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  1. We stated at the Marriot Waterfront directly across the street from the pier and loved the location. Reserve a waterfront room. You can't get any closer. I love Marriot.
  2. We did this same cruise last year, the BA during Spring Break-this was our experience with our 13.5 year old teen dtr. 1. It was the 'norm' for bartenders to just make 2 drinks for you, at a time. Even the pool side waiters would come back with two of whatever you ordered. 2. We didn't do Vibe and I am glad we didn't. The DD didn't want to leave our side until the 4th day! She had no desire to check into the teen club. When we cruised with our 14 yo teen son, he checked in and had a blast. Girls are different. 3. Pool seats are gone by 9, usually. I found the upper deck that ove
  3. There is a currently a thread of a cruiser who has used their PPBP at Starbucks on their 5 day Sun cruise, just disembarked this morning. I don't know why you are linking something from the NCL UK site.
  4. Actually, I think your link is out of date. PPBP Terms & Conditions
  5. @L1211 You have found the Starbucks to be included on the Sun correct? I can get a frap or whatever and it’s part of the premium beverage?
  6. In the buffet. I start looking around 1:30. There is a spot where they will have small pastries and cream scones. I’ve found them as last as 3pm. It’s only in one spot on the cruise.
  7. That’s crazy! It’s still $29 pppd, the same prices listed above for other cruises. What does it matter if it is a 5 or 14 day cruise, charge the same amount. Ugh. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I always miss the crepes! Always! I’ll have to remember this. I discovered two cruises ago, they do scones with cream and jam around ‘tea time’. I legit will eat a plate.
  9. I am on the fence about the upgrade for my upcoming 5 day on the Sun. The Starbucks will be consumed daily, if not a couple of times a day. I know that I would pay the difference for wine by the glass if I wanted something over the $15 limit. Regarding the cocktails, if I wanted a floater of a liquor pour on top of my margarita, for example, what is the cost for that pour? What is the cost difference?
  10. Am I able to upgrade to PBP from UBP at the port at check-in?
  11. Morning! Are you all using the NCL App to talk/msg each other? Is that available on the Sun?
  12. Still loving the Ham Fam! Have you walked around the hot tubs? How busy do those seem? They are close to the kids pool, which makes me think the little ones have taken it over.
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