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  1. Take a picture of the webinar at the beginning once it starts and once the webinar is done, there is a screen that says "thanks for watching" I always take a picture to prove I was on the webinar until the end. If you don't get your points, just call, they will add them. Especially if you are only 6 points away from moving up, if you watched other webinars and didn't get the points, I would call and tell them, they've been pretty good about adding them after the fact.
  2. I totally understand what you mean. We had 3 cruises cancelled last year and were able to "lift and shift" one to a decent time/itinerary in January 2022 that we will take especially since it was booked with the old 4 perks. It cannot be beat. BUT, the prices next year are crazy. We LOVE Celebrity and the beverage package but cannot justify the prices. So we booked a couple of bucket list cruises on Royal for June/July next year. We don't have tips or drink package included but with the price of the cruise and adding tips it's still WAAAAAY cheaper than Celebrity. We will take our Diamond member 4 drinks per day and just pay for anything else out of pocket. But on a cooler weather itinerary Norway/Iceland/Ireland I don't anticipate drinking as much as a Caribbean cruise anyway. I think Celebrity has priced themselves out of reach for us for the remainder of 2022. We are also booked on the Constellation TA in April (at a great lift and shift price) but are thinking of cancelling and adding something next fall instead since we are doing the Royal B2Bs in June/July. For us it's a matter of taking 1 or 2 All Inclusive Celebrity cruises or 2 or 3 other cheaper cruises. The prices on Royal seem so much cheaper than other lines right now and we would rather cruise more at this stage of our lives, so we are now looking at other lines as well. We've sailed most of them and have never had a bad cruise.
  3. I haven't booked a Celebrity cruise with the simply sail rate but was looking at a Bermuda sailing on the Summit for May 2022 and it did come up with a "cruise only" rate of $799 in an inside guarantee and $1199 for an inside with drinks, tips and wifi. Just out of curiosity, I decided to check Equinox next June and there is also a "cruise only" rate showing for it as well. BUT there is also a "cruise only" rate for a balcony guarantee as well. It is $300pp less than picking a balcony and having the perks. This is on an 8 night cruise. The same for a 10 night in February on the Constellation, So it looks like alot of cruises have a "cruise only" rate but only in a guarantee. Good to know for people who don't drink at all that there is a cheaper option if you're ok with booking a guarantee. Basically if you go on the Celebrity website, put in your filters to get the cruises you are interested in, if you see a price and it's crossed out in red and has a much cheaper price listed it's probably a "cruise only" inside guarantee price. As far as I have seen, the drink vouchers on Royal are for any drink up to $13. I believe this includes coffee, water etc. There was some talk on a thread that if you are buying a bottle of water you should specify that you DON'T want a voucher used for the water if you want to save them for higher price drinks such as wine or alcoholic drinks later on that day. It would be a waste to use it on water and then end up paying for a drink later that you could have used a voucher on. The vouchers are only good for that day and do not carry over. Use it or lose it. 😁
  4. Sorry, looks like I started a bit of confusion regarding drink coupons. I was saying I'm happy I'm Elite now (Thanks to PUP points) which also puts me at Diamond on RCCL. On RCCL they have changed the Happy Hour to drink coupons good ALL day that are put on your seapass. 4 for Diamond, 5 for Diamond+ and 6 for Pinnacle for drinks up to $13 per day. AGAIN, this is on RCCL. Celebrity is still doing Happy Hour from 5 -7. for those that don't have the Always Included package. I am noticing more pricing that is just the cruise only so for those that aren't big drinkers, being Elite or Elite+ may still be beneficial if you book a "simply sail" rate with no perks. Either way I'm very happy to have PUP points to get me to Elite as these perks are useful on Celebrity and on RCCL as well.
  5. I just received my Power up points for June's Trivia. Yay! There haven't been any more Power up points activities in a while, I was hoping they would keep them going. I have been enjoying them and it got us to Elite which gives us Diamond on Royal Caribbean and since we're booked next June for Arctic Circle/Norway B2B with Iceland/Ireland, it will give us 4 drink coupons each per day. No need for a drink package, we'll just pay for anything else after the 4 which won't be often. It definitely has been worth it for me to follow along and do all the activities.
  6. Our C&A # is on the reservation, so fingers crossed! Thanks for the reply
  7. If you booked with a TA in group space will you still get double points? Thanks
  8. Me too. Only got 3 points. 5 points from the Webinar are missing.
  9. Yes I had to reread the question about the Apex. It doesn't ask when it sails, but when it is AVAILABLE to book, which is already for sale. Hope this helps. Luckily they let you keep trying. lol
  10. Well, I sure hope I get to cruise soon as an Elite passenger and then I can report back. I do get what you're saying as I have heard many people talk about the CC HH in the lounge on Celebrity as a great way to meet new people and socialize. I do think we will go to the CC HH even if we have AI as we do like to socialize, that's why the Martini bar has been one of our favorites. 😁 Yes I did read those rumors about the D+ and the CLs. As I'm not very familiar with them on RC, I didn't pay too much attention. I would still appreciate the drinks loaded onto the seapass for 3.5 hours each night. It's not quite the same as a specified lounge to socialize in but you can still pick a bar pre dinner to enjoy a drink. I think for us, just having those 3 drinks around dinner would be almost enough for us. We'd still have some drinks occasionally elsewhere but wouldn't need a full drink package, that's why we're looking at RCL for some of their itineraries and cheaper pricing and still getting the Diamond HH drinks. Like you we like both RC and Celebrity, but if all things were equal, we would choose Celebrity, but I've sailed most of the mainstream lines and haven't had a bad cruise yet! 😃 At this point, I just want to cruise again! It's looking like it's going to be at least 2 years from our last cruise Jan. 2020 to hopefully our next cruise Jan 2022.
  11. Thanks for this info. We've done a few Royal, the most recent a 10 night in Europe on the Rhapsody. I like the smaller RC ships, We love the solariums on RC and Celebrity. I've read about the happy hour and now they also load coupons on your card and some people said they were able to use them in the dining room if they had early enough dining. Right now their prices are MUCH lower than Celebrity so we might look at a few cruises on RC for the future. We have only sailed one TA the Infinity Oct. 2019 but LOVED it, so I'm sure we'll be looking at some more TA's and Royals prices are very good for sure. We still have a few very good priced "Lift and shifts" booked on Celebrity with all 4 perks at great prices, so hopefully we'll be able to do those, the first is January 2022, so hopefully they'll be a go. But we are definitely looking into some RC cruises as well.
  12. Because I can read the list of what the Elite status gives you. Not much of it interests me. I wouldn't use the bag of laundry, internet is included now as are drinks. I DO like the idea of priority tender and priority boarding and I would love the CC HH if we didn't have AI. It does have value just not as much to me as booking a lower priced cruise knowing you have CC HH instead of AI. I am looking forward to my first cruise as Elite and I'm sure I will enjoy the things it does bring but again, in my opinion, Elite isn't as valuable as it used to be with the introduction of AI. Hopefully that changes. We've been looking at Royal Caribbean cruises lately as there are a few itineraries with really good prices that interest us and knowing we're Diamond now with the HH on Royal is enticing to us. Much better prices since it's not AI but it helps knowing we'd have the HH and or coupons loaded on our cards each night. Although I must admit Celebrity is my favorite! 😃
  13. 😃 Sorry, I responded to the wrong person. As it stands now Elite status isn't all that valuable to ME, but I do think you're correct and AI may not stay around forever, then I will be happy I am Elite. I would love the CC HH and it would be enough for us so that we would book a cheaper price with no AI, I wish we had the choice like we used to. That's why I was so excited when these PUP offers came along because it could help me get to Elite, and lo' and behold they introduce AI shortly after. 😏
  14. That's the same automated response I got when I uploaded my video. I'm pretty sure you'll get the points. If not, there will most likely be another PUP offer soon to get you to Elite. They don't seem to be ending them any time soon. I got from 292 points to 330 doing these activities, so it put me at Elite as well. Of course this was important to me BEFORE they started with the ALL Included booking. Elite isn't as valuable now but I'm still happy to have Elite Status. Good Luck
  15. Not necessarily, Record a video of yourself talking about your wonderful booking experience 😉 and that you're looking forward to your first cruise. I'm sure you'd get the points.
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