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  1. Compared to FLA departure ports, which all have a plethora of choices including reasonably priced Uber/Lyft, going to Galveston from IAH or HOU is going to be more expensive and have fewer choices. Because of Covid, some of the choices may also be out of business.
  2. Where in my quote did you possibly infer that I said I was getting a casino offer. I have cruised on Carnival 20 times and have never gambled, that was my first line. The second line was in reference to the poster I was responding about. I could care less about offers that gamblers get since I will never get one.
  3. It's a target marketed code just like the RU codes that is only good if it is in your offers box. It was originally good for any sailing in 2022 and was changed a few months ago to any sailing between 1/1/22 and 5/31/22.
  4. But their main mass market competitors, RCI and NCL both have solo cabins available on their recent builds. Carnival eliminated the 1A's as well as the 4J's on the Mardi Gras, both of which are value cabins. Carnival could still be a "family cruise line" while still providing a small percentage of value cabins as well as solo cabins for the first time. This obviously can't be changed on the Celebration, but could be changed on Excel 3, which will start up in late 2023 and be positioned in Galveston. It would be like the elimination of the IMAX theater on the Panorama after having it on the Vista and Horizon.
  5. In 2022, there are 19 sailings of the Magic in June through September. Two are sold out in August and the other 17 still have cabins. The lengths go from 4 up to 9 nights.
  6. The deal on Cheers would not be for your cruise, it would be for you and it would be in your offers box. It would be RU1, RU2 or RU3 or maybe RX1.
  7. Why pay for a 12 pack when you can get unlimited small bottles at any bar or large bottles at the MDR or any specialty restaurant since you will have Cheers.
  8. Never said nor implied that I would get a casino offer. Your inference is from left field.
  9. Fully aware of that. Just like I was never a recipient of the RU 1-2-3 promo codes for Cheers. I used the OV8 code and got a whopping 200 in OBC on my four 2022 bookings. Not as good as the other promotions, but better than anything else I have gotten from them in 35 years.
  10. Since she is over two, she may have to wear a mask all of the time.
  11. Lucky you. I have only paid them for 20 cruises over 35 years and have never made a casino donation. If you keep getting the offers, they are still making money off of you, if they weren't then the offers would have dried up.
  12. As I just responded to your other thread, I will repeat that HAWAII is the best option.
  13. It's not even a choice. You can go to the Caribbean anytime on multiple mass market cruise lines on various lengths from 3 days and up. Can't say the same about Hawaii. And Oahu is nothing like Kona and Hilo on the Big Island or Maui or Kauai. Would choose Hawaii in a heartbeat. If you're leaving from the East coast, try to get a last in first out flight going west that stops in LA or SF. This way you break up the long flight with your overnight airport stay and you're refreshed and your body will take the 6 hour time change easier.
  14. SMH.....Not even a Blue Card and gets a free cruise, to Europe or Hawaii to boot. Gamblers truly are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to Carnival Marketing.
  15. Are you going to be spending more time on your balcony or in the Havana area near the pool, hot tubs, huts and bar? If it's the latter, pick the larger cabin.
  16. 14 would be the easy choice, but if the 8 on the Horizon was to the ABC's and in a Havana area cabin, I would choose the Horizon. Were you not able to get a casino deal on the Mardi Gras, they are giving them out like candy.
  17. Emeril's market price is for fresh seafood. Their small plates are between 6-12 and desserts are 4.
  18. So, you were able to apply 2000 worth of the cards to your future Royal cruise. Was your cruise booked directly through Royal or through a TA? I have a B2B booked on the Oasis next year. The first leg is paid off via a FCC and the second leg has a balance that I may use these cards for, but since I booked it through a TA, I'm still skiddish about using this method.
  19. The Alchemy Bar can cure various ailments. And if cures are needed first thing in the morning, the Bloody Mary @ Pig n Anchor has many medicinal qualities since it contains multiple food groups.
  20. Not sure how much the cheaper package is, but it could be better to get the canvas done at home or online stretched over a wooden frame like they normally are. If rolled, you would then still have to get it mounted and stretched on your own. YMMV
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