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  1. Avalon doesn't have any answers as to why. It's not too much of an inconvenience, but we did have to change our transfer plans. It does look like the river is flowing normally, so maybe something is up with the dock at Deggendorf that day. I'm sure all will be revealed in due time. We were set to sail overnight to Passau, so maybe that means we can have an evening out in town.
  2. Is there anything new on the Danube water levels? Avalon has told us today that we won't be embarking Impression in Deggendorf but in Passau, so I'm wondering about the water levels between Passau and Regensberg. Impression seems to have been off her scheduled itinerary this past week as well, at least if CruiseMapper is correct.
  3. Ah, so the bistro dining is the same as last year, just some of the regular menu in odd little containers put out around 7:30? The time I was up there it didn't seem like the whole menu, just a few choices. Are they calling the bistro dining 'flexible dining' now, or is that something else altogether? Two names for the same thing? It's nice they have that tenderloin along with (I think) one or two other 'always available' options. My sister ordered it one night when nothing else appealed, and she said it was really good:
  4. All of this. Check the ports of call boards for sure. I booked private excursions for our roll call in each port by combing through them, and all were great. Also, go go go to Volunteer Point if you can! Here are some of my pictures of the Kings and Gentoos. The jeep ride out there was rough because a good bit of it was off road, so if you have back trouble maybe skip it, but do try. You can't approach the penguins, but you can certainly stand still if they come near you.
  5. Yes, that's something great that they do. They also frequently waive the supplement on select sailings across all their cruises, something I saw a lot of when checking last week for the upcoming 2020 cruises. Here are two pictures I took on Impression last year of cabins done up in a twin configuration before the passengers boarded. The first is the small 'aquarium style' cabins on Deck 1, I think there are 12 of those, and the second one is the larger (though it doesn't look it in the photo) Panorama cabin. ETA: My bad, that bottom one isn't the Panorama, it's the bedroom portion of one of the two big suites up on Deck 3. I won't know what the Panorama looks like split into twins until next month when I share one with my sister.
  6. This is good information, thank you. It will make me look more closely at Asian itineraries and make sure we don't book one that bops in and out of Japan. Maybe flying into Japan, boarding, having some stops, and then heading off to other ports is the way to go.
  7. Hi, we often travel on Avalon Waterways when going with single friends because they reserve five (I think it's five) cabins on each sailing for booking with no single supplement. We have a group of ladies traveling together next month, and we booked early because we needed 3 single cabins and got them with no supplement. They can be any cabins, not just the lower level, though my sister had one of those by herself last year and loved it. This year all the singles took a panorama balcony cabin, which are quite large even for two people by river cruise standards. The only real way to check to see if there are still two on a particular sailing is do a dummy booking online for 2 cabins, 1 person each, or have your travel agent hunt one down. We had to spend some time to find a sailing that still had three single cabins on it and worked with everybody's schedule, but we found a few, which was made easier because we didn't really care which river.
  8. I was reading somewhere that Blexie's tour guides were detained for a day for being 'unlicensed' and they briefly shut down, lots of panic that day (this week or last) but that maybe now they've just changed the meeting spot from the San Francisco square right by the ships do further into Old Havana. So maybe they're back up and running? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  9. Hopefully this will all blow over and the cruises will continue and we can tour with Fernando again.
  10. I read in the Ports of Call Cuba forum that Fernando of FerTours, who we booked our tour with on last year's Cuba cruise and who we were planning to tour with in November has abruptly shuttered his business. So has Blexie and a couple of the other tour operators that a lot of us who read Cruise Critic and TripAdvisor were using. Just yesterday, all tours cancelled and facebook pages removed. Not 100 percent sure it's true, as I haven't tried to reach Fernando, but that's what's being discussed over there.
  11. I'll let you know. I'm really curious to see whether flex dining is expanded dining room hours or an enhanced Bistro menu in the lounge or something else altogether, and how well it works. Maybe some of the Tulips and Windmills folks who are out now will reports back too.
  12. Yes, you'll just seat yourself. There are tables of all sizes, but it seems like I remember mostly tables for either two, six, or eight? There was one big table that a larger group (if you have one) will commandeer immediately, maybe a 10 top. The tables for two are mostly a long bench down one side, with tables for two spaced about 18" apart and a chair opposite. The tables for six are (I think) four tops with an attached two-top that can be separated:
  13. We're going in a few weeks, so I'll report back if nobody else has. Last year on Impression they had the Bistro dining up in the forward lounge, but it didn't start until after the lounge was cleared at 7:00 for everyone to go to the dining room. They brought the food out around 7:30, and it was very limited. By the time you looked at it and decided if it was enough/okay, dinner was in full swing in the dining room, and showing up would probably been a bit of an imposition for the staff. I hope the flex dining includes something earlier for those of us who are happy to skip the 6-7:00 happy hour. I like to eat early and have some down time in my cabin after dinner. That's the only thing I don't love about river cruising - a 2 1/2 hour dinner starting at 7:00. That doesn't bother me so much on big ships for some reason, but on river cruises I'm often tired in the evening and just want to eat and get it over with. Sometimes you just want a quick buffet, ya know?
  14. Hi, are you on Impression? We will be on the same cruise. My sister and I got hit with the Eisheilige (that's a great name, and exactly what it was!) two years ago driving through Germany in May and it was miserable. The trip started out lovely and warm in Munich, and before we knew it, we had a week of freezing rain, and even show flurries up in Bavaria. It was really cold and raw, for over a week. By the time we got to Prague near the end of May it was warm again. That said, we're hoping for better this time. I will bring my raincoat of course and a couple of cardigan sweaters or a light fleece. My husband will be flying to Budapest to meet me after the cruise and we're driving through Romania for three weeks after a week in Budapest. My biggest question is whether to bring along my packable puffer jacket from L.L. Bean. That's what I'm really stuck on, remembering how miserable we were two years ago. It's hard to pack for five weeks over changeable weather times and mountain travel 🙂
  15. I'm late to this thread, but to your point, notamermaid, this is very true. Below are pictures my father took of the MS Nederland, taken during their Rhine cruise in the early 1960s, and she's now Belmond's Road to Mandalay, redone and still pretty luxurious, plying the Irrawaddy.
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