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  1. I am very sorry. I thought you were cancelling because of the previous comment and did not understand how they related. I believe everyone should make their own decision based on their own reasons. I started this thread to see the how people that are booked on the upcoming cruises were feeling about the cruise what they will do. I was just curious what your reasons were. I will be cruising (hopefully), and be assured I will go and report back, and help you make future decisions.
  2. Yes. I just logged in and they are both listed and I am able to reserve both. Is there specific info you would like me to check?
  3. Do you not believe what deadzine said? It costs lots of money to do what they doing. They are actually staffing up boats and you think it will be cancelled. I am very curious to your thought process.
  4. As an FYI. A good number of the Oceania boats are Italy. The Riveria had been anchored in La Spezia, but is now docked. It costs money to be at a dock. The only guess i have is they are gearing up to ge moved or go cruising. It is still possible it will get cancelled, but their are increasing signs that cruising is about to begin for Oceania.
  5. I am shocked at most of the comments here. Wow. So there are plenty of people who have endorsed this "manifesto", including medical doctors. I will start by saying I do not agree or disagree with all of it. There are MANY valid points, and points that are not that great, but have firm basis in logic, just not my cup of tea. The document pretty much passes Carl Sagan's bologna detector. Check that out. Before you comment on a document like this, ask yourself why so many with people DR as their title have written this or endorsed it? What is the point? Do you think these people know less than you? Do these people know less than CNN, Fox, or insert your favorite media organization? Keep in mind, the media has turned into "entertainment". People only tune in when there is a reason - the way they portray this virus makes sure there is a reason. To address Sweden model vs the rest of the world. NY state has some of the tightest restrictions in the world AND the highest number of deaths per population (183 deaths per 100,000 in NY). Do lock downs work? The evidence, forget about Sweden (58 deaths per 100,000 in Sweden) look at NY state which is more than 3 times worse than sweden.. NY still has lots of lockdowns in place. The notion that if I have to be locked down, everyone needs to be locked down is preposterous. The virus does not affect everyone equally. Locking everyone down equally does not make sense. I personally think people should be deciding how to live their own lives and allowing people to take their own risks IS the right thing to do. I encourage you not to agree with me or disagree, but to think critically, and support position with facts, and raw data not guesses or feelings. The CDC has lots of good data that the "media" ignores. I will end with this. I was invited to listen to a world renowned economist talk about the effects of the disease in Africa and Asia. Health wise it is ok, the state of the people there is not good. The knock on effects of this disease is causing damage for GENERATIONs to come. All the best to all of you, and I hope you look for facts not "News STORIES". Think for yourself and always ask, "let me see the data."
  6. I am curious, what people will do that are booked on a Dec 2020, Jan 2021, and Feb 2021 cruise. What are you hoping for? Will you cancel or are you really hoping it will sail. Are you hoping it will cancel so you can get a 125% FCC? What will you do? I am booked on one the now "first cruises", I am hoping it will sail and I will be on it. I am hoping it will still be a pleasurable experience. If it does not sail, I would take my money back and try and book some other last minute option (even if it a is non-cruise)
  7. It is interesting they cancelled this one and NOT the following cruise on Dec 20th for the Riveria. My interpretation is they are dialing in a 'realistic' projected start date and could be a sign they are actively working a plan together to get sailing again. It seems to be the most likely explanation to only cancel two cruises on Riviera (compared to what was announced just last week.) God help us if they start cancelling cruises, two cruises at a time.
  8. It looks a bit hideous, in my opinion.
  9. Just curious, why you all think they have not cancelled cruises in November and December, if you are all sure they not going to happen? If they have not intention of cruising but still allow people to book them, seems like it would make more customers mad, than it is worth. This is a premium line, with affluent customers, that do not put up with deception, lies, or any disingenuous behaviour.
  10. Care to share why you think #3 is more likely? What other factors did you consider?
  11. Hi Jojo, If you are planning on flying from PPT to another French Polynesian Island, check into luggage restrictions. They are VERY tight. I have been to FP several times, and twice, going to another island, at least one passenger had to leave luggage behind for weight or size issue or the cargo hold being filled with priority cargo. You can find the restrictions on https://www.airtahiti.com/ Note: Air Tahiti Nui and Air Tahiti are not the same. You might want to consider renting a SUP. Enjoy your trip. I would love to hear what you finally decide regarding your trip and a cabin charter. Sailing in FP is breathtaking. I would encourage you to go either way, even if it is postponed.
  12. Here is my two cents. Cruising has resumed in Europe, starting with river cruises, cruise in the mediterranean are starting up, but are only available to those who live with in the Schengen area. I will watch closely - I am very curious. I think Windstar will resume cruising in Tahiti in October. I am not sure how long it will last, but I think it is a go. I can't see much stopping it. Personally, I am seriously considering going in December on Windsurf for 14 day cruise. Even though I have done it in the past, it will be relaxing and like visiting old friends. The CDC is accepting comments about return to cruising. Their guidelines are bit ridiculous (like a cruise operator might have a designated person to take responsibility for sickness). No one can stop sickness. Anyways, I encourage everyone to give them feedback. It is one way democracy works. It will become public record. I believe there will be a lot of start and stops to cruising before it fully ramps back up. Other unsolicited comments. If you are nervous about the situation, stay home, stay safe. Only do what you think is acceptable risk for yourself. Long haul flights have resumed (ie NY to Tokyo) where people are jammed in with 300+ strangers, literally shoulder to shoulder - this is worse than ANY cruise. It is a petri dish. I think flying to your cruise will be more dangerous. I have not seen an end game for the current situation. Meaning what is the path out of it? How will this go away? I assume it is a vaccine - but it has never been said we will remove lockdown when a vaccine is released. As a point of note, this vaccine will never be 100% effective. It is likely to have the efficacy of the the current flu vaccines you receive. There are four vaccines that look promising for q4 2020 or q1 2021 delivery. 1 is in Wuhan, China, 1 is in the UK with cooperation with Astra Zeneca and Oxford, 2 is in the USA with NIH/Moderna and Pfizer. You can google to get more information. These vaccines (on a hope they will be good enough) are already being manufactured by governments. So when it is approved, there will be stock. it is possible all 4 will be duds, but it is unlikely. All the best to everyone. Happy cruising when you are ready. PS: your cruise might be back on. It is again listed on their website (or a replacement version)
  13. They moved the dry dock from Singapore to NZ? Where in NZ?
  14. If you are on the MSY Wind Star, the specific ship, - note that it is a small ship. I have taken it across the Atlantic. It is not for everyone. I loved it. There were only 30 guests of us out of a possible 144. Internet is $525 for unlimited. $120 for 500Mb. When I crossed the Internet was VERY spotty in the middle. I am sure it is better now, but it is never a guarantee. There are no specialty restaurants like there are on big ships. There are two restaurants. They are free. It is indoor vs outdoor. There are also nights when the restaurants are closed and there is only a Deck (Buffet) BBQ. Their biggest boat only has 150 cabins. You can bring three 750 ml bottles of wine per stateroom for cruises more than 8 days. All the info on on their website.
  15. There is a treadmill. There is no other place to run on the ship. There is no jogging track.
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