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  1. Husband played baseball on the Cubi Team. The only speeding ticket I have ever had was going thru the lower Mau camp on the way to the hospital.
  2. He was attached to NSFA which deployed with VXE6 out of Port Hueneme In 1974-76. I am from Christchurch..
  3. We were stationed at Cubi from 78-81, husband also worked ground electronics. I ran the swim program for MWR for several years. Remember all the shopping trips to Taiwan/Korea/Hong Kong. Did one trip to NZ with VRC50 to take the Navy Jazz band to some event down there. Good times, definitely wouldn’t happen these days.
  4. All the comments about the Midway brings back memories of when we were stationed in the Philippines. I was Red Cross staff assigned to the Midway crew. Husband was stationed at Cubi Point. Spent many years with VXE6 in Antarctica, VRC 50 in the PI and deployments with VAW 117 on the Vinson.
  5. Our SIL is active duty Navy stationed in San Diego, holding a position which requires him and his crew to inspect ships. Since May 2020 he has been quarantined at home 7 times for coming into contact with a confirmed COVID person. He is required to work his normal hours with his crew stationed around the Western Pacific. Our daughter is a teacher, teaching on line, with our grandchildren in 3 different schools. There is zero possibility of the schools in their district (Temecula) going back this year. We have had 3 family cruises cancelled in 2020 and so far 1 on 2021.
  6. If it does start in Quebec, the cruise was cancelled months ago.
  7. Just checked the local website for vaccinations in San Diego and there are appts available at the drive up site in Del Mar for 22/23/24 at the drive up facility for Pfizer. Within 15 miles of mcrcruiser residence.
  8. The regular Princess call center is open, just no PVP.
  9. Take a look at your check-in information to make sure everything is okay in there is correct and complete. Another thing could be the type of OBC you are trying to use. Also PVP’s are not working tomorrow, Monday, due to the holiday.
  10. Check out the my turn website. This is the availability for San Marcos, well within your comfort zone as of 9:40pm.
  11. There are plenty of sites available in San Diego. Just because Petco has run out of vaccine until Tuesday does not mean other sites do not have availability. As you have posted on many sites and many times you are not willing and to drive anywhere for a vaccine. Encinitas, 4S Ranch, Poway and Rancho Bernardo have appts available. Drive up at Del Mar is a little more difficult. Have you called the 211 site for an appointment due to your age and inability to navigate the online appt site.
  12. The African strain has not been diagnosed in San Diego. Plenty of appts available today at the drive up facility at Petco Park.
  13. If you have the FCC converted to a FCD you will loose the bonus $100. It is one or the other. I have had my 7 FCD returned to my account, no bonus/goodwill. The FCD are more valuable to us than the FCC.
  14. Definitely not in San Diego. They have not finished vaccination of active duty.
  15. There are.vaccines available in San Diego. You have made the decision to not travel 30 miles for a vaccine. Look at myturn.ca.gov. appts are available for booking, refreshed daily at noon. I hesitate to say it but if you will not drive for a vaccine you should not cruise.
  16. Many years ago DH flew on a military transport from McMurdo to California with a load of penguins. Needed to throw majority of clothing away.
  17. It’s 30 miles from Encinitas to Petco. There are plenty of drive up appts available. Check out https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/community_epidemiology/dc/2019-nCoV/vaccines/COVID-19-VaxEvents.html. You book appointments on this website. No walking involved.
  18. Plenty of spots available at the San Diego County Site at Petco Park for 65 and older. Just signed up neighbor for a vaccine on Monday morning. We cannot get vaccinated as we are in a vaccine trial.
  19. We had 3 of our cancelled cruises drop off our accounts on Friday and the FCD’s returned to our accounts. I chose not to go the FCC route on these cancellations. I now have 2 more cancellations to process. The FCC’s from the initial pause (20K+ each) have been assigned to our upcoming cruises.
  20. We are in an AstraZeneca trial run by the military/Geneva Foundation in San Diego, they are hoping to submit for FDA approval in February.
  21. Princess has been busy today. Three of my cancelled cruises were processed today and the FCD back in my account. Two more to go.
  22. The ability to change or check on existing air bookings seems to be having issues.
  23. Learn about the benefits of Princess EZair Flights are not yet available for your voyage. Please check back when flights become available approximately 330 days in advance of your cruise/cruisetour end date.
  24. Moving the booking to a TA within 60 days has been the norm for at least the last year.
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