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  1. I have d one many any celebrity cruises and one hal cruise last year I much prefer celebrity the food is better the entertainment is better the ship is better however the staff on both are great and do we like music so enjoyed the one band every night that i wished celebrity would have otherwise hal was quite boring whereas celebrity has much much more entertainment and music at various bars loved though that hal's ship area was not crowded and liked that in the buffet the food was served to you and the elevators were never ever crowded don't know how that happened
  2. hello thanks for the information. I again have changed my plans and am hopefully sailing on the Equinox in 2021 - my favorite ship your room looked nice I never saw a room like that.. carol
  3. Due to the COVID of course I am switching my cruise. I love the reflection and equinox but my dates will not work for me. has the millennium been updated and would I enjoy being on this ship?? I have been on the summit twice before which was OK but not as nice as the newer ships thanks carol
  4. thank you the pictures do look nice compared to when we were on the summit
  5. did anyone notice the chairs in the lounges at the bar they drove us crazy on the summit - they did not fit the bar - we felt like we were sitting way down below the bar....
  6. thanks for your feelings on the ship there are not many choice for 2021 for October November there is a 12 night equinox but 12 nights might be too long for hubby
  7. thinking of booking the millennium for nov 15 2021 can anyone tell me if it has been upgraded and what it is like now we were on the summit a few years ago and rememeber it needed to be upgraded especially the chairs in the lounges any help would be appreciated. will I like this ship if I am used to Equniox and Reflection??
  8. thanks for information how about Hampton inn on 250 N Andrews Avenue how far is this from the Riverside Hotel and Louie Bosie?? thank you really want the embassy suites - all booked
  9. Wanted to make a reservation at the Embassy Suites but they are all booked up for next year for the boat show. hyatt Place near the Embassy Suites is booked also ugh Does anyone know anything about the Hampton Inn at the above address -= are there any nice restaurants or bars around it to go to Carol
  10. what do you do to your phone so you can use free wifi while in port thanks
  11. cruisehome

    baby beach

    information on baby beach - where is it - how far - is it worth going there?? thanks carol
  12. I think I am going to be disappointed since music is part of our evening enjoyment. I liked the itinerary and that is why I chose Holland before I did research It is too bad if the line wanted more active people on the ship this is not helping I will write a review upon my return
  13. Been reading about Eurodam - is it true that there are no DJ's in the crow's nest at night or no small musical groups in some of the bars before dinner to have a drink and listen to music...…. Only choices are BB king and the piano bar. From pictures looks like there really is not a bar in either venue but chairs??? don't mean to complain - but it seems as though this ship is going to be really really quiet. Any music on deck on sail away?? Carol
  14. pros and or cons on this room >>
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