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  1. Snorkeling was great! We were with people who had been to Trunk Bay the day before and they said the snorkeling was better. It's great because it's not crowded. We had arranged with our Taxi driver to pick us up at a pre arranged time.
  2. Another vote for Best Western Condado. As stated there is Walgreens, CVS, quick walk up to the beach and close to casinos. Two restaurants we liked were Buenos Ayres and Orozcos. Right near the hotel. Was not a fan of the restaurant in the hotel.
  3. The snorkeling was great. There were 5 people there who had been to Trunk Bay on St. Johns the day before and they said the snorkeling was much better at Brewers Bay Beach.
  4. Was in Tortola on 9/4 and went to Brewers Bay Beach. Taxi was $8 pp each way. We had a great driver who didn't drive to fast over the hills or around the curves. We paid the driver once there and arranged for him to come back at a predetermined time. We were the first cruise ship passengers there that day. We stayed about 3 1/2 hour and there were no more than 20 people on the whole entire beach. We rented lounge chairs at $5 a piece. The snorkeling was great. Passengers who had been at Trunk Bay the day before said they saw more fish in the first 15 minutes in the water at Brewers Bay than their time at Trunk. I saw two eels, lots of trumpet fish and tons of other fish that I usually see snorkeling. The one time I don't take my camera and there is a lot to see. We didn't order food from the restaurant but we did get beer and soda. The water was relatively clear but you could see the leaves and garbage that had blown into the water from Dorian. Don't judge a book by it's cover. These people got out of the taxi as we were leaving and were ready to get right back in. Taxi driver convinced them to stay. Hope they enjoyed it. Don't hesitate to go. You'll have a peaceful day and if snorkeling is your thing you'll enjoy it.
  5. We were just there last week. Lounges were $5 each. We were only there a couple of hours and snorkeled so I didn't ask about umbrellas. Bar and Restaurant were open. No more than 20 people on the beach.
  6. We took on a small truckload of water in Tortola. They were waiting to load it on the ship when we got back from excursion.
  7. David this makes me sad that there were complainers. I talked with a lady last night after dinner who was in the dining room all day helping make boxed meals. I wish I had known. Would have loved to help.
  8. Do you have any room on your catamaran tour? If you are booking with a company that might have room can you share. We are on the same sailing and really haven't planned anything. Thank you Marie
  9. We've been to Roatan twice. Used Roatan Eco Tours the first time :http://roatanecotour.com/ Had a fantastic day snorkeling. Because there were only 4 of us on the tour he gave us the option to snorkel another spot versus beach time. I would not hesitate to use them again. The second time went with Radical Adventures Catamaran: http://www.svfreeradical.com/ We had a fantastic day as well. We went to a completely different part of the island and it included tons of food as well as booze and non alcoholic drinks. This was more expensive but you got much more. I would not hesitate to use them again. Both included transportation to and from the ship. I found both here on the ports of call.
  10. Thanks for posting. We usually cruise with NCL or Royal in December since we can go from our home port. Saved about $400 over the NCL cruise we were looking at with more perks.
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