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  1. Yeah, I get what they're doing. We had a nearly identical itinerary on NS as the Northern Isles itinerary on new Rotterdam, but we initially didn't choose that ship because we weren't sure it would actually be delivered by the beginning of August, and it didn't fit with the schedule of our traveling friends. That's mainly why we'll end up cancelling. No hard feelings, they had two close itineraries on identical ships with other itineraries scuttled from sold ships. I get it. They still have about $5K of our money from an already paid for cruise floating out there, so we'll be back eventually.
  2. We were supposed to leave today for 30 days aboard NS, and we shifted those two cruises to similar cruises on NS in 2021 out of Copenhagen. 14-Day Northern Isles followed by 17 day Baltic and Norway. We also got emails yesterday that both of those cruises have changed. It seems like they're moving the NS itineraries around to possibly accommodate people that got bumped off a couple of the ships that were sold. They've told us they'll move us to comparable cruises on the new Rotterdam out of Amsterdam, but I think we'll likely cancel the whole thing and hope it's all back on track in 2022.
  3. We did nine days on Silhouette followed by a quick trip on Infinity just before everything shut down. We hadn't been on M Class in about a decade, and the comparisons between S and M were fresh. I immediately realized how much I had forgotten I loved: 1) The Mast Grill. On M Class it's on the pool deck with a lot more tables, and it's covered, out of the sun. 2) More seating at Cafe al Bacio, and more spread out. 3) I like the setup at the T-pool and Aqua Spa Cafe better as well. 4) Third bank of lifts. We were booked on the Connie (post revolution) transatlantic this year and were so excited about it, and really happy about her home porting in Tampa for the winter. Now who knows if that will ever happen 😪
  4. Infinity, Summit, and Silhouette are anchored near St. Petersburg, FL. They are circling around out there with Brilliance and Rhapsody OTS.
  5. If any of you know Emma Cruises and have ever watched her video ship reviews, you'll know that she generally loves most ships and is pretty upbeat. At 25, she's probably also in their target demographic. Here's her review, she did a pretty good job going over everything you could think of in one of their terrace cabins. It's a good review, but she didn't love it: Scarlet Lady
  6. Except for Chinese visas. When we went it was a full page sticker, pretty hard to miss. I'm not sure how those new 144(?) hour visa waivers work in China nowadays though. I think maybe they're eVisas? It used to be pretty obvious if you'd been to China for any length of time, but now maybe not depending on what type of travel you've done. Either way, I'm not sure a port worker in Miami has the proper training to even know what to look for, nor do they have the ability of immigration officials to check your passage history. They're mostly trying to ensure a smooth embarkation for the passenger - take your picture, give you your cabin key, etc. Welcome aboard!
  7. We embarked Infinity on Saturday and the woman checking us in read from a paper and asked if we had been to China, Hong Kong, and two other places we couldn't quite make out what she said, I think one of them was Macau. She was unsure how to pronounce them. We said no, and she didn't look in our passports at all except the first page to make sure we matched the name on the reservation. So, it's just self reporting really. They were just the usual port workers, we didn't see any medical personnel around.
  8. I've done a British Isles cruise on Crown, and have also spent time on Reflection. Reflection is my least favorite X ship, but I think it's still a better ship than Crown in many ways. Celebrity has better food in the MDR and better specialties, but that's subjective of course. The Crown has three completely different pool areas, forward, center, and aft, and while that's great in warm weather, none are covered, so if you end up with a cold/rainy cruise, Crown will get crowded in the interior FAST. Reflection has the solarium pool that people can enjoy. Is that price for a standard balcony cabin on Crown? Because they're 162 sq. ft. with no place to sit except a desk chair or the bed while the standard balcony on X is about 192 sq. ft. The Reflection balcony cabins are much more comfortable. You might find it easier to get to the ship flying into Amsterdam. Southampton is a bit of a haul and requires some sort of transfer planning. The Princess itinerary looks better to me, and that's one of Princess's great strengths over Celebrity, IMO. In general their itineraries are superior, but the food quality always gets me. Celebrity is a few notches better.
  9. Has anybody that's booked on one of these temporarily disappeared cruises been able to book air once your reservation has been restored? We're now under 300 days for our cruise, so should be well within the air booking window, and I can see flights but the system won't let me book them. I can book the flights directly with the airline, but the price is the same so I'd really rather have the ability to 'pay later' that you get through the X website.
  10. I priced a sunset suite on a future cruise, the one next to the aft balcony we already have booked, and the price was $2500 more pp than the CS. The actual cabin is 271sf with a balcony of 242, and the CS is 467sf with a balcony of 85. Those FV cabins were wonderful and could often be snatched at a good price once they released them into general inventory for 2 people, but I can see how Celebrity felt they could get better revenue out of them by redesigning and changing the category. There's no way IMO that they're worth more than a CS since they're about the same size as the SS. Seems like they should price between the SS and the CS instead, but time and demand will tell I guess.
  11. I saw some talk on here about 'Sunset Suites' being a new category on the M ships and one of the S ships after they get revolutionized, and I suspect that they are going to refit the current FV cabins along the aft since they have such great balconies and location. Even though people were seeing these mysterious Sunset Suites mentioned on the X website and for sale, the deck plans didn't reflect where they were going to be. Maybe something to do with that? No idea why they'd still be up after April 2021 though if reconfigured categories is the reason the sailings have been pulled down.
  12. Is your cruise listed in your Planner after you sign in? I think everybody that's booked can probably still see their cruises on the Planner, but if you exit the planner and just try to search nothing shows up from about April '20 to April '21. I check individual cruises I'm booked on searching by ship, by date, by departure city - Nothing. Hopefully it's just a computer glitch, but it may well be something like what you said happened to you with Eclipse. Time will tell I guess.
  13. Our October transatlantic into Tampa is still showing on my planner, but it's not searchable on the Celebrity website as a cruise that's bookable. I was just starting to think about flights over, but I think now I'll hold off for a week or so.
  14. Are you on the 12/13 departure? We are on that one and Celebrity has given us a $100 cabin credit to cover the cost of transportation. Check with your TA or your Celebrity rep to make sure you also have this credit, offered if you don't want to avail yourself of their transportation options. I think somebody upthread mentioned the same thing. There will be taxis when we disembark that will take you to Miami Airport.
  15. It's been my experience that private guides really don't want to talk to you more than a year out from your cruise date, and some will wait until their tourist season is done before they can face the next year, so maybe January 1 to end of March 2021? I did most of the tours for our South America roll call in 2014, and I remember it being a more challenging area than Asia or Europe for getting tour guides to respond for some reason. Your best bet (I'm sure you know this) is to spend some time in the Ports of Call area and get some names there, or maybe peek into a current robust roll call on any of the cruise lines to see how they're doing.
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