disappointing. I expected excellent meals and more scenery. The weather didn't help, but I realize ACL can't be blamed for that.
  3. Darrell6t

    Experiences with Aquafest?

    We have done Halloween with Aquafest and thought it was great. We recently booked for the 2018 Halloween cruise. They offer a good value because they often have prices lower than the cruise line is offering, along with some extras. Lots of nice folks travel with them. Unlike the full ship charters, there are children traveling on the ship along with many regular passengers. But many events are private and well orgnaized. I really recommend them.
  4. Darrell6t

    RSVP Feb 5-12, 2017 on the Koningsdam

    The activity on here has certainly fallen off since the Facebook group got started. Lots of action over there. It is really too bad about Bob. I also wish him a speedy recovery.
  5. Darrell6t

    Why we don't go on "all gay cruises" anymore

    My partner and I are both in our 70's and love the all-gay cruises. RSVP is our favorite, but we have done Atlantic and Brand g too. As well as the Aquafest and Pied Piper groups on ordinary cruises. All of them are fun. You make new friends because everyone is friendly and there is very little attitude. Try it, you might like it.
  6. Darrell6t

    Cruise Ideas for Couple and Mother in law

    If she likes to party with gay guys, an Aquafest cruise would be good. Often a large group of LGBT folk on a regular cruise with good prices from Aquafest. Special events for those who book through the company, but all the usual things of a cruise also going on.
  7. Darrell6t

    Any Star Clipper fans out there?

    We took the Royal Clipper with RSVP from Cannes, and had a wonderful trip. Now, 15 years later, we are going with Brand g Vacations on the Royal Clipper from Istanbul to Athens. I am looking forward to this as an amazing trip visiting several small ports on Greek islands. But the situation in Istanbul does cause some concern.
  8. Darrell6t

    RSVP Feb 5-12, 2017 on the Koningsdam

    RSVP called and a Signature Suite has become available, so we are now booked into the cabin we tried to get back in February. I was pleasantly surprised. I guess their wait-list process actually works pretty well.
  9. Darrell6t

    RSVP Feb 5-12, 2017 on the Koningsdam

    I am just back from the Atlantis Anthem of the Seas, which is an amazing ship. One of the shows was Snuggling Pianos, with two pianos and two guys doing the playing. So they don't have to have a duel. Just put on a show.
  10. Darrell6t

    CAPE LIBERTY 411 (and NYC too) Version 4!!

    I think that is an excellent idea. If we get to Newark Penn Station early enough, that should work pretty well. Or we can just sit apart until Philadelphia where some sears will probably empty. Thank you.
  11. Darrell6t

    CAPE LIBERTY 411 (and NYC too) Version 4!!

    We are concerned we won't be able to get seats together if we get on the train in Newark. That is why we were planning on going into Manhattan to catch the train, and have the Red Cap take us down before the crowd. Is it difficult and expensive going to Penn Station NYC from the pier?
  12. Darrell6t

    Best Washington hop on hop off tour

    If you just want to ride around a see things, those buses are fine, though expensive. If you are looking for transportation, they are a poor choice. The Circulator bus for $1 is the better option. No narration, but it gets you where you want to go.
  13. Darrell6t

    Washington with a young family.

    Actually the all-day pass on DC's Metro is not a good deal for most tourists. Very few will spend that much in a day if they just get a regular SmarTrip card for each person. It is only a savings if their hotel is very far out of the city near the end of the Metro line.
  14. Darrell6t

    CAPE LIBERTY 411 (and NYC too) Version 4!!

    Does RCCL offer a transfer from the ship to Penn Station in NYC? If not, is there an estimate on the cost of a taxi for that trip? Thank yoou
  15. Darrell6t

    Atlantis Anthem of the Seas May 21, 2016

    A very quiet CC Roll Call for this cruise. It's less than two weeks away. We are all registered. I am looking forward to being on this ship.