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  1. In the past (a decade ago) I've had issues at the pier check-in where an agent told me I might not be able to board next time if I didn't have the Jr on my reservation. I would add the Jr to my last name when making a reservation, but then it wouldn't match my Crown & Anchor profile, and I'd have to make several phone calls to get this issue resolved for that cruise only. Long story short, there's a suffix folder where Royal Caribbean keeps it on file. It just doesn't show up on cruise documentation. I didn't add the Jr to my upcoming cruise on Wednesday (delayed from Tuesday). I think I put my full name when entering my passport information, but can't remember.
  2. Sailing Serenade of the Seas and looking for info about the photography shop on how the photo package works, and purchasing photos without the package. Do they use facial recognition and put printed photos in a binder like Oasis (2014)? Or do you give your stateroom number to the photographer and select your photos from a digital kiosk like Anthem (2017)? Or is it still the old fashioned way of finding your photos on the walls in the photo shop? If it's still the old fashioned way, do you have to wait until the end of the cruise or can you get your photos as they become available? And how does the digital package work? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks. When I sailed the Jewel I had W13 inside the Schooner Bar.
  4. Anyone know where muster station U15 is on Serenade of the Seas? Thanks
  5. Thanks southendcruiser, this is what I was worried about. I think they also did a Coast Guard inspection on the Oasis upon her return to the US. I remember getting texts and phone calls from Royal Caribbean a couple days before the cruise to not arrive early to Port Everglades. I arrived at Port Everglades after hotel check-out as planned. Although I had to sit for a long time, at least I got a seat and boarded the ship as soon as possible. Last October on Norwegian Escape in New York she was delayed arriving due to a storm in New York the day before and then had a Coast Guard inspection. I had just ran 5 miles through Central Park in a race and was waiting in line to check-in when the terminal became full. Standing in the same spot for a couple hours was not fun as they stopped the check-in. I could see the crew muster drill with the Coast Guard take place from inside the terminal. At least the Serenade is much smaller compared to Oasis and Escape. As for The Key, I think I'll pass this time. The carry-on luggage delivery to stateroom was the one perk that would influence my decision. If there's a good chance boarding will be delayed to 1PM or later and staterooms open at 1:30PM, then this benefit would be lost, and possibly lunch at Chops Grille.
  6. Thanks Carol! Started online check-in and the earliest option to arrive is Noon. I plan on arriving by 10AM and thinking about purchasing The Key in part to enjoy lunch at Chops and have my carry-on luggage delivered to my stateroom. If embarkation was delayed, then I'd lose out on the luggage delivery. At this point it all comes down to whether or not I want an internet package. Either way the ship will go Vroom....
  7. How long does Serenade of the Seas (or Radiance class ship) take clear when arriving to Boston for the first time following a Transatlantic sailing? I'm on the Sept. 10 5-night cruise to Bermuda. 5 years ago I was on the first Oasis cruise from Fort Lauderdale following her transatlantic sailing from drydock. Took a long time to clear ship and didn't get to board until well after 3pm. Since Serenade is a much smaller ship, I'm hoping it doesn't take that long to clear. Thanks
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