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  1. I keep getting emails wanting me to book... the cruise I already have booked. Not advertising add-ons, but the cruise
  2. Cruised on the Panorama back in February and without FTTF (or any other perk that would get us on early) we were on the ship enjoying our first drink on Lido before 11:45. BUT, the very next cruise NO ONE even started started boarding before 11:45 (we had a long lay over so stuck around to enjoy the people watching). I'd vote for "not worth it"
  3. tried to search... failed - sorry I recently booked under code OV8 for an 11/21 cruise and for the first time (for me) it doesn't say that it offers "price protection". My question, if prices drop can I still submit the price form or should I just sit back and imagine that the price will never go lower (like I do for flights)? Thanks :-)
  4. I average about 4 drinks a cruise total and book cheap rooms (I love to drink, but hate to spend money) and yet still got the offer, BUT it wasn't that great of a deal. For a 6 day cruise it would have only "saved" us $176 total for 2 people verses the other current deal of cheaper room + $200 OBC + just purchasing Cheers (comparing apples to apples). Not that great of a savings and passed it up
  5. I've seen it for a few weeks for my 11/2021 cruise...
  6. Hey all, I'm positive someone here knows the answer... I have booked a cruise for next fall with my fiancé under my maiden name and might change my name (it would be a surprise) this summer when we get married. Would it cost me to change my name at that point with Carnival? Thanks for your help 😃
  7. I'm right there with you. Booked a wedding cruise for next summer. Sure won't skip the insurance this time!
  8. but the ones they sell are VERY different, not as good, and much smaller 😑
  9. Darn, that's what I suspected. though have no idea why not
  10. Anybody know if you can just ask for a whole cake from the buffet rather than just 1 piece?
  11. RS77471: it really is a great spot and a nice room Mother27: I just posted on his FB page that I was going (when and which room) and was excited to be skipping school and taking my SO on his first cruise 😎 Roscoe13: I guess I did leave that out. Mostly, I'm just board with the west coast (which makes me sad since it's soooo much closer than the east coast). Also, the ship was just larger than I prefer (and was surprised by the smaller shops). It was a fine trip from that perspective, just not one I'll be looking at again for quite some time.
  12. Okie dokie, guess it's time to write down my thoughts & experiences from our cruise. Overall, we had a great time, the ship was beautiful, the CD Emma was great (I've never noticed a CD before), and our room was amazing. Would we do it again? Probably not. Lets start at the beginning. We got to the cruise terminal area around 8am after an early flight, and had a lovely (if too large and expensive) breakfast at the Hotel Maya down the road (BTW: it's a little over $2 more expensive to take a taxi there rather than the terminal). Then we walked over to tour the Que
  13. This'll be my first time with the boarding zones... We have A01 for an upcoming Panorama cruise but fly into LGB around 7am. We plan on taking a taxi to the Hotel Maya and having a leisurely breakfast before walking to the port, might tour the Queen Mary too. My question is: which will board first A01 or the early/late line? Thank for your help 😁
  14. I'd love to hear from someone on a cruise now, or just off as I hop on in less than 2 weeks and love the big bottles of bubbly water with dinner (on Cheers) 😕 Fingers crossed
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