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  1. You will have 3 formal nights. They are usually on a sea day's so, most likely on Day 3 (Mar 2), Day 7 (Mar 9) and then day 14 (Mar 13). We are in the opposite direction in late Jan.
  2. We have re-fared our upcoming Panama canal cruise twice. (we are from Canada) We had to lose some of our extras (like a drink package) but the overall savings for us was significant (over $2000), and we have still have free Grats, plus a lot of OBC. I think we are at the wining end of the stick as there was not a snowball chance in heck that the DW and I could drink $2,000 of booze on our cruise (if we hit $300, I would be surprised)
  3. Thanks for the responses. . But now that I started thinking of a California coastal.. I am seriously looking at finding one before Xmas.
  4. Had a weird mixed message with Princess Customer Service/Website today. On my Captain's Circle account, it lists me (and my wife) as at Platinum level with 5 completed cruises (28 days). But... today when I called Princess Customer Service to pay off my Panama Canal cruise, I was thanked for being a loyal "Ruby" member, and to enjoy my cruise with all my "Ruby" benefits. When I questioned, the agent, she again repeated "Yes enjoy your Ruby benefits on your upcoming Cruise". Plus when I got my paid invoice, it states that we are Ruby level. So, am I confused if we "are or are not" going to be Platinum on our 6th cruise or we will still Ruby level when we take our next cruise in Jan. Should we be considering a quickie cruise (grab a 1-3 day west coast re-positioning) to ensure that we have completed our 6th cruise before the longer upcoming Panama Canal cruise. Or.. are we just in that awkward in-between step, and will be platinum once we get on the ship? (gawd.. 1st world problems..) I was really looking forward to that free 250 minutes of internet, and being one third of the way to Elite.
  5. Yes port charges will be refunded if the cruise is cancelled. From what I understand what is non-refundable is only the base cruise fare. I had to cancel a trip at last minute, and we got a refund of the port charges on our credit card
  6. Yep, a locked TV would pose a different problem... Guess it is different depending on the set-up of the ship. We were on the Star at the time the photo's were taken.
  7. As the TV is a JVC (and not a "no name" generic TV), all modern Universal remotes will have a codes for JVC. I did a quick google and it came up with a number of codes (it is based on the remote). Luckily; most of the newer TV universal remotes will cycle through the available codes and it is a very easy process.
  8. Check post # 19-21 on this thread. It shows the back of the TV on the Star Princess, the TV, and the remotes. You will need a universal remote to change the input on the TV's
  9. OK.. that first picture was awesome! My first thought was... Madam Leota running a card game.
  10. Your best bet is to book a cabin for the double, add your niece, and then if she does not want to join you, just have her as a no-show at the port. It is much easier to cancel someone than to add a person. I took my mom on a short west coast cruise, and booking for 2 was actually slightly cheaper overall than booking her as as a single, her sister was the second person in her cabin and she was just a no-show, and port taxes were refunded. Single passengers pay a double supplement for cruising. All cabins are sold as if 2 persons are travelling, alas a cost of cruising single. There should be a "3 for Free " sale in September, but they tend to increase the base price and then give you extras (OBC, Grats, etc). No sure about the cancel for any reason insurance, nor expiring FCD,s, as my FCD's never last more than several months.
  11. Alas, Princess uses a different tech than the Royal Zoom product. I have not see the same flaw at Princess that allows one to send an iMessage or stream music like RCI. The nice part is if you are on a Medallion enabled ship, your wifi will be much less expensive than on RCI
  12. Yes you can bring both Soda and water onboard. You can either put a luggage tag on the case or carry them on with you. I have been buying the cases of water from the Ship, as Princess has the cheapest water prices of all the cruise lines I have been. I have pre-purchased two cases for my next cruise and it was under $7 for a case (on RCI I was charged $40 for a case of water)
  13. That is so nice to hear! We were just on the Harmony (RCI) and while they were able to feed me soft foods, I didn't know that they would supply Boost or Ensure. On our last Princess Cruise, I got blended dinners at almost every venue. The steak, potato and veggie blend was most yummy (tho a yucky grey colour). I used this email dietaryrequest@princesscruises.com they respond back very quickly. I sent it 4 weeks before my cruise with my booking number. Congrats to your hubby on being a throat cancer survivor! Ron
  14. I take my own Boost and protein power on board, as they have nothing close to it on the ships. I am recovering from throat cancer, and Boost is one of my 2-3 times a day items. At most you can get a milkshake, add some protein powder, depending on your needs. You will need a case or two to get you to Hawaii, and you will be able to get some there.
  15. The cord or water may not be in your cabin, when you arrive. A friendly reminder to your room steward, and it will quickly be rectified. On our trip 2 months ago (B2B) we received 2 gallons of water AND two cords late the first evening of departure. The steward told us he had the notification from corporate for the need. We did have to gently reminded our steward of the need for CPAP water, as he was slightly overwhelmed. He was on his first day of being suddenly promoted to guest cabins(from crew cabins) owing to our original steward being asked to leave that afternoon.
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