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  1. We took CRiverCruiser's advice and went with Vista Paraiso and had a great time! The transportion was great, the lines were long and fast, and the salsa and chips at the end were yummy! I would not purchase the pictures of us on the bull again as the ink is still rubbing off a week later. On the other hand, the picture/video package of us zip lining was worth the money
  2. And if you have the time, there is no need to disembark when your floor is called. I tend to drag my bags up to lido, find a place in the sun and read a book (might grab a last small bite to eat also), and wait to be one of the last off the ship. Beats sitting in an airport every time! (I'm also very careful that I'm not in the crew's way and clean up any mess I make - they're working hard to get ready for the next batch of tourists!)
  3. I understand your frustration Ameyers as I had a similar experience when I bought my son a plane ticket a few years ago and he needed to cancel. Even though I bought the ticket the credit was in his name. At least with Carnival you may be able to skirt the rules with the trick mentioned above. Good luck
  4. Thank you both for your help. We are willing to book either through the ship or independently and ease of getting to/from isn't as much of a concern either. We are interested in the longer, higher, faster zips and if there are other activities offered there that would be a bonus, but not a deal breaker. Thanks again
  5. We are looking to go zip lining in Puerto Vallarta but every outfit says they have the "fastest" or "highest" etc... lines in Mexico. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help :-)
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