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  1. Yes we know that the package includes non alcolohic drinks as well, holland america should not be counting them into the 15 drink factor. I could drink at least 3 coffees in a day, 5 waters, juice and a smoothie and then only be able to have 5 alcoholic drinks as it limits you to 15 drinks! On the last celebrity cruise my husband got the medium drink package any drink up to 8 i got the more expensive package which was any drink up to 12. My daughter does not drink so got the non alcoholic package which was 16 a day, It was well worth it. I will bring my own wine on this cruise so then i dont need the package, but it would have been nice if my husband could have gotten it.

  2. At that price and to make a limit on the number of drinks you can order it is just not worth it. They should follow celebritys beverage packages. One for drinks up to 8 and the other up to 12. That also includes coffee, fresh squeezed juice and smoothies and all the specialty coffees. So if you get 2 or 3 coffees a couple of waters, juice and a smoothie it doesnt leave you much for your other drinks. The limit of the price of drinks and the amount which you can order is not worth it. Also if you have another person in your room who does not drink then it really isint worth it.

  3. Surfer girl on what ship did they let you buy a case of beer at happy hour. On the zuiderdam they were furious when my husband asked for 4 beers. Now that was when you buy one get one free. NOw that you have to pay 1 dollar for the second one that may make a difference. What the bartender said is 1 drink at a time. If my husband could buy a case of beer he would not buy the beverage package as that is all he drinks.

  4. quote=drfun48;36293953]Because of my job and the need to drive sober when at home I seldom drink much. On a cruise I can walk to my cabin and no one ever asks me to steer the ship. So you might say I go overboard...almost literally.

    A typical day starts with a cappuccino or two. By 11 it's a bloody Mary. With lunch a Margarita or a beer. Around 4:30 ,it's 2 or 3 martinis. With dinner at six,three glasses of wine and a specialty coffee with dessert as well as a sparkling water throughout.

    Then it's on to the casino for a cognac or jack and coke. At the show maybe a vodka and tonic or a cordial. Following that it's to the disco or karaoke and some specialty rum drinks.

    Finally an espresso at cafe baccio and a water for the room at night. On beach days we also take liter bottles of water to the beach. I kept track for a while and see that it would have cost me130 to 150 per day before tip.

    At the discount rate of $49/day I figure I'm way ahead until I have to pay for the liver transplant.

    I have you beat bloody mary at 9!

  5. I found the beverage package well worth it. I am a wine drinker husband a beer drinker. Since the package now went on sale we both took the more expensive package which was only 48 dollars. I did not like the options on the lesser package for the wine. All the little drinks during the day do add up quickly. Well worth not getting a bill at the end of the cruise.

  6. I love both lines. Food i found a bit better on Hal but cant complain. I personally do not go on a cruise just to eat, i go to see different places. The thing i like most is the drink package that celebrity offer. It makes it alot more affordable to enjoy yourself on your cruise without coming off with a huge bill at the end. Yes if i am on holliday i love to enjoy my drinks. I have just booked the 15 day hawaii for next march and am going on the equinox this march. I would have done the longer hawaii but with 10 sea days that would have been one big bar bill.:D

  7. This has actually made my decision about my next cruise. We travelled on the equinox once before and loved it. I really wanted to do the hawaii tahitti on hal but realized that for 30 days it would end up with one whopping drink bill. So i have decided on the 15 day hawaii next march. I know that when i come off i wont be hyperventillating with my bar bill! I wish Hal would follow suit!:)

  8. for some reason i am not losing with any diet so i am going to give this a go once i get the book. I am really going to get rid of the wine for at least the first 2 weeks. I do lots of exercises so either i am in menapause and just am stalling or i am doing something wrong. I only have 10 to lose so maybe it is harder not sure.

  9. Okay have tried the jorge cruize diet and just not losing. Hoping to get the book by monday. I am pre-menaposal also and feel like i am gaining. I walk with my hubby like 2 hours a day. Run on the treadmill for 3 miles and do my weights and still not losing. I will really try and give the red wine up as we cruise in the middle of december. I really only need to lose 10 pounds so i am hoping to really give this a try. Can you drink coffee on this diet! HOpe i can join in i reallyneed a boost.:)

  10. Dd celebrity in march and both of us had the drink package. Did a carnival cruise in may and wow what charges. 24 dollars for 4 beers that was there bucket. OUr bar bill was enormus. First time cruisers with carnival and will never sail again. FOOD WAS HORRIBLE! ONLY GOOD THING WAS THE STEAKHOUSE. The smoking in the bars were terrible. only good thing is that we had a group of 10 so we had company. get the drink package well worth it.

  11. i find atkins works for me but in the long run i can not stay on it for long periods. I enjoy my red wine to much. I exercise probably more than the average person but once i go off atkins i gain even more than i did before.

  12. i have done it off and on also. The most recently was our last cruise in march. I lost 10 pounds before i went but i went on and was not to well as i ate what i wanted and drank. I gained back the 10 pounds and really screwed up my monthly which is not great. Very bloated also. I have another cruise in 3 weeks and have just decided to eat healthy no junk and watch the alcohol and exercise every day. Hoping that will help even if i lose a bit i will be happy.;)

  13. Glad that they are getting with the times and serving other nationalitys foods

    I am one who loves indian cuisine, more flavour the better. We had it on celebrity and now trying carnival and cant wait to order it at night. More people should give it a try instead of a bland piece of meat for a change!!!

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