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  1. I have been reading a lot about the Infinity Verandas. I think we will like it much better than the one we had!
  2. vtcruising thanks so much for replying. We originally had one of those balcony rooms near the front with the round cutout window balcony. I wasn't thrilled about that and this morning when we were given the chance to upgrade for just a little more we jumped at the chance. We have sailed in Aqua Class before and just loved it. Thanks again for pointing out or room!
  3. Is it too late to ask where 9267 is? And would you know if the bed is by the veranda?
  4. Someone above said it is $7.00 per day to use the app. So if I am understanding this correctly you don't need a wifi plan to use the app but it will cost you $7.00 per day...correct?
  5. Thank you! We always have a regular balcony and didn't realize we booked this months ago. After figuring out which one we had I was worried it would be dark. Though I know my cruise will be amazing no matter what we were just curious.
  6. I am wondering if anyone can give me some insight. Cabin 8108 looks like the balcony doesn't have a full view, kind of like a circle. How is this cabin? Never been in a balcony like this before and am wondering if I will like it.
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