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  1. Sad to say, but I don't think we'll see cruising from US ports until mid 2022. There are too many variables. So happy DH and I enjoyed many cruises, and so disappointed that people continue to do whatever they want during this pandemic. Sadly, mandates don't mean a thing when they are not followed. Also, quarantining for a certain number of days after going from one state to another is a joke, unless it's enforced. Employers insist that an employee stay home from work for X number of days before returning to work after out of town travel, but that doesn't mean the employee doesn't slip out to buy groceries, etc. So, I don't see cruising returning anytime soon. Our PVP contacted us recently to see if we wanted to book something for the future. We told her to call back in 2021, just in case things change.
  2. We came off our 26th cruise a few weeks ago. DH is now turned-off from the idea of future cruises. I would consider cruising again in a couple of years because I love cruising, but DH will be hard to convince.
  3. You will love it! If it's warm and skies are clear when you come back to your cabin at night, step outside on the balcony, look up and checkout all of the stars.
  4. We came off of Grandeur yesterday and no, the ramp has not been repaired yet.
  5. Looked on RCCL website. Checking for friends who were thinking of booking last minute
  6. Thanks for the info. Just wasn't certain how immigration/customs works in cases where itinerary changes. Can't wait to board next week.
  7. I believe when we booked our Grandeur of the Seas cruise for Feb. 28, 2020, our itinerary first stop was Charleston and last stop was Nassau. Today as I look at the Feb. 28 cruise it shows the direct opposite with Nassau as first stop, Coco Cay second, Orlando (Port Canaveral) Florida third and Charleston the last stop. Is there a change in immigration if we are coming back from Coco Cay (Bahamas) to Port Canaveral, Florida? Thanks to all for responses. Do we have to exit the ship in Port Canaveral and go through immigration???
  8. The high today in Bermuda is forecast to be 68 degrees, Monday, high of 67. Granted, it's not swimming weather, but it's beautiful weather for sightseeing the lovely island of Bermuda. It's a beautiful place...see as much as you can in the time you are there.
  9. Thanks for the info Jamman54, and for your many reviews we've enjoyed.
  10. If anybody has cruised to Bermuda recently on the Carnival Pride, was the casino on the ship open while the ship is docked at King's Wharf? I've seen a couple of different responses from no, it isn't open to yes, it's open after 9 P.M. Thanks for responses.
  11. End of Feb.for us. We are trying a Jr. Suite.
  12. We hope so too. We like the smaller ships and we're looking forward to trying a different ship from Baltimore.
  13. We will be on our first Grandeur cruise shortly and we had some questions. We're not novice cruisers, but we're not sure how a couple of things work with Grandeur. Would appreciate any responses. Thank you in advance. 1. We will be traveling with four other people and would like to dine together. One couple has booked thru a TA and I don't think they will be able to link them with us. Do you think we could speak to maitre'd after boarding and arrange for a table for six? 2. Are there restrictions on how you can use your OBC on the Grandeur? Thank you.
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