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  1. I am looking into purchasing one. What brand do you have and any suggestions you can offer will be deeply appreciated?
  2. What company do you use to rent a scooter? I have gone on many cruises but my next one will be the first time I will need a scooter. Any advice on using them both on board and ashore?
  3. Thanks but their tours include too much beach time.
  4. Boy, NateUpNorth, You are making my decision making process even harder!! I had already decided to forego this excursion and now am once again tempted. Am I going to let a five year old show me up?!? 😲 Would it impact your opinion to know that I am 73 and have CAD? (Boy, do I hate to admit both of those facts!)
  5. I don't mind paying for value but I do set limits as to what I want to spend. I just don't think it will be worth $300 to us. I requested more info on the cost of a larger group but have not had a response. I need that info prior to trying to recruit others.
  6. I contacted Woodwind by email and received a fairly quick response. I contacted them in mid-July for an Oct. reservation for my husband. You could try email again or try calling. The number listed on their web site is +(599) 786-7055. Good luck! Their great reviews and that they say snorkeling in Bonaire is the best is what made me consider it.
  7. Thank you so much! You addressed my main concern - that of being able to return to the boat when needed. That plus the fact that I do not have much physical endurance is enough to now know that I should skip this excursion and go take photos!
  8. Woody responded quickly. So far there are only two of us and the price is more than I want to pay. Do you recall the cost of the tour for four? I was wondering if the per person cost would be less with more people. If so, I could try to recruit more people from our cruise. His tour does sound more appealing than others.
  9. Thanks for the info and beautiful pictures! I have just sent a message to Woody via his web site and am hoping to hear back soon. I had not heard of Woody prior to your posts. What size are his group tours? I have been considering BUMPIINGTOURS. Are you familiar with them?
  10. Has anyone taken the Curacao Complete Island Tour that is offered by Shore Excursion Group? We have been planning on driving ourselves but are wondering if this would be a better option.
  11. Definitely adding Boca Pistol to my List! The flamingo pans of Jan Thiel sounds good, too. But I will pass on the caves due to walking issues. Thanks!
  12. We are renting a car and I would like some suggestions as to where to go and what to see beyond beaches. I have a long list of those. Number one one my list is to go see the turtles but I need help beyond that. Is there a good place to park and then stroll through Willemsted? I want to see the town but need to limit the amount of walking I have to do. Are there any not to be missed places to see, places to eat, just fun things to do? Please and thank you for any advice!
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