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  1. Carnival does brew the redfrog on one or two ships, but the red frog beer on all other ships is brewed in tampa, fl by bud...They contracted with AB to brew the beer, now they have branched out to brew it on a couple of ships but the rest is still supplied by AB out of Tampa
  2. I would call back as you should be able to get on a wait list for early. and yes, platinum status should move you up the list
  3. Why does carnival have a kids menu, if its an adult venue? Does not make sense for them to have a kids menu if the venue is adult only.
  4. No, carnival stopped serving it at the end of 2018... no more fosters
  5. I don't really get the comparison to Half Moon Cay.. This is not a private island as HMC is... This is a new dock area being built on the grand Bahama island... This is like Grant Turk and Amber cove, not like private islands like HMC or Princess Cay.
  6. I am not sure the last time you were in st martin but I was just there 3 weeks ago and I will tell you it was every bit as bad as Grand Turk, maybe worse... We were accosted by at least 10 different people yelling at us that we have to use their chairs It was the worst I have ever seen.. I was also just at Grand Turk and we were approached by a few people about chairs and we had to pay, but we new carnival had free chairs with green umbrellas. I had been to st martin 4 times and never seen it this bad.
  7. They have now switched to Heiniken non alcohol beer, so yes they still serve it on board, just switched brands
  8. My advise would be to visit each bar and look at their menu, each seems to have their own signature drinks... Including the sports bar, which I thought had some great cocktails that you could not find at other bars.
  9. Just off the pride last week.... yes they open about 2 to 3 hours after departure... They are not in international waters yet, and they still charge tax on drinks, but somehow they can open the casino... Not sure how, but they do.... takes about 7 hours before you reach international waters and they stop with the tax, but casino is open way before that time.
  10. Glad you speak for everyone on cruise critic, that my comment is not helpful... Thank you for speaking for everyone...
  11. Then why is carnival leaving continental breakfast free, since based on posts, that's what most people use room service for, so they still have to clean up the halls for the majority of the room service use... Since most people only use it for continental breakfast and coffee, that is where they should be charging to pay for the clean up
  12. Make it everything like that.. some people don't eat in the MDR, so charge 10.00 a person for it... Some people don't go to comedy club so charge 10.00 a ticket... Some don't go to shows, charge 10.00 a ticket... This is only fair per your statement why should people pay for things the don't use...
  13. Yes they check your cabin number for anytime dining... Since you are platinum you should be at the top of the wait list for your time dining... If you don't get it before cruising, you can visit the Matre d in the afternoon you board to see if you can get it..
  14. My guess is no one would say anything if she came with you... age limit is 18+, but I would think as long as the child is with an adult they would not say anything, unless of course another passanger complained or if it was real crowded and people were waiting for a machine.
  15. I don't think this is so far fetched... Carnival could have a couples package where its 20 drinks max between both and charge maybe 75.00 versus 103.00 for individual plan for both people with the 15 per person max... As long as carnival can price out so they continue the great profit margin for themselves, I think it would be something for them to consider..
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