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  1. I'm shocked- 18 replies and no one has mentioned New Orleans? I'm not awesome enough to have cruised Europe, but I love land vacations in NOLA and a cruise is an excellent excuse to spend a few days there. It is so much more than Bourbon street. Plantations, Garden District, WW2 museum, aquarium, Old Ursuline Convent, Frenchman street... there is so much to do there.
  2. We are going to Coz/Progreso in Feb on the triumph. We are planning to see some ruins in progreso. We are there 9-5. These are the options: 1. Uxmal- 6.5 hour tour, 1 hr 45 min trip one way. Hubby and I have been here and loved it, but we have 2 new cruisers with us as well. I wouldn't mind going again, hubby kinda wants something new. 2. Dzibilchaltun - 4 hour tour, travel time isn't listed? Doesn't look as impressive as the others, but leaves some time to explore 3. Chichen Itza- 7 hour tour, 2 hr 15 min bus ride. That seems very tight on an 8 hour port day. and a lot of bus time. But if it is worth it we are willing. So I am open to any advice and input. What should we do? P.S. Chichen Itza is also available from Cozumel but Progreso seemed like the better option.
  3. I'm not sure about other lines, but Carnival provides shampoo only. The other dispenser is body wash.
  4. Cruise cash really is all risk, no reward. I would not but any amount of cruise cash. Gift cards yes, but never cruise cash.
  5. Yeah, ours were "until death do us part" so unless one of us codes and is brought back, I feel like we are covered. ;)
  6. For the most part, anyone who has been willing to pay for it will say it was worth it. Anyone who has not thinks it is not worth it. I have used it a few times and loved it. But $80? Is that what it has gone to now??? I will have to take pause to re-evaluate the worth. Maybe if there is a tender port and we don't have an excursion booked. Otherwise I may have to say goodbye to FTTF. <|3<|3<|3<|3<|3:(
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