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  1. Drove down to the neighborhood opposite where she is now docked in Fort Lauderdale. Thrilling to know she is at her home port, even if it’s just a few days. Here a couple of unedited photos I took on my iPhone. Mark
  2. Just got a glimpse of The Apex, from a distance. It was exciting to see her here in Fort Lauderdale.
  3. BigAl94 is reporting on post #25 that: “Apex scheduled to depart for lay up at Coco Cay 17.00 tomorrow 21 October.” if the rain isn’t to bad this afternoon, I’m going to drive over there for a look at Apex.
  4. Wish this had been announced. I would of gone to the state park in Dania Beach to watch her arrive to the port like I did for the Edge in November 2018. That was so exciting to see, especially since they made a big deal out of her arrival. Here is one of my photos from that morning.
  5. The third Edge class ship is the Celebrity Beyond. The first piece of steel was cut on January 28th 2020. Due to current circumstances, the delivery has been delayed until 2022. I enjoyed The Edge when I as on her for a couple of her early sailings in 2018. Appreciated having the extra cabin footage when the Infinite balcony was made part of the room. Eden was our go to place during different times of the day. The Magic Carpet made an excellent platform when boarding the new comfortable tender boats from deck 2. Looking forward to Apex in December 2021, after my first HAL sailing on the Rotterdam. Mark
  6. I have a question for those who use the Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card. This morning I called the credit card company to redeem my points for a statement credit. I had 17,131 points including points I earned for recently making a final payment on HAL of over $4001. Therefore, they awarded me with 2.5% point earnings. They would not allow me to redeem all 17,131 points. They only allowed me to redeem 16,000 points for a statement credit of 400.00. Do they only issue the statement credits in certain increments? I was expecting to be able to use all of my points for about a 425.00 credit. I would appreciate your experiences in point redemption. Thanks, Mark
  7. Looks like the Hot Glass Activity is going to stay and I am glad to see this. Found this post on their Instagram page:https://www.instagram.com/p/B7YfeQWjG5j/
  8. Just to clarify, Aqua Class on Celebrity is not a suite class cabin. The Aqua Class cabins are generally the same size as balcony staterooms with a separate restaurant and access to the Persian Gardens. The suite class on Celebrity starts with Sky Suites and goes up. I have never been in a Holland America Signature Suite so I won't dare to compare. You may want to post your question on the Celebrity board (if you haven't yet) as there are Celebrity Cruisers who have also sailed HAL.
  9. Such sad news, my condolences go out to her friends and family. She was so vibrant and enthusiastic in her posts about the Edge. Always a pleasure to read what she wrote.
  10. Hi Don and Ken, Mark & Ken here and we are also booked on this voyage. It’s our first HAL and first transatlantic. We have been trying to do this trip for a few years and are really looking forward to it. I haven’t planed excursions yet for the ports, we pretty much know what we want to do in Amsterdam. We have friends who have already been on this ship a few times and they love it. Do you sail HAL primarily?
  11. Jim, I am so glad to see that Ashlee Amber is on the EDGE. She is a phenomenal powerhouse performer. I noticed on her calendar that she will be on for the beginning of the TA also. BTW, have you run into our friends yet, Daniel & Larry? I sent an email to you with their stateroom #, I didn't want to post it here on the public message board. Mark P.S. Enjoying all of your photos.
  12. Hi Jim & Iain, I'm enjoying your live posts from the EDGE. The photos remind me of the 10 nights we were on her last December. We have friends on board with you now that are also doing the B2B. If you run into Larry and Daniel, please say Hi to them for us Mark & Ken
  13. That's an excellent overview Miaminice of the 4 main dining rooms. We didn't have dinner in Cosmopolitan any night since we were there for breakfast most days and the décor reminded us of the MDR's of the other ships. Enjoyed Tuscan and Cyprus the best. I agree, we didn't miss BLU at all when we were on the EDGE last December due to this new setup.
  14. This could be the reason for higher hotel rates. May 5th will be Liberation day. I am booked on the NS TA arriving on May 3rd and used points for two nights at the Renaissance and a high rate for another night. Here is an article about the holiday. https://www.holland.com/global/tourism/plan-your-holiday/events/liberation-day.htm
  15. You may want to read my post, #20, on the Edge cabin compilation thread. I don’t know if the excessive overnight noise situation was dealt with. Loved the cabin but I wouldn’t book it again for the reason stated in my notes.
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