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  1. The dinner at Eden changed as well. It's more of a usual deal, with 8 apps, 9 entrees and 4 desserts to choose from.
  2. Since I live in Southern NJ, Baltimore, NYC and Bayonne would all be drivable. We were going to go on a 14 day out of London in September of 2023 going to Dublin, Belfast, 3 stops in Norway and 3 in Iceland including an overnight in Reykjavik on the new NCL Prima. Decided to put it on the backburner and do the other half of the world before Europe. Alaska, Hawaii, NZ/Aus, Tahiti.
  3. But the Carnival and Princess options are RT Baltimore or NYC and stop in Canada and Greenland. The Celebrity version also stops in Iceland, but are one way trips that involve airfare
  4. The other day, October 4th was national taco day. 🌮
  5. Your best bet would be to get to know the ladies at the Fortune Teller Bar on day 1 and hopefully one of them will have an invitation card for you.
  6. The Casino bar on the Edge is now the Craft Social Bar on Apex with an expanded beer menu and even cocktails on tap. The theater got a major upgrade with state of the art background screens. Our last cruise in January of 2020 was on the Edge and we booked a comparable week for next January in the same IV cabin. We recently made it a B2B by swapping out our 5 day on the NCL Joy for an extra 5 on the Apex.
  7. Actually, both. Legend is 14 days in August and September out of Baltimore, while Princess is 16 days out of NYC. And price comparing a basic inside cabin, Carnival is about 2475 all in with tax and grats. Princess is about 2700, but that is two days longer and is also their plus package that includes grats, wifi and drinks package.
  8. Keep us in the loop. I have a B2B next June on the reamplified Oasis out of Bayonne going to Canada for 5 days and the Bahamas for 7.
  9. The Sunshine, which is the only non Vista or Excel Class ship in the fleet to have a Havana bar, I believe serves some sort of pastries and breakfast sammies in the morning to be washed down by fresh squeezed OJ and a Cuban coffee.
  10. Your wife will not agree because you're the pack mule lugging the carry ons. She probably has a kiss on the lips or miami vice in her hand while you're dragging the bags.
  11. On the Mardi Gras, they had four comedians, two at the start of the week and two mid week. They all did PG and R rated shows and the titles of their shows were listed in the times, so they did in fact change their sets.
  12. I am calling total BS on the purchase at midnight and drink for free for a few hours. And if you want to avoid Cheers on day one, just cruise out of Galveston or NYC, where they don't have Cheers on day 1. Most people like to start their vacation right away and not having Cheers on day 1 is a deterrent to that.
  13. Since the OP was skirting the issue and left bread crumbs, I'll give you the whole loaf. The Speakeasy is done once per cruise on the Mardi Gras only and you need an invitation to gain admittance. Certain bartenders have a limited number of business cards that they give out that tell you where and when it will happen and there may even be a code word as well to gain entrance, don't know. Saw a brief video clip on a YouTube review and it looked pretty cool, with prohibition style costumes being the norm. Hopefully on one of my four 2022 Mardi Gras sailings, I will get to experience it.
  14. One thing we do have in common is that our first Carnival cruise was on the Jubilee, except mine was in July of 1986 when she was brand new.
  15. Don't they also have the restrictions of booking directly with RCI and also using it right away as your deposit instead of on a previously booked cruise?
  16. Last minute on anything is not going to do me any good. I'll be on the MG on a B2B in February as well as over Labor day. Besides those 4, I have another 11 currently booked all over a 15 month period from Jan 22 - March 23. And since you brought up latest and greatest, five of those 15 booked are on MG and Celebration and also B2B on Apex and Discovery Princess and 3 booked on NCL Prima, so I think I have latest and greatest covered in spades
  17. #6 is the only stress inducing requirement on your list. The rest is superfluous.
  18. Since I was never the recipient of a RU 1-2-3 code, my loyalty to Carnival via 20/35 cruises was toast. If it wasn't for the game changer that the Excel Class has become, Carnival would be in my rear view mirror. There are too many competitors with too many state of the art ships to keep all of your eggs in one basket. There are many who are loyal to one cruiseline and they keep their blinders on and view cruising through their rose colored glasses, but those glasses and blinders were thrown away by me years ago.
  19. Post Covid, the Cheers deal if you are able to get it again will always be a better deal. You are just having buyers remorse because you gave up the price drops. The ONLY reason for these price drops is because of Covid. Carnival wants to hit that 70% occupancy rate and the only way to do it is by giving the cruises away to the gamblers and having massive rate drops with the entire fleet except the Mardi Gras. You said that the rate is now 124 and cost you about 500 in price drops. If you were able to get a solo rate on your cruise for 624, you got a great deal, especially since you got Cheers included. Crying about it isn't going to change anything. You could though try to squeeze in a cheap cruise to plug a hole and make yourself feel better. 😉
  20. Seems to me that post #13, the one previous to yours was fairly succinct confirming they had first hand experience with the last sentence in their post.
  21. Assuming that you check in at 1100, it actually would be 53 hours since you tested at 600 am this morning, which is technically longer than two days. BUT, you're OK. Relax and enjoy your cruise.
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