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  1. I received a letter and it was accurate. I have made sure to keep all my cruises on record and verify them before each cruise just in case it mattered for upgrades, I wanted make sure my record was correct. I wonder what kid of perks they will give us? Two bags?
  2. Was it a letter or an email? I will make sure I watch the appropriate inbox.
  3. Welcome! There is no sign up sheet. I have never seen a long line to wait to use the water equipment. It is a very relaxed place. Most people tend to float and go swimming off the back of the ship. Windstar is a very relaxed environment, and there is no need for a sign up sheet. All the best. Enjoy your windstar cruise.
  4. I just got back from French Polynesia a couple of months ago. I have T-mobile, and my wife has ATT. We had coverage everywhere even in remote Atolls. Internet in French Polynesia is not fast anywhere. All solutions and info above,is very good. Just depends on what works best for you. Enjoy your trip.
  5. I will echo what many have said. When it is rough it is quite an adventure. Keep your wits about it and listen to the crew they are VERY eager to help. I have seen 80 year olds navigate it just fine with help from the crew in very adventurous conditions. The boats are not fancy, they are tight, cramped, stink like diesel, but I chose those boats over a crowded pier, or having to wait in a line for a tender. I love the sailboats. The gangway is normal and is designed to move for safety. They certainly could have better tenders, but there is limited space on smaller vessels - and these do double as life boats. The tenders are 1% of the cruise. I have long forgotten about it by time dinner comes around or the sailaway happens. The sailing vessels have a different shape and have less room for some things like tenders. The Star clipper tenders are basically the same.
  6. How do you identify which TA's are top sellers of Oceania Cruises?
  7. Exactly right. This is a great description.
  8. I do not know for sure. I did not hear any complaints of VAT being added to the bill in Tahiti which is under EU jurisdiction. Gratuity (service charge) is definitely added. Milepig is a very reliable source. I would trust it 100%
  9. I bought nothing on board, but they *should* charge VAT. French Polynesia charges EU VAT (French Rates). We paid for the "All In Package" ahead of time. No VAT was applied ahead of time. I can't say that it will always be offered - we were surprised that it was offered.
  10. I have found the prices across all the Windstar ships to be pretty consistent. I recently returned from a cruise on Wind Spirit and posted prices.
  11. It was offered the first day of my recent Tahiti cruise despite what the marketing literature saying that the All In package needs to be purchases 7 days in advance. I am not sure if OBC will work for it. it will work for a normal drink package.
  12. So, everyone is different. I find the motion on windstar's sailboats more relaxing than nauseating. Think of a cradle rocking a baby to sleep. When the boat is really moving, that is what I think about. In my opinion it depends on three things. 1 - The weather (out of anyone's control). Waves (size and direction) , wind, current, and the direction the boat is heading all impact how much and how the boat moves. 2 - Size of the boat. A bigger boats can push the waves and water out the way much easier than the smaller windstar ships. 3 - Individual person and individual circumstance. Alcohol, ear infection, what you had to eat can impact how you feel. Tips to feel better, stay away from things that might make you sick. For me, If I think about the motion too much it can make me feel unsettled. Going to the front of the boat, looking forward, with a stiff breeze, makes me feel better again. Also Try looking at different points like the horizon to see if there is something can help make you feel better. It is very easy to do this on windstar ships, and more difficult to do this on larger ships. All Anti-seasickness medications and treatments should be started BEFORE you get on the ship. They do help. Caribbean sea tends to be more calm than ocean passages (like in Tahiti). Good luck.
  13. I have gone across on the smaller Windstar ship. The activities are pretty slim. You will have very personal service. I only had 30 passengers when I crossed. The activities were pretty slim. Mostly just nightly entertainment. We went in March and it started off in the 80s and ended up in the 60s. I loved the trip. It is a great to way to unplug from everything. We mostly, stared out at the sea, read, chatted with some very interesting people. The highlight of each day is the noon time announcement as to where you are, and what that status of the trip is. We saw some wildlife, dolphins, flying fish, and Portuguese man of war jellyfish.
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