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  1. Can anyone give me any good points on the royal. Just reading the reviews and found most of them to be very poor. I have not sailed with princess since the carribean princess many years ago and normally sail with celebrity or Holland but would like to try the repo cruise from New York to fort Lauderdale. Reading all the reviews have made me think!

  2. thanks just called. 49 a day for all inclusive, previously everyone had to have it in your stateroom above the age of 21 now the only one using it needs to have it. Much better. Now my husband can have that and I can bring my wine aboard!

  3. Okay so I have looked on princess cruises webpage to find out about beverage packages. No where to be found. Do they sell them on every cruise as of yet and if you purchace it does everyone in your stateroom have to purchase it. On Holland you do but celebrity you don't. Any one know before I call

  4. Aren't you on the first leg of the Western Caribean? If so, you'll have to let us know how you enjoyed 10018 on the first leg of your journey. Hopefully, we all will just love it. Enjoy your room !!!!


    Yes we are on back to back. Never been so high up. I will let you know but I am sure we will be fine with it. I love being so close to the gym don't really care about the spa. I do love all the water features. I am just glad I went from a vh to a vq!

  5. Just debating. We were going to enjoy the day in Lauderdale. Love the beach area, nice little bars and restaurants to enjoy. Have yet to decide whether to get the all inclusive drink package. We did last time but then I felt that I had to drink all day and I really didn't want to do this again! If I had a couple bottles of wine in my room that would be enough. I was just wondering about bringing another 2 on at the second part of the cruise. I will contact hal on this one.

  6. we are 2 in the stateroom. just booked it as a 14 day cruise. We have to disembark after the first week then get back on. we were thinking of getting off and going down to the beach for the day and enjoying Lauderdale as the beach area is nice. Maybe a stop to total wine also if we can bring 2 more back on!

  7. Okay so going on a back to back cruise on the eurodam. I understand you can bring 2 bottles of wine per stateroom. Is that for the 1 week or for the 2 week. Or do you have to get off and purchase another 2 in Lauderdale. Just trying to weigh my options on just bringing wine or getting the all inclusive.

  8. Yes it is not a problem to bring it, as it is pre-packaged. Why mail it when we are sailing there. They own Jacks Shack our favourite stop in the turks, just so happens that janet use to live very near us and I asked her what we could bring and that is what she wanted. Glad no issues!

  9. Coming in on a flight from Canada and was asked by an owner in the turks that is from Ontario to bring her some cheese. Now I do realize that most ships do not allow you to bring food off the ship but she didn't think that this would be a problem. It would be packaged and not opened, does anyone know if this would be a problem.

  10. No not unhappy just glad to see we have 2 chairs. We booked it as it was cheap didn't realize there was different balconies. We have been in suites this was a last minute cruise and loved the price. Highest deck we have ever been on is 7 so this should be interesting. All my husband cares about is if there is a fridge where he can put his beer!!! Not water!

  11. That is great to know. I don't know how they figure out the room assignments but I am happy to be up higher. The spa doesn't interest me, and for what we paid all I wanted is to have a balcony didn't care about location.

  12. Wow no chair or table that really sucks I would rather a lower room than this. I guess hal thinks this is more than what we paid and thinking we got a better deal but for someone who spends time on the balcony this really sucks. Guess I wont book a guarantee any more

  13. Okay so now I am hearing the balcony on a vq room 10018 to be exact is smaller than a normal balcony. I originally to a vh guarantee but didn't expect a rotten room assignment. We enjoy the balcony and now have worries we wont enjoy it as it is to small. anyone have pictures

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