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  1. The worst is they declare bankruptcy and if your lucky you get some of your money back
  2. I did not see where they would not go bankrupt. He said that they had a plan if they don't cruise for the year. that plan could be filing for bankruptcy and reorganize
  3. What, the offer is to house sick people on the ship if hospitals become overwhelmed.
  4. Only if congress will go along with it. Since the majority of the states are not directly effected by the cruise industry, it may be a tough sell.
  5. its good news they offered. Bad news if we have so many severe cases we need them.
  6. so are airlines but some of them went bankrupt. bankruptcy does not mean going out of business. it means stock holders and creditors would be the ones losing as they may get pennies back on their dollars
  7. at some point there will be, but the cost of your cruise could also increase by then.
  8. I have gotten a chair from them, but I did not ask for removal of the table.
  9. no issue, you would only have to pay the fee if you bring the bottle to the mdr
  10. it seems like when I do quite a bit of checking price by mock booking, I get upsell calls. when I don't there is no offers
  11. Bring your own bags from home to enjoy during the movie.
  12. maybe, maybe not. Baltimore cruises are not scheduled to get back until 10am, so boarding starts much later then most ports. They will probably not let you in the building if boading has not started yet, so you could be outside until close to your arrival time.
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