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  1. I have enjoyed your trip. We saw you in Cienfuegos as we were on the Viking Star that week. We did a private tour to Trinidad which was the prettiest city we saw in Cuba but still no working bathrooms. Everything was brightly painted and it really looked the most Caribbean. As the seas decided not to cooperate that week we were unable to stop in Santiago de Cuba so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures.
  2. We were on the Jan 17th sailing and had our stop in Santiago de Cuba cancelled also due to the weather, which was of course not in their control, and at least you got a game of cornhole that day. The cruise staff did nothing to find any activities for the extra sea day. Even an additional trivia game would have been appreciated. Since the weather had been deteriorating the day before I am sure the staff could have had a plan B ready to go.We had nothing but there were many other issues. The TV system was not working the entire cruise. Both live TV and the movies spent the entire time buffering so it was impossible. The best though was when my DH and son wanted to play shuffleboard and there was no equipment for that or bocce ball out. When he inquired as to why he was first told it couldn’t be out because it made too much noise for the cabin below and then he was told it was because bad weather was predicted, meanwhile it was the day we were anchored in Cienfuegos and the sun was shining and seas were still calm. The day trip to Havana was not good. Our guide actually lost two people and wasn’t sure what to do. The best tour we did was a private tour to Trinidad, which yes Viking gave us a hard time about not having a tour scheduled through them.Yes we were sent the $500.00 credit for an upcoming cruise but after the experience we had, to sail on Viking again it will need to be next to nothing cost wise with the credit. We still had a good time because we got to spend a week with our young adult kids and the bar staff were terrific. It’s back to RCL and Uniworld for us
  3. rsdmom

    Private Cuba tours

    How did you obtain your visa if not doing tours through the cruise line
  4. Thanks for all the info. Have been very satisfied with tours we have found previously through these boards. We are confirmed with Hector out of Cienfuegos to go to Trinidad and nightclubs in Cienfuegos that evening
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