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  1. bluesaab22

    MS. Rembrandt.. anyone?

    Sailing on the Ms. Rembrandt next month up the Rhone River.. anyone been on this ship? Just curious about life on board, dress codes and atmosphere. This is my first River cruise...
  2. bluesaab22

    Snow again!!

    Southwest is letting passengers booked for tomorrow (Thursday) change flights for free but not Saturday at this point in time. Just hoping we get out of here! We figured flying down a day early would protect us from missing the ship but who knew there would be yet another Blizzard in Philly! Good thing for trip insurance!
  3. bluesaab22

    Snow again!!

    UGH! We're due to fly out of Philadelphia Saturday afternoon to board the IOS on Sunday! We're wondering the same thing about Southwest.
  4. We were on the January 11th, 2009 sailing of the FOS and LOVED the guitar player at the Bull & Bear Pub. Does anyone know his name and if he's still around? I know he ship hops so we were wondering if we'd see him on the Feb 28th IOS cruise.
  5. bluesaab22

    Ground Transportation

    We're using SAS transportation -- $15 per person... 954-600-0240
  6. bluesaab22

    EDOC question

    OK.. thank you for your feedback!!! guess I got a little excited! ;)
  7. bluesaab22

    EDOC question

    2 weeks ago we received our edocs for January 11 FOS cruise-- since then, we decided to get an additional cabin so we wouldn't need to squeeze 3 people together in one room. My question is-- will RCI send me updated EDocs and when should I start to look for them? cruise is only 24 days away!
  8. bluesaab22

    Dinner in Old San Juan

    Anyone have any suggestions on places to eat when in Old San Juan? We will be arriving on Freedom of the Seas at 3 pm on January 13th(?).... we plan on doing a self guided walking tour, but wanted to have some options for cool places to have dinner.
  9. bluesaab22

    I just saved $300!

    Can you still call RCI if you booked with thru a travel agent?
  10. Thanks for your review. We leave next month! Question: I recieved my edocs with one copy of a luggage tag that i can print out... will they have actual luggage tags at the pier for us in Miami or do we have to make them ourselves? Last time I was at the Port of Miami, I just remember handing my bags over to some guys outside and it was mass confusion but my bags ended up in the the cabin as planned. I think we actually had "tags" sent to us that year versus the edoc... what do you advise?
  11. bluesaab22

    Fold out sofa beds

    I requested my TA contact Royal Caribbean and request an eggcrate thing and was told we have one reserved for us... we will have 3 adults sharing a balcony cabin so we've decided to each take 2 nights on the sofa bed..... wish us luck!
  12. bluesaab22

    Ice Show tickets

    Thank you all for the information! :)
  13. bluesaab22

    Ice Show tickets

    I'm confused about Ice Show tickets... We'll be on the FOS in January 08 and definitely want to see this show... when and where can we get tickets? I've read that some people have missed out on the show because it was sold out....
  14. bluesaab22

    Four in a D1 Cabin -- Insane??

    I had a similar question about a D1 cabin on the Freedom of the Seas. Wondering if the pull out sofa is comfortable...or hard as rock... I think I read somewhere that RCI will provide an extra duvet cover for additional padding.. has anyone heard this or had any experience with?
  15. bluesaab22

    Airfares! Wow!

    Airfares are crazy... last week I priced flights from Philly to Miami and they were about $300 pp--- we booked our cruise yesterday and then I went ahead to book our airfare and was shocked that the rate doubled in a week!! We ended up chosing a cheaper flight into Ft. Lauderdale and will just drive down to the Port of Miami...