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  1. I don't have any power over your decisions, so I don't understand how my unease would affect you. My point is simply that even if a government agency lifts restrictions on cruising, none of us have to cruise until we individually decide we feel it's safe and we want to. As an example, there have been numerous instances of restaurants reopening in some states with very few diners showing up anyway. If a government rushes to reopen cruising for political/economic reasons, that doesn't guarantee there will be enough demand to make cruising profitable for the cruise lines.
  2. My family will begin cruising again when WE decide it's safe to cruise, based on the best available scientific information, not when the White House or CDC or the cruise lines tell us it's safe.
  3. I also found "lift and shift" to be useless. My itinerary on S class was only available on E class and they wouldn't let me switch to that. Celebrity suggested I switch my 11-night cruise to another S-class ship with a 9-night and no refund, OBC, etc., for the loss of two days of cruising! Thanks, but no thanks. I canceled instead. I would switch to a cruise line that treats its customers better but they all seem to be the same.
  4. I heard that Apex might have more shady outdoor areas based on feedback from Edge guests. Does anyone know if this happened?
  5. We are also scheduled on the Apex, for January 29, 2022. Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Kitts. Fingers crossed!
  6. Honestly I doubt there will be widespread cruising until Covid is no longer a problem, which means there are good vaccines and a majority of the world's population is vaccinated. Nearly every place they thought it was safe to reopen (Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) has seen resurgences of the virus and learned it's not so easy to control. I'm betting on 2023. And while I used to love the excitement of crowds (in some circumstances) I now look at crowds with trepidation and as something to avoid. So even conceptually this cruise lover has no desire to cruise until Covid is history
  7. As I said, to each his own. We may be quite atypical cruisers. We don't drink alcohol, gamble, or swim on cruise ships. We don't use the thermal suite and we rarely use the spa services. I would never step foot in a communal hot tub, and we find the shows in the theater amateurish on all cruise lines. What does that leave? Food is the primary aspect of cruising for us along with the ability to relax and read books while enjoying the ocean. And a little card-playing. Most of all, we like the daily change of scenery you get with a cruise and the fact that we have no responsibilities while on bo
  8. Buffets, whether self-serve or "cafeteria-style" with staff serving (a la Holland-America) are one of the main reasons many people cruise. They won't go away. I get bored with the dining rooms after a few days (bored with the food and the slow pace of service) and end up eating in the buffet most of the time. To each his own, of course.
  9. The last safety/muster drill we did on Silhouette in February was horrible. The safety/video portion was done in the Ensemble Lounge and more than half of the assembled crowd were in locations in this long, narrow space where we could see neither the video or any of the crew. Everyone was complaining. Our cruises on HAL Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam in 2018 and 2019 had already implemented the in-cabin viewing portion of the safety/muster drill. Everyone went to their staterooms to watch the video on their television sets and then we assembled briefly at our muster stations. Ther
  10. The last two dinners we had in Murano, on Equinox and Silhouette, were not worth the money IMO. And certainly not as good as we can get in most restaurants on land. The menu hasn't been updated in years and the quality of service has deteriorated as well. The servers seemed very harried and distracted.
  11. I am afraid I agree with you. As much as I love cruising, I'm not going to cruise again if the only way it can be safely done also takes the fun out of it. At home here in South Florida, I adhere vigilantly to social distancing and mask wearing. I only go to grocery stores very early and as seldom as possible. I havn't been in a restaurant in months (except to pick up takeout), etc. It's not fun but it's necessary. Although I feel I have no choice in my daily life except to adhere to guidelines to protect myself and my family, if I can't do the things I most enjoy about cruising (which is to e
  12. I was on Silhouette in March and there was a Breitling store. And a dedicated Cartier watch store as well.
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