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  1. You were asking about timing as well. I can't remember the date we hit the Falklands, but our cruise left Valparaiso on February 14th. Here's a picture of what the chicks looked like towards the end of February. There are Gentoo penguins there too, and below is a picture of both all worked up at the water's edge because there was a big seal swimming back and forth just off shore.
  2. You will be fine unless you have back problems, then all bets are off. I see you're in Anderson. I spent some time at TLHanna High back in the day 🙂
  3. This. We also did this cruise before VO was around, and sailed from Santiago to Buenos Aires. The whole glacier/Beagle Channel thing happened at 6:00 a.m., and even if you didn't want to get up for it, the naturalist accidentally hitting the button from the Bridge that sent the announcements into all the cabins assured that you were. 🤪 It was dark, misty, and just not great. I remember our waitress telling us that it happened during mid day going the other way. Viking Ocean will be so much more enjoyable to spend those chilly sea days on. We were on a large ship with only open air poo
  4. If you don't hear back right away from the Blue Lagoon, give these folks a jingle. I think they're the ones that pick you up at the airport and wait outside of the Blue Lagoon (with your luggage) for two hours and then drive you to your hotel. I can't imagine a trip to the port wouldn't be on their drop off list as well. If they're not who I'm thinking of, there are a number of services I think that do this: Airport Direct When Celebrity opened bookings for their cruises out of St. Martin or wherever, and people were booking, I thought, "I hope it goes well, and I'll
  5. My sister and I have booked this departure too 🙂 We just want to go somewhere, and a fully vaccinated Viking bubble seems like just the place, especially one at only 50 percent capacity. My husband and I were on Star's maiden voyage, and loved Viking ever since. I've been to Bermuda before, so won't mind being restricted there. I'm usually very do it yourself with tours and flights, but this time we're happy to give it all up to Viking, and we'll follow the red lollipop if we have to. We live in Florida, so the beach isn't a draw for us either. The Iceland cruise looks nice too, but my
  6. I mean, they were mostly elderly civilians, not soldiers. Most servicemen and women travel these days on charter and commercial flights anyway. When the military needs to move troops around they have contracts with charter companies like Atlas and Omni (and the now defunct World Airways and North American), and when they're really gearing up for something they charter flights with American, Delta, United et al. All those airplanes have oxygen masks for decompression, emergency doors in case an evacuation is needed, life vests and rafts, insulation, and they even get inflight service. I
  7. Thank you! That shot whizzed past and I said "Hey, that's a Celebrity ship." One of the passengers must have also had that footage on their phone and passed it along. As a retired flight attendant, I couldn't get past the scenes of the flight home. All those poor exhausted people sitting there, and that airplane had no emergency exit doors, no emergency oxygen masks, and nothing for flying overwater like rafts and life vests. I mean, the most obvious danger was the commingling of the positive and (for the time being) negative passengers, but those other things matter too! It was re
  8. New Luxury is newer than Modern Luxury. Best I can tell. 🤔🤪🤣
  9. We nearly changed to an Iceland circumnavigation ourselves, assuming/hoping we'll be vaccinated by then. Like you, another August on Florida's West Coast was going to possibly do us in. Our travel agent was able to secure us a refund, so we're pleased, and will probably try to do this again in two or three years. We were originally going to drive the Ring Road and take the Ponant out of Iceland and then continue around Canada when it was over. I'd still like to try some day.
  10. Our cruise on Le Champlain has cancelled. I mistakenly thought it was the August 13 cruise that HappyInVan had been moved to, but it was the one after, on the 22nd. We were to go from Reykjavik to Montreal via Greenland. I'm hoping our t/a can get our deposit back, but it's looking unlikely. I've cancelled so many cruises and airline reservations. The airline I had the most trouble with was United, but they finally gave in, and all the cruise lines offered refund or FCC except Ponant. Some I took the money back from, and some I took FCC because I knew I'd be back. I don't think I'll be
  11. I think this is probably the case. Herd immunity, or what we think herd immunity is, will probably get us to something more akin to a seasonal flu than measles or smallpox. I hope that's not true, but I think it is.
  12. This is very true. My aunt is one of those. There is definitely overlap.
  13. The article I linked said that taking the vaccine out of the equation, 200 million of us (roughly 60%) would have had to have had the virus, whether full blown or asymptomatic for herd immunity. The CDC thinks that because we haven't tested very well here in the US, it might be as many as 1 in 4 Americans have actually been infected. That's still only 82 million people, and that's an educated guess at the very high end of who could have resistance. They also worry that the resistance fades somewhere between 3 and 6 months, so who knows if the people that got infected in March and April aren
  14. Well, I also said in the next sentence you didn't quote that is was probably also a combination of the vaccine rollout and provided a pretty good article that talked about how masking has helped and that perhaps more people than we know have been exposed. But okay. We're still miles away from the 200 million people we need for herd immunity just in the US. I have hopes that we'll reach that number sometime in the fall. We have plans for a road trip out west, and I really really want to go. We also have high hopes for our first cruise booked at the end of February 2022. Hopefully the new
  15. I thought the drop in cases was sort of expected after the holiday surge? A combination of that and the beginnings of the vaccination rollout? Here's a good, simple article that spells out what herd immunity looks like in the US. We'll need at least 200,000,000 of us to either be vaccinated or have recovered from the virus. I'm not sure our testing has been robust enough to have an accurate picture on the number of recovered, but it's nowhere near what we need I wouldn't think. Mayo Clinic
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