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  1. I am all for reviews of the Jewel! We are NB next summer and will be onboard when my DH celebrates his 45th! We are planning a DIY post cruise in the same area your family stayed so I am excited to hear what you did and how it turned out! HBD to your son!
  2. While not our honeymoon, my trip to AK with my spouse next July is going to be a special occasion one, his 45th birthday, and we went with the Jewel for many of the same reasons stated above. We are NB, in a great balcony and plan to spend time in the Kenai area following the cruise. We LOVE NCL and the many amenities the ships offer, but this particular cruise, our first to AK,... we are more interested in the scenery and each other.
  3. I just got $950 off our July Alaska cruise! My CC had a hard time adding the VIP discount so she took care of it after we ended our call. She wasn't seeing it so I would encourage you to talk to your CC and ensure that they are seeing the LAT VIP code applied.
  4. I never knew that about the category perk. So when you go to the CruiseNext desk, are you booking a room or just putting your name in that category for a particular sailing?
  5. Thanks for posting your review and the dailies. I think there are many, like me, that only see reviews and scans of the bigger AK ships for NCL, so it is nice to have some love for the Jewel. We are going on the Jewel to AK cruise immediately following the 4th of July next year, so I am enjoying your review.
  6. Does your budget allow you to book a balcony then the inside cabin across the hall? We had that configuration when we were going to being the kids to Alaska, but decided to not bring them. LOL.
  7. Agree. I would love to see the dailies of the NB on Jewel.
  8. I'd love to see some pictures of the NCL decorations if anyone has any. We are doing Alaska next July for my husbands 45th and if I don't have to manage it, I would rather not and let it be a surprise for both of us.
  9. Good to know. I can certainly understand not wanting to wait to book! The planner in me need to have it all lined up, well in advance, if possible. I will keep an eye on it and see what else is in that area with a similar 'lodge' experience.
  10. Good morning! I am curious if non-Princess guests can book a room at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge? We are going to be spending a few says in Kenai after a northbound cruise (NCL Jewel) next summer. If able, does anyone know when they open up their reservations for 2020? Thanks so much!
  11. This discussion is great! I am booked on the Jewel, northbound for July 2020 and we currently have a balcony cabin. We are also planning a DIY land tour afterwards. It's funny, I watched a popular cruise YouTube channel and the host stated that having a balcony was one mistake they made, in that they were mainly in the common areas for the majority of the cruise or in the ports. That has been bugging me since everywhere else I read that it is ideal, if you can, to have a balcony. I have been on the fence about my decision but this is helping me be happy for the option. I love balcony cabins in the Caribbean.
  12. I would inform Guest Services, sooner than later, just to get attention on it.
  13. Is this normal for HAL cruises...I am seeing that the final payment is due Feb 9, 2019 for a July 2020 cruise, or is this due to the $1 deposit. HAL newbie.
  14. Great review! Brief but hitting all the parts I like to see. We are boarding next month and can't wait!
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