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  1. We have had 12 inches of snow this week. I fly to NOLA Saturday to start a MUCH needed thaw out on the Breakaway. :) Thanks for the drink porn! We are also fans of the Martini bar. My husband orders a Lemon Drop...but asks for it in a regular cup.
  2. Is this normal for HAL cruises...I am seeing that the final payment is due Feb 9, 2019 for a July 2020 cruise, or is this due to the $1 deposit. HAL newbie.
  3. Great review! Brief but hitting all the parts I like to see. We are boarding next month and can't wait!
  4. Congrats! Will you share your nonsuccessful aft penthouse bid?
  5. I am currently bidding on a Haven suite for our cruise next month, and have never been, but if I do win, I will likely keep my Cagney reservation for the 1st night. The Haven menu never changes so that could be why some people plan to visit it in later nights.
  6. Mine would be the Sky. My DH does not like buffet so the limited dining options was a negative for him/us.
  7. This is the first cruise we are starting with dinner in a specialty restaurant the first night and the first time in Cagney's, which is crazy. We always close the cruise with Teppanyaki, at that point, I am wearing the most comfortable dress and have no issues eating all the rice, noodles and meat I want! LOL
  8. STOP.THE.PRESSES!! There is a hotdog cart on the Breakaway! I am sailing next month. I joke with my family that I could eat a gas station hotdog everyday, no lie. Are they any good?
  9. Thank you Jamie! I agree and wish they would change. I will likely still go in for a Marg.
  10. On our last cruise, my then 14 year old son LOVED the teen club and all the kids from around the world that were there. He is now a Freshman in college and won't be joining us this time. I fondly remember my son running up to us in the scavenger hunt asking for tips! LOL I am hoping my 13 yo daughter will do the same. She loved the 10-12 year old room that she was part of in the above mentioned cruise.
  11. But the description on NCL and in the OP say Items on the menu are individually priced. Post #3 says flat rate. I guess in my M-F job, I am a training specialist and try to make things simple. NCL needs to review how they are describing this dining option, as it doesn't make any sense to me.
  12. I am going back to the OP post and Bird's reply. Is it $14.99 PLUS whatever item(s) you order from the menu or is it $14.99 as a flat cover and you get what you want? I don't understand the description that states items are individually priced but people are posting like it is just $14.99 as a flat rate.
  13. We are on the same cruise and will also have a 13 yo in the teen club for the first time! I never thought to look for teen dailies.
  14. Heading on my 5th NCL cruise in about 30 days and I have never had a crepe. I'll remedy that for sure!
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