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  1. Are you just taking a taxi? Or do they have shuttles available? I just emailed them. I dont want the cultural centre luau as we want to do a private tour of pearl harbour during the day.

  2. Has any one ever gone to this luau? Was wanting to go frm ship. On tne emerald princess and just wondering if its doable. Time is like 5 to 8.30 and our ship leaves at 11.

  3. Bugsy (Chris) if your reading this, Miguel and the guys at The Seaview Bar say hello. I showed them some of your pictures of them. They really enjoyed it.


    Okay, this view does give you a little Vertigo the first time you see it!




    Oh please say hi to migel a d if mooney is still at the sea view bar from Colin and jane. We were on the new york sailing to lauderdale, miguel was the best!

  4. We were on the same cruise, and had a completely different experience. We did not find one crew member who wasn't friendly, and didn't greet us with a smile. If someone passed you with an empty tray, and you wanted a drink, why didn't you say something? They're damned if they do, and damned if they don't. They get accused of either pushing drinks or ignoring people; they can't win. The only bar on Deck 5 is Vines, next to the Gelato place. We were there nearly everyday, and were never ignored. Sorry 'bout your luck.


    For us, it was one of the best cruises we've taken....far from a huge disappointment.


    Actually vines was good, it was the bar where the international cafe was. Sorry when they see you sitting at a table most staff would ask you if you would like something. One bartender was actually rude we put a formal complaintbin which we have never done, princess did call and offered us an onboard credit and is going to deal with a certain person! After sailing 40 days on the royal i can say for us a bitter dissapointment!

  5. We did the repositioning from New York on the regal this october! I was not a fan at all, staff were not as friendly especially at the bar on deck 5, absolutely no service all they did was walk around with empty trays! Compared to the royal last october it was a huge dissapointment! Will be giving Princess a break for awhile!

  6. We were on the repositioning from new york to lauderdale. Worst service ever on deck 5, the so calledpizzaz! Staff walking aimlesly around with their trays walking past you. Just for fun i set my timer it was 26 minutes before i finally went to get my own drink! This would nevef have happened on the royal last october! The staff were amazing! The bar staff at seaview were tne best on the regal. Even a few of the staff said they had the best crew back then. We will pass on the repositioning again as it is the regal once again!

  7. Being on the royal just a few weeks ago with the same problem, just watching people pass the fellow at the lido asking people to wash hands in sink, and so many say either they did I there room or they will use the hand sanitizer and walk by it.some were so rued. Just please wash your hands. How much are you in a hurry to get your face full. Keep safe and wash.

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