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  1. The only negative is the airfare availability at a reasonable price when you want to fly home post cruise just prior to Christmas.
  2. They use real sugar like in the old days here in the US. No corn syrup.
  3. That is an excuse that holds zero water. If you like to indulge on vacation and you have 1 drink every hour and a half once you're back on the ship (500-630-800-930-1100), you have paid for Cheers.
  4. Did we consume too much Cabo Wabo tequila Bob? 2000COSTA worked, COSTA2000 didn't.
  5. The OP is sailing on the Ecstasy. It's a Fantasy Class ship that has no Lanai Promenade.
  6. Shaking head.......it looks like beer, pours like beer, but has all of the alcohol removed. And ginger beer is not beer either, it's a cousin of ginger ale that is used to make Dark n Stormy's (Bermuda's official drink) when mixed with Gosling's rum. Also used for Moscow mule's with vodka.
  7. Yes....all drinks up to 20.00 are covered by Cheers. If you get a drink at the Alchemy made with Grey Goose VX, it'll be 20.00. If you get it on the rocks or neat, it'll be 17.00. If you're a scotch drinker, the Steakhouse bar has a 21 yr old blended scotch by Chivas Regal for 18.00. Roca Patron tequila is 16.50. All covered by Cheers.
  8. But if you stay at a hotel near FLL, which will be cheaper than downtown MIA near the port, you also save on the second Lyft/Uber needed in the morning since you got a free airport shuttle. Stay near FLL....probable free shuttle, limited food options for dinner, one Uber needed to cruise port. Stay near Miami...probable more expensive hotel, better food options for dinner, two Ubers needed.
  9. Yes....they run 11.90 and could be as high as 20.00 if made with Grey Goose VX. But, still covered by Cheers.
  10. On our 8 night Horizon cruise last August out of NYC, we had 3 ports and 4 sea days and if I am not mistaken all 4 sea days had sea day brunches.
  11. Post #32 in the "Hype over Ocean Cay" thread that you have posted in multiple times. Post must be coming from a credible source since a menu was also included from the proposed YC area.
  12. All five of the previous private islands that I have been on do not offer any kind of entertainment because they are only visiting the island during the day and usually leave by 500 PM. Ocean Cay will be unique because they will not depart until Midnight and it was previously reported that there will be an amphitheater built that I have to assume will be for night time shows.
  13. Having been to a few of the private islands on competing cruise lines, the YC section of exclusivity combined with the fact that the cruise will spend it's last full day at Ocean Cay till midnight a unique situation. The entertainment available will also distinguish itself from MSC's competitors as well. Ocean Cat was one of the deciding factors for us for our initial booking back in 2016 and the OBC didn't hurt either.
  14. January, February and March of 2021, all 3 of the YIN HC cabins on the Seaside have already been booked.
  15. Once you add in the cost of Cheers, it could be close. We enjoyed the Havana area last August and will again this August, but Carnival downsized it on the Mardi Gras so we will not pay for the upgrade. Instead of a medium pool and two large hot tubs on deck five aft with a great view, the area on the Mardi Gras is relegated to the side with no hot tubs, a smaller pool and more cabins with access to the area. Carnival was more concerned with their new Loft 19 area with pay for cabanas.
  16. No problem Joe. I remember that you booked the NYC-MIA sailing that included the inaugural stop in Ocean Cay, but it does look like it will not be fully completed for a few months after that. My TA owes me a favor and instead of redeeming it on our currently booked January 21 Mardi Gras, I may change it to the Meraviglia in the YC. It'll be worth more in savings because of the cost difference. And then we can do the Mardi Gras in 2022 after she has more of her kinks worked out.
  17. The 96 is the 8 sailings in Jan/Feb of 2021 with 12 YIN cabins per sailing. 9 regular and 3 HC. YIN is YC inside. And no, the letter from FDR must have been lost in the mail. Did enjoy our Bliss and 3 times on the Escape though.
  18. Stayed in the YC on the Seaside back in it's infancy in January of 2018. Thinking of going back on the Seaside or trying Meraviglia for either January or February of 2021. Primarily to enjoy the YC section of Ocean Cay, which of course will be finally opened after multiple delays. While looking at available YIN cabins, I found only 5/120 sold on the Meraviglia and 71/96 sold on Seaside, including all 24 YIN HC cabins for this time frame. This disparity would lead me to believe that the Seaside should be that much better. What entertainment is available on the Meraviglia besides the two Cirque shows? Is the TV Studio really a comedy club at times? No piano bar or comedy club and European skewed shows were a turn off to us when we sailed on the Seaside. Does the pool in the YC on Meraviglia have more shade than Seaside? Just looking for an overall comparison between the YC areas on the two ships as well as the entertainment options. Thanks.
  19. Previously used by the veterans......but good to use for the newbies.
  20. It's nice that Carnival is finally following the lead taken by Royal, NCL and MSC and building mega ships. They are once again aking a page from their competitors such as Celebrity with their new build the Edge and developing cabins that alternate each other and utilize space better.
  21. Tablecloths on the two cruise elegant nights...ice in a bucket needs to be requested from your cabin steward. Some stewards will try to get away with cabin service once per day as well.
  22. The only frozen drink I have is a Mudslide maybe once per cruise. The frustrating part is they never give you the remnants left in the blender. It gets washed away and with it is alcohol that you've paid for.
  23. It's a shame the sun code got eclipsed, but the road one was good for another 3K. Over a quarter million points now.
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