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  1. I have free air to New York. I'd like to fly in a couple days earlier. My cruise isn't until January 2021. When should I be contacting NCL regarding the flights?
  2. I have used Shared Shuttle.it many times. Pickup at train stations, FCO, to the port, from the port. Always on time and very courteous. Highly recommend.
  3. Ine, we picked up the car just outside the port terminal in a parking lot at about 1:30pm. We were back in Palma just after 8pm.
  4. Roger b, thank you so much for all your recommendations and patience while I sorted out my day in Palma. We took your advise and rented from Arash car rental. I have to say he has quite a niche there in leaving the cars in a parking lot with a lock box. What can be easier? It all worked out great. Drove out to Valldemossa and along the winding roads to Port de Soller and Soller. Such a beautiful ride. Took the quick ride back through the tunnel with enough time to drive around Palma. Roger, you're amazing. Thank you again.
  5. We have planned to do this when on the Seaview later this month. I have already purchased return train tickets to/from Santa Margherita. Our plan is to walk to Portofino (about an hour) and spend a few hours before we hopefully (depending on the weather) take the ferry back to Santa Margherita. I guess we'll take the bus back if the ferry isn't running due to the weather.
  6. I've used AP Tours twice and would certainly use them again. They really are wonderful.
  7. I know for the wristband there is a charge. If it works it might be worth it.
  8. SirWolf, is the wristband required for chat? I don't need to keep track of kids. I'm with a large group of adults so it's mostly for chat.
  9. Thanks. I found some reviews regarding the app and it doesn't sound so promising. It's great in theory but not worth much if it doesn't work. I used to bring a walkie talkie on the ships and for the most part they worked; might have to consider it again.
  10. I'm on Seaview next month with a group and wondering if MSC has an app for use on the ship that will allow us to use our smartphones to text with each other for no charge.
  11. I was able to buy my tickets for the house along with the introduction program two months before. We were three sisters each on our own computer before 7am Toronto time. Finally when the tickets were available and one of my sisters got on the site, the only available time for the intro was early in the morning. We had no choice and we purchased the 9:30 intro with entry to the house following. Then I got on the site and later times were available for the time we actually wanted so I bought them. Although there are no exchanges or refunds, my sister was able to explain our situation and she got refunded for the earlier time.
  12. I read somewhere that the road is now open so I'm sticking with my plan. Glad you had a good day.
  13. Hi Michelle The train station is about a 10 minute walk from the port. I have bought my return train tickets to Santa Margherita and back to Genoa. We are planning to walk from Santa Margherita to Portofino and then return by ferry to get the train back to Genoa. www.trainline.com
  14. I took the water taxi from the airport to my hotel. I remember it being a very long walk with our luggage to get to the taxi from the terminal building. Been there, done that. Would not repeat. Taxi is much easier and probably cheaper.
  15. Last time we drove from Cannes to Monaco and Monte Carlo, Eze Village and Nice. The only problem we had back in 2012 was our tablet ran out of battery just outside Cannes and so we lost our directions and had to go by landmarks to find our way back. We managed to return the car and get on the second last tender. It was a great day. Driving and parking was easy. The manual transmission was iffy for us but OK. Coming from Toronto, we're very used to traffic. It's was so great that we didn't think twice about renting again.
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