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  1. The Fantasy Class were beautiful about 20 years ago and in my opinion have not aged well even with balconies and 2.0 upgrades. But many like yourself like them and as a stockholder, I appreciate it, but as a cruiser, I will never sail on them again.
  2. Since nobody is ever going to give me a free cruise, I will not have the opportunity to turn down a cruise. But, if someone offered me a free one on a Fantasy Class ship, since I would have to pay airfare, taxes and Cheers, I would turn it down and pay for my own on a modern ship of my choice.
  3. Back in the day that was all we knew because Carnival loyalists had nothing else to compare it too. Once the blinders came off for good back in 2012 and once I cruised on the Breeze in 2013, I knew what the competition was like and what Carnival could become. Since then I only went backwards once on a Freedom cruise for the 2015 Super Bowl. Ever since it's been two cruises on the Horizon and currently 5 booked on Excel Class, with my tastes changing and maturing as the fleet becomes more modern. When in the Caribbean I cruise for the ship, not the ports since I have been to most of them after 30 cruises in the region. Because of this, the older ships in the fleet are in my rear view mirror. After having sailed on the Mardi Gras, how could you possibly enjoy a Fantasy ship?
  4. It's not on any of the Spirit Class ships. I guess with all of that extra space to passenger ratio that many like to brag about, there was no extra space available. https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/seafood-shack
  5. How can there be a loyal following for the Fantasy Class that will continue long into the future when within X number of years they will be sold for scrap and taken apart in Turkey or India?
  6. They'll do it naked as well if all you want to do is add a healthy squeeze of lemon.
  7. If cruising solo, NCL, RCI and Celebrity all have solo cabins with no upcharge on their newer builds in their fleets.
  8. Very simple solution. Take the FCC and OBC and rebook yourselves on a newer ship that is currently sailing from a primary embarkation port. It is logical that there is going to be a pecking order to how the ships start up and the Fantasy Class and a few of the others will be at the bottom. Did people really think that Jacksonville, Mobile, Charleston, Tampa etc would have the same importance to the company as Miami, Port Canaveral, and Galveston?
  9. Another lover of Joe Farcus and his regurgitated Pepto Bismol color scheme of the Fantasy Class and Spirit Class ship's. Better cruise on them as often as you can since the Fantasy Class ships will be shipped to Turkey or India for scrap within the next few years and the Spirit Class will probably be Sunshined to be able to remain profitable and sail the secondary markets that Carnival serves. The Breeze was the first non Farcus ship with soft Caribbean hues that were the polar opposite of all of the previous Carnival offerings and brought them into the millennium as true competition with the other mass market cruise lines. The Excel Class whether you like it or not is a true game changer for Carnival and will make more money for the corporation in the long run than any Fantasy Class ship from Farcus ever did.
  10. The best lobster in the fleet from the reviews I have read and seen on YouTube is the crab stuffed imperial lobster tail at Rudi's Seagrill on the Mardi Gras.
  11. Thought that was served by the B52's.
  12. I think it's a Caribbean Spiny Lobster 🦞 in the MDR.
  13. The dinner at Eden changed as well. It's more of a usual deal, with 8 apps, 9 entrees and 4 desserts to choose from.
  14. Since I live in Southern NJ, Baltimore, NYC and Bayonne would all be drivable. We were going to go on a 14 day out of London in September of 2023 going to Dublin, Belfast, 3 stops in Norway and 3 in Iceland including an overnight in Reykjavik on the new NCL Prima. Decided to put it on the backburner and do the other half of the world before Europe. Alaska, Hawaii, NZ/Aus, Tahiti.
  15. But the Carnival and Princess options are RT Baltimore or NYC and stop in Canada and Greenland. The Celebrity version also stops in Iceland, but are one way trips that involve airfare
  16. The other day, October 4th was national taco day. 🌮
  17. Your best bet would be to get to know the ladies at the Fortune Teller Bar on day 1 and hopefully one of them will have an invitation card for you.
  18. The Casino bar on the Edge is now the Craft Social Bar on Apex with an expanded beer menu and even cocktails on tap. The theater got a major upgrade with state of the art background screens. Our last cruise in January of 2020 was on the Edge and we booked a comparable week for next January in the same IV cabin. We recently made it a B2B by swapping out our 5 day on the NCL Joy for an extra 5 on the Apex.
  19. Actually, both. Legend is 14 days in August and September out of Baltimore, while Princess is 16 days out of NYC. And price comparing a basic inside cabin, Carnival is about 2475 all in with tax and grats. Princess is about 2700, but that is two days longer and is also their plus package that includes grats, wifi and drinks package.
  20. Keep us in the loop. I have a B2B next June on the reamplified Oasis out of Bayonne going to Canada for 5 days and the Bahamas for 7.
  21. The Sunshine, which is the only non Vista or Excel Class ship in the fleet to have a Havana bar, I believe serves some sort of pastries and breakfast sammies in the morning to be washed down by fresh squeezed OJ and a Cuban coffee.
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