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  1. Really? For the last 60 years my household has either hosted or gone to relatives to celebrate holidays. Guess what we did this year - We altered our behavior because we are not morons & have free will. It is never too late to alter behavior, you just don't go - that simple. "Mom, are you coming for NYE? No honey you have children and it is not worth the risk. I think we should ZOOM or facetime instead." WOW was that hard?!?!? BTW you need to read up on Fauci. He was at the forefront of the AIDS/HIV epidemic. He is to thank that some AIDS patient have lived long lives &am
  2. And Mary Poppins could make the Banks children could fly!!!!
  3. I am just wondering if anyone has the Cruise Compasses for a Harmony Eastern sailing? Our first time on Harmony & would love a sneak preview. Ports are Coco Cay, St Maarten & San Juan. If anyone has a link, could post or email I would be very appreciative. Thanks
  4. Should not be an issue, we have a very Irish name with an O'. It always drops our apostrophe never had a problem.
  5. We have actually made very good friends also. We've cruise together many times - had a blast. Planning a 2021 one also. If friends are baggage happy to have the luggage.
  6. Umm HUH? I asked a simple question why the remark about a "feed bucket"? Very hostile. Sorry if our style of dining they way we want upsets that much. We like to be social - not a crime.
  7. Ok,bull twinkies is now part of my vocabulary lol!!
  8. Ok. We don’t sale till May 3 so I know there’s plenty of time we didn’t book through TA we booked through Royal. I am figuring we probably will get our time at 8 PM but just didn’t understand my time dining wanted a little explanation 8 PM was locked out on the reservation so we waitlisted
  9. So I searched but couldn’t find a thread to explain it. We usually do the 8pm dinner seating but since we booked so close to our sail we are locked out/wait listed. So so could someone explain how my time works. Do we do a weeks worth on 1st day? Do we get choice of table size? Husband likes larger table with people. Any help appreciated
  10. We are doing May 3rd RCI but 1st time from Port Canaveral. Flying in on the 2nd. Any suggestion for hotels in the area?
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