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  1. I forgot about the big ships no longer being welcome in the Conch Republic! I'm still a lemming in my heart of hearts though. Next chance I get to board a dam ship (without all the crazy hoops to jump through), I'll be happily back at sea with all the other lemmings. 😊
  2. We're not going to stay home and whine, but we're sure not giving Holland America our money, only to be required to be vaxxed, tested, and masked, and try to convince ourselves that's a vacation! Instead, we're going to go stay in a gorgeous vacation rental in the keys for that month. That might become our personal new normal.🏝️😎
  3. Try not to let it upset you too much that there are people with opinions that are different than yours.
  4. You have a boarding group and number now. it's not total mayhem anymore.
  5. Absolutely! Thanks, I forgot about that lovely detail! I also really like their ticket agents, as well as the funny flight crews. Whatever IS going on with all of the cancellations, it's not business as usual for SW. There's something the mainstream news isn't sharing.
  6. My opinion is exactly the opposite. SW is my favorite airline for so many reasons. I love the 2 bags free policy. Love the no change fee, as well as the fact that my points never expire. I love their safety record too! The only thing that I sort of don't like is the lack of assigned seats, but that's small potatoes.
  7. Sure, it was weather, and IT issues.🙄 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/southwest-fllght-cancellations-pilots-association-president/
  8. Non-smokers who want to totally avoid smoke should keep pressuring cruise lines to eliminate smoking from their ships. There's absolutely no healthy reason to allow it onboard. (And aren't we all so into everyone's health, and worrying about the health of others these days?) Smoking is a hardship that smokers choose to endure, and they somehow expect the rest of us to deal with it too. That's not a reasonable expectation anymore.
  9. Here's the CDC's own explanation of immunity: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/immunity-types.htm?fbclid=IwAR2wUW7UKSJ-g_4KFKK6PF1n6sKO_1y0t4XVc8bC0vrXD7XaTBpDdUFo-b8
  10. I'm all for everyone getting on with life. A little "live & let live" goes a long, long way.
  11. Thank again for a pleasant and informative exchange, nocl. 😊
  12. No surprise there. Hawaii seems to be just about the most Coronaphobic place on the planet.
  13. I didn't know that; figured it was jabbed only. Is there a U.S. equivalent to that?
  14. No, I wasn't part of an on-going study, just one person. I appreciate your kind and well-reasoned responses to the issue. Most on here have been pretty dismissive on that subject.
  15. I have documentation of when I tested positive, and I also have documentation of the test results from the antibody test I took a little over a month ago. It's still a no go for getting on a ship, unless I get a (now pointless) vaccination. It's not scientific or fair. I realize that big pharma isn't making billions from people who acquire natural immunity, so it looks like I'm out of luck for cruising, unless and until Holland America drops the jab mandate.
  16. The group no one is discussing is the very large (and growing) group of people who had the virus and recovered, and now have natural antibodies to protect them from reinfection.
  17. Well, I for one would very much like to see HAL drop the vaccine requirement. I understand that it's not the popularly voiced opinion on this forum, but I'm sharing it here, since this is supposed to be a place to share opinions and ideas on cruising.
  18. I sure do wish they had included us in that survey. Are they sending out surveys again? I've still got HAL cruises booked, and not gotten any surveys about Vax mandates in 2022.
  19. Well, is that such a shock? The passengers onboard are 100% vaxxed. Unvaxxed aren't allowed to sail HAL, so nobody's asking them what they want.
  20. I totally feel for ya, and I hope you get some sort of answer from HAL, because all the opinions of people on this board aren't helping you one bit.
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