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  1. We are going to Coz/Progreso in Feb on the triumph. We are planning to see some ruins in progreso. We are there 9-5. These are the options: 1. Uxmal- 6.5 hour tour, 1 hr 45 min trip one way. Hubby and I have been here and loved it, but we have 2 new cruisers with us as well. I wouldn't mind going again, hubby kinda wants something new. 2. Dzibilchaltun - 4 hour tour, travel time isn't listed? Doesn't look as impressive as the others, but leaves some time to explore 3. Chichen Itza- 7 hour tour, 2 hr 15 min bus ride. That seems very tight on an 8 hour port day. and a lot of bus time. But if it is worth it we are willing. So I am open to any advice and input. What should we do? P.S. Chichen Itza is also available from Cozumel but Progreso seemed like the better option.
  2. I'm not sure about other lines, but Carnival provides shampoo only. The other dispenser is body wash.
  3. Cruise cash really is all risk, no reward. I would not but any amount of cruise cash. Gift cards yes, but never cruise cash.
  4. Yeah, ours were "until death do us part" so unless one of us codes and is brought back, I feel like we are covered. ;)
  5. For the most part, anyone who has been willing to pay for it will say it was worth it. Anyone who has not thinks it is not worth it. I have used it a few times and loved it. But $80? Is that what it has gone to now??? I will have to take pause to re-evaluate the worth. Maybe if there is a tender port and we don't have an excursion booked. Otherwise I may have to say goodbye to FTTF. <|3<|3<|3<|3<|3:(
  6. Oh, I do have another one. I bought off brand huggable hangers at the Dollar Tree. They are thin so I can pack a bunch of them in our garment bag. Anything we intend to hang on the cruise or any other vacation gets packed on the huggable hangers. That way we hang our hangables in about 10 seconds.
  7. Me too, but I know why. Hacking is something people do to break into computers. What do tips have to do with that? (Answer- absolutely nothing) LOVE LOVE LOVE the pill organizer idea. I usually have an extra makeup bag full of meds for the what ifs. This will free up so much room! I never felt the need for a shoe organizer. We have plenty of storage space, at least on Carnival. Never felt the need to minimize packing either. I don't care if I don't wear everything. I want to take what I want to take. We drive to port, so extra costs aren't an issue. I also take the pop up hamper. I love it. We use it on all vacations now, not just cruises.
  8. We cruised from NOLA on Jan 6 a few years ago. It was 19 degrees that morning. That's very, very cold unless your last name is Claus. I would also suggest if it is pretty cold when you leave you may want to prepare for some chilliness. That trip we had a sea day that was chilly and it was rainy and cool in Cozumel. If you have clear weather it will be nice and warm though.
  9. Curious about this statement. I've never heard of specific requirements for Costa Rica, can you elaborate please? Thanks :)
  10. I like to take my carry off and go have a last leisurely full service breakfast at the MDR before disembarking. It ends the vacay on the right note to me.
  11. My sister in law is always talking about wanting to go on an Alaskan cruise, but she recently had a DUI that was pled down to -I think- reckless driving. Could this still stop her entrance to Canada?
  12. Some of the negative reaction is the standard holier than thou moral police. The rest is just plain jealousy. We all wish we could have a way to legally skirt the rules, but some of us don't have the extra room to be able to do that. I admit it, I'm jealous. Go ahead, and more power to ya for finding the legal loophole. As for me, I will stick to my rum runners for now. (Oops, did I just stir the pot? At least they will leave you alone and attack me for a bit.)
  13. They also say to never rename a ship, but the Sunshine hasn't sank yet. ;)
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