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  1. CDC has extended no cruising for another 100 days from April 9th
  2. Well she is laughing all the way to the bank as her FB page and You Tube Channel went crazy. She only had like 12k subscriber's this video that most hate and then others like Jim Zimmerman tried to profit off of has gone viral and making her moola like she never made before. As an influencer I believe you need to be aware of your mind set, as I found the review negative and focused on stuff that doesn't matter. Have I been in a hotel room or cabin that it took me 3 days to find the light switch for a certain light - yes. Guess what not a deal breaker and I could careless about it in a revi
  3. Doesn't seem like you can do anything with it yet. I was able to sign in and get my account easily. My daughter 2nd sailor in the room is having issues, as the reservation number is not the reservation id, they are asking her for. Anyone know what this is?
  4. Maybe the Mega Rockstar, to my knowledge below that it doesn't come with it, I've pretty much read everything I've received and on the website. Do you remember where you saw that? As the write-up for the VIP Cabana says only Rockstar suites are eligible to rent, unless they are not all rented out then a non-suite guest can rent. I'll definitely be calling back if it is included, let me know if you remember where you saw that. Thx.
  5. Yes I know where it is, but curious if the pu will include off airport locations. Hard to believe every suite include (private) transfer, only have had private transfer include with the Garden Villa on NCL.
  6. I was told this week they will pick up/drop off FLL. I need to find out in they will PU at the Hardrock FLL. Will call back closer to, sailing 4/5/10
  7. Emma's review was toxic, I think there weren't any bars open and that crappy weather made everything seem miserable. Ben & David seem to almost be the spokesperson, ambassador for Virgin. They were very upbeat but gave a lot of info. Not seeing the actual venues in motion you don't get the true feel. As someone with 24 NCL, many haven and suites and 8 MSC Yacht Club, I am not the target audience but taking my daughter who is and we are looking forward to the Cheeky Suite, the restaurants, the night club and entertainment, and Bimini Beach Club. Rented a VIP Cabana which als
  8. I was told they will replenish once, once they stock something if you use it you pay for it. Seems difficult to track, I'm in a Cheeky Suite. So one round is the entire mini-bar once!
  9. You get everything that comes with a Haven booking and Owners Suite booking, the only thing you wouldn't get is if you had less than the 5 free at sea, you keep your current free at sea perks and don't automatically get the 5 that come with an upfront booking. You will get the booze in your room. Call the concierge number prior to sailing and arrange what you want for the cabin. 1-855-625-4283
  10. anyone get any accepted bids yet for the Joy sailing 2/2/20
  11. Scroll by if you aren't interested. I find it helpful if you use the bidding process on a regular basis.
  12. So is it comedy club or guest services? Also, does concierge get on with Haven or Priority?
  13. Ocean View is different than Ocean Front - OV is by the rock barriers not where swimming happens and OF are the ones you refer to on the YC beach where the loungers are in front of them. I agree the cabanas are underwhelming if you are familiar with NCL Harvest Caye you will know what I am talking about. Basically a mini villa with indoor plumbing, shower, bathroom, air, tv, music, fridge, etc. I have one booked for next week and have already been to Ocean Cay, really considering backing out of my group as even $225 isn't worth is, it is a open bungalow in the sand with a fan.
  14. Cabanas close down at 5 pm. I've been once but that is my understaning, will be there next week in a YC cabana will let you know for sure.
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