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  1. Does anyone have any photos or reviews of Caribe on the Regal C401. Thanks
  2. I have two cruises booked in 2021, one in February and one in August. I normally go in about once a week to check prices etc. All last week and this week, I keep getting 'Pricing Not Available' . It is frustrating , I do not want to have to email my vacation planner every time I want to check prices. Anyone else having these issues??
  3. We loved the sky. Took 2 cruises on it. Loved Take 5.
  4. We have a 14 day circle the Caribbean scheduled for February 21st, 2021. I am wondering what everyone's opinion is on whether this cruise will actually happen or will be cancelled ? I know some of the islands are opening BUT with major restrictions. For example, Aruba is opening but with the following restrictions below I am wondering with these types of restrictions, HOW the heck the cruise ships are going to handle them if they continue through next year. Opinions .. GO.. ======================== Requirements for entry in Aruba– Mandatory ED card* to be filled in – this will be available online as of June 25th at www.edcardaruba.aw– Self health declaration form to be submitted 72 hours prior to travel– Visitors are encouraged to take a COVID-19 test (PCR) before traveling (in the US CVS and Rite-Aid do offer these tests) and to upload the test results to a new digital platform that the Aruba authorities are setting up or to bring their test proof with them. Alternatively visitors will need to pre-pay for a mandatory test upon arrival in Aruba (price initially indicated at US$75)– Must have COVID-19 medical insurance coverage. (Aruba has arranged for insurance to be provided by insurance companies based in Aruba). An indication of the insurance cost was given by the Minister of Tourism and this was US$15 per insured person per day. It is also possible for a visitor to take out their own specific COVID-19 insurance coverage.– Must consent to cooperate with all Aruba’s COVID-19 procedures and instructions including testing (if applicable), quarantine etc.– Must wear a mask on the flight to Aruba (not required while vacationing on the island but recommended nonetheless where social distancing is more of a challenge).
  5. I already used mine to pay for part of my cruise in February 2021
  6. Princess has a bonus if you buy a Father's day gift card - for each $500.00 spent you get $50.00 - That is a good deal. Just got it online and took only a few minutes to get the digital cards
  7. Do you know if the sanctuary was fully booked for your cruise ?
  8. Jeanandjim Such a great review. They are the best bar staff on any ship.
  9. After dinner...8 or 9 ish .but just ask Whinn or Reisa when they plan to do it that night....
  10. $16.00 each but in a very large glass
  11. JeanandJim THANK YOU!!!!!!! OMG So happy right NOW!!!!
  12. Hendrick is there - black bottle - just cannot see the label...
  13. The gin cart usually came out later in the evening. but was GREAT - I really want the menu so my husband can make them at home for me Below is a picture of the card with all the goodies
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