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  1. I have received all 9 points for October. 2 for the quiz, 2 for the media post, and 5 for the webinar. I will point out that there IS an issue with the tags on the media posts. I did NOT receive my 2 points for the first media post that I did on Twitter (the one where you dressed up with a cocktail) and was told that the tags that Celebrity posts with the instructions are incorrect. Facebook and instagram I believe are both Celebritycruises With an S at the end, Twitter is Celebritycruise No S at the end. So for October's media post, I used twitter and i
  2. Just a heads up to anyone who did the Social Media Power up on August 12th and used Twitter to put your pic and hashtag etc. As per Celebrity's instructions it said to put @celebritycruises but that only works for facebook and instagram. Apparently there is no "s" at the end of @celebritycruises for twitter. So if you put @celebritycruises with the s on the end you probably didn't get your 2 points. You will have to call and explain that it was in their instructions to put it with the S and they will send it to the person reviewing them and hopefully they will still award you your 2
  3. I often suggest to cruisers asking for a good European Itinerary to try a 12 night Italy, Greece and Turkey itinerary. Princess used to do a fabulous one that gave a great overview of these 3 countries. Since you don't have that long and since you're on the Celebrity board, I would check out the 7 night on June 13th Infinity. The ports are varied and interesting and not too much travel time from the Ports to the cities, with the exception of Naples which can be spent right there or I always suggest Pompeii to first timers with a private excursion group (hopefully you can join on
  4. Yes, mine was cheaper but I bet yours was WAYYYYY more fun!! 😁
  5. I had 292 points before these games and after today's I will have 299, so as long as they do something in the next couple of weeks that I can earn 1 point on, I will move to ELITE for my next cruise. Pretty excited about that!
  6. Yes it sure does seem so far away. We too prefer cruises but will do an AI with my sister and husband as they prefer a week of just laying on the beach. We may have no choice this year and possibly no holiday south at all. Oh well maybe we'll drive out to the east coast late next spring. Take care until you cruise again!🙂
  7. Thanks! We have been to Barcelona but always love to return. It was for the October 31/2020 Constellation TA out of Barcelona which is now officially cancelled. We lifted and shifted to the Infinity October 19/2021 TA so hopefully that one will be a go. I think it's time for me to "lift and shift" our January & February Caribbean cruises although it pains me to do so. 😪 Both are out of the US and I just don't see things getting turned around in time. Maybe an all inclusive resort late next spring direct from Toronto will be a possibility . I sure will miss our cruises. 😕
  8. Sorry about the confusion, the cancelled Air Transat flight Toronto to Barcelona that was for October 2020 , was just an example that you can dispute the charge on your visa and possibly get it reversed because while doing that one on the phone I mentioned my cancelled flight to Fort Lauderdale from Toronto on Air Canada that was cancelled late March at the same time, and the agent said I should dispute that too. She said they have had many disputes and so far they all went through. Again sorry about my ramblings. 😃
  9. This isn't about Air Canada but Air Transat just cancelled our flights for October to go to Barcelona and instead of notifying us, I got an email with vouchers attached. Not acceptable. This is over $1000 and the flight isn't for months yet, so I contacted my credit card (TD visa) and they reversed the charges. This has been over 6 weeks ago now and I've heard nothing from either the credit card or airline saying they are fighting the charge back. So going that route is worth at shot. They are by law supposed to refund if you are flying to or from the US. While on the phone wi
  10. I dont see why you wouldn't get to lift and shift this particular sailing to the Millennium You are within the right time frame, same amount of days, technically you are actually "downgrading" to an M class and they have very similar ports. Did you try the "lift and shift" online form where you put in your booking confirmation and it gives you the cruises they will allow you to move to? You can use it to check what they will let you do without actually changing anything. Here is the link. The "lift and shift" option is down on the right, just select it and go through the info and it
  11. I feel the same. We have a Jan 4th on the Connie and Feb 26th on the Reflection and I was waiting to Lift and Shift them by the August 1st deadline, but now that the Lift and Shift program has been extended until Sept 30, we'll wait it out and see how things go. It's not looking good. We'll most likely lift them to 2022 and hope we can do an All inclusive next spring. I sure will miss my cruises.
  12. Darn, you're just on the cusp. You'll have to wait it out I guess. Who knows what will happen. But I will be curious to see if other cruise lines soon follow suit.
  13. You can read the release here. Sailings in and out of Australia are halted until Oct. 31st 2020 But all sailings in Asia, Caribbean, California Coast, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama Canal, South America & Antarctica, Japan, and Tahiti/South Pacific are on pause through December 15, 2020 https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-december-2020.html
  14. We received a full refund including non-refundable air that was also book by Air celebrity also flying with Air Canada. I also called TD Canada Trust And once the credit was sitting on a credit card for 5 days they happily transferred it into my account. No cash advance needed.
  15. Thanks Zanderblue for your input. I will definitely follow up and see how it goes. We have a credit for the air we booked ourselves so would love to get the air booked by Celebrity refunded in Cash since we don't want to have too much $$ held up in credit with the airlines. The airline is allowing an extended time to use the credits, 24 months so hopefully we'll be able to use it for a future cruise or an all inclusive package.
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