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  1. I know a couple of years ago you could pay a lower fee to not have the wine. I'm not sure of how much less it was but it was an option. It was something you had to adjust once you were on board if I recall.
  2. I have done 150 central park twice and while the food was really good, I find the atmosphere off putting for me. I like a restaurant where everyone is talking and laughing and 150 was just so quiet it's like eating in a library. It could have just been the two times I went both were the last night of the cruise and everyone is tired or packing. The menu is always changing but the scallops and black cod were amazing when I had them.
  3. I love Sabor, I know it's not high on peoples list and I'm not sure what your husband could have since I eat meat and those were the choices I focused on. But I love the guacamole they make table-side, the barbacoa short rib tacos are amazing and jalapeno garlic tiger shrimp was also a favorite. I just pulled up a menu and it appears they do have lots of fish and seafood offerings so that might work. Don't forget dessert, the banana and chocolate chimichanga is sinful it's so good. I'm so sad that it's being replaced before I will get a chance to experience it again. It will change to a playmakers when Allure goes for dry dock next year.
  4. Thank-you for the insight and good to know that you can re-book if you see a lower price. My cruise is not until Mar 2020 so the packages have not even opened up yet. $42/day is a no brainer for me.
  5. Wow, that is a great sale price. Were you just lucky or did you keep checking daily for a sale?
  6. Oh no, I love Sabor and was hoping to take my husband one day to enjoy this ship and Sabor. 😢
  7. Good to know, I was wondering how I could tell after going and clicking that area. Sadly for the cruise i'm on next March there was no discount.
  8. How do you go about checking if your cruise has a military discount now? I remember there used to be a check boxed on the find a cruise filters, but I no longer see that.
  9. Thanks, that is good to know. I have only sailed on the Oasis class ships so going to Adventure is going to be really different.
  10. Thanks for confirming, I have not had a chance to look at the deck plans yet for this ship.
  11. Does the Adventure have a Sorrento's? If not, is there a place to grab a slice?
  12. Thank-you everyone for confirming. I really enjoyed having lunch there the few times I did on the Oasis and Allure. I was really hoping we would be doing a cruise on one of those ships but the 8 day ABC Itinerary on the Adventure for Mar 2020 ended up being the winner. I guess this just means I will have to book another cruise while on board.
  13. Hello all, I tried to research this but most questions about lunch and the mdr are normally asking about embarkation day and my question is slightly different. I've done 2 cruises with Royal and both were on the Oasis class. On these ships during sea days you could go to the mdr for lunch and besides having a la cart menu items there was two buffets setup, one with hot foods and the other with salad fixings that you could choose and then choose a dressing and a staff member with then mix it all up in a bowl for you. My question is, is this same lunch available on other ships like Adventure of the Seas? Thanks, Kim
  14. Oh, ok thanks for clarifying. Still a great tool to use to communicate, rather than announcing to everyone your plans on a white board on your cabin door.
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