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  1. I have done Atkins in the past and yes it works short term. For me now it doesnt. I am to active doing hard core classes daily , walking 12 k a day, I find using my fitness pal more beneficial. Keeping track on everything that I drink and eat, calorie Burn etc, really opens your eyes. I gained a lot of muscle and lost inches. I feel great while eating well and having a few drinks to. It is a lifestyle change that is for sure. The last cruise I went on I payed for the boot camp plus the trx class, yes some days 2 a day. But didn't feel guilty and enjoyed the cruise. Leaving next Thursday for 2 cruises 20 days, planning to do the same. So I guess what works for one may not work for you. As my trainer says you need to eat or you won't lose. She was right.

  2. When you leave the ship go to the main street turn right. maybe a 5 minute walk on the same side as the ships dock. You won't miss it. Lots of nice little bars a bit further down the street also.

  3. In front of tulips the vendor renting chairs just got all new ones. Also if you decide to sit at lacabana and find an empty hut you can sit under it as long as you rent a chair from the water sports guy called hulio. They can not stop you from getting a hut just can't use la cabana chairs. We are here for 3 months and see many cruise passengers use them if they are free.

  4. Yes it is a beautiful island, beautiful beaches but we all know that is why you go to cuba. Not for the food sometimes not for the drinks either. It is a cheap vacation. Hoping with the change with american trade the food will be much different and better. Love the island but change will only better it.

  5. When we were there early november it was so busy we were crammed in like sardines. Vendors fighting to sell you chairs and sticking you so close you could not move. Yes it is a beautiful beach but if you have trouble getting in and out of the water you may have issues as there is a drop. Where we were sitting we found a huge chunk of glass lucky i found it before someone cut themselves. one restaurant and beach bar on whole beach. I would research how many ships are in when you want to go and dont think know one knows cause all the drivers want to take you there.

  6. Okay so i know they tell you not to book a flight before noon. But our original flight with air canada was for 11.00 now 1035. We are the only ship in that morning and i am hoping to get off ship as soon as possible. I have been off the ship before by 8 and to the hotel so i am thinking we could be at airport before 830. Would anyone chance it.THanks.

  7. I do know a few people on our cruise booked the hotel with princess and are cruising from lauderdale. They are staying at the embassy suites on 17th in fort lauderdale. A 10 minute ride to the cruise port if that. We see alot of princess bookings at the embassy as we stay there quite alot. Not a long drive from miami at all.

  8. We were just on the royal and were on the emerald deck room 402. We had a cabin with a bed and a couch. Our view was with a lifeboat. If we didnt have a couch we would have had a pullout on top of our bed, for us with my daughter that would not have worked. The balconys were so tiny we never even used it, well i did for maybe 15 minutes and we were on a ten day cruise. You will not believe how tiny these balconies are until you try and fit two people on them.

  9. We to were on that cruise. Very dissapointed with the food in the dining room and the horizon court. Have travelled mainly with holland in the last couple of years or celebrity. Food was not hot luke warm not alot of choices. But was it so bad that it ruined our cruise no. We are not foodies we are there just to enjoy the ship. We have booked the royal again for march for 20 days. So it wasnt that bad, just wish they would get more choices.

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