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  1. i feel as though the postage the ship offers for any letter or postcard is going rate and very convenient , reasonable, and such a relief to not have to mail it myself. i usually send them at the start of the trip and they always make it home soon enough with pretty stamps on them etc. the front desk can even give you a quote on postage prior to mailing. thank you, front desk staff for making my life easier to correspond while on board.
  2. The Aft Balconies are just a few more steps to the elevators, but we prefer to be away from elevators. For us, it is not an inconvenience. Warning: you may become addicted to only wanting to book aft cabins as we have. Some balconies are completely covered, and some are much larger than others inside and outside (deeper not wider), some Aft balconies wrap the corner and have expansive views, and even a side secret staircase (as we call it) to the Lido. Check out the deck plans, they say a lot. We have found that in order to secure on aft, you must book early , as only a few are the "best" of the lot, but they are all pretty great. We have heard some folks say that they feel the motion of the ocean more, or have problems with ash fall-out, or people (gasp) can see me on my balcony!!! None of these things have ever been an issue for us. We find it wind free, a cool covered retreat, and the last four aft's we have booked have been absolutely worth the price and effort. We have an upcoming cruise booked on the Eurodam, and secured an aft, and glad we booked early as that cabin type is now sold out. We always feel lucky to score one. Good luck making your cabin choice..always an anxious and nerve wracking thing to do, but once you do, I am sure you will feel better. Have a great cruise.
  3. We have always walked in San Juan. It is a very walkable city, but if you do not care to walk, you can take the trolley, as others have mentioned. I recommend you go to google earth and look around. As you can see from this snip, it is close and it is absolutely amazing to walk the streets. to see the courtyards, the doors, the blue cobblestone streets, the cats, the old walled entrance to the city, the coffee shops, the churches.. okay, i am missing it right now. There is even a sort of CVS as you are walking toward the forts if you need to get supplies.. They give out maps to town too. Oh and if you are there on a weekend, they will be flying kites on the lawn of the El Morro. Have a great trip!
  4. ..every time we have been there, we are usually to one side or the other of the far right pier.. check it out on google earth. i have posted a screen shot for you here in hopes that it is helpful. We love San Juan.. have a great trip!
  5. We have had aft cabins on the Rotterdam twice, above the dinning room and have never had a noise problem.
  6. everyone i have been near or around never complained, much, about the service they received. i agree, it depends upon location and usage. me? i can wait to unplug from everything, so i wont be affecting anyone's bandwidth 🙂
  7. not necessarily... i think it is just to avoid confusion... a lot of people accidentally get in the wrong line... i have always been asked for my boarding pass several times, but honestly..embarkation day is such a happy day for me..i practically look for any excuse to pull it out and show it to someone. 🙂
  8. that is what happens. once the offers are gone, they are gone... good for you! i haven't done a Neptune yet. one day. i am jealous...
  9. yes, i know.. but the up-sell was still worth it 🙂 as you never pay full price for the up-sell, so it is a trade off. you are not missing out on anything in the end. you get a reduced price for the suite and not cruise credit days. i guess you have to ask yourself which you are aiming for. Either way, a lovely cruise is the end result!! That is all i wish for anyone. A happy healthy lovely cruise.
  10. or...they will give Sea Calm at the front desk, which can be handy. and Candied Ginger at the main dining room. If those ideas dont work, try happy hour, lol. I havent had any sea sickness on the Alaska cruise, but anything can happen i suppose.
  11. this is a link i found when we went to alaska, have a blast. loved that cruise. so much to see, aside from whales. have a good trip! http://www.whale-watching-alaska.com/besttimetoseewhales.php
  12. These are our lunch photos at the Pinnacle Grill for lunch Dec 2018. As you can see, it is quite worth it for $10.00. Hope you get to try it out. We usually eat there a few times each cruise!
  13. we love the diverse entertainment too. we have the late seating, so we usually try to squeeze in the 10pm show. there is so much for us to do on board, we cant seem to see it all, but we love the the comedians, music , spend time entertaining ourselves around the ship as well. what ship are you on? i find the entertainment varies...
  14. glad to see that you have kept track, and so glad to see you still enjoy it and have your pins. i am proud of mine. you have an enviable collection. display it proudly. no complaints here. happy sailing! I think you have a very nice collection that represents a lifetime of experiences! 300 days at sea. impressive. i look forward to that milestone. cant wait. fun post. thanks
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