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  1. I like Sabitini's and didn't like Share. This is a major improvement from my point of view.
  2. Call Princess Ocean Navigator I was able to give them all my information and get a boarding time. . I also need to bring my vaccination proof to the port at check in. I will use the medallion as the boarding pass to get inside to check in and then go get a regular card on board at guest services No app needed. I used this phone number 844-525-0942 Great News Your OceanMedallion™ order OCEAN-00000 for your upcoming Princess MedallionClass™ vacation has been received. You requested to have your order shipped to your home. Your Medallion® devices and any products you ordered will be shipped 10 to 20 days before your Princess MedallionClass™ vacation. Please be sure to wear your Medallion® device to your port of embarkation to allow for an expedited, contactless arrival experience. We will send a follow up email to notify you when your order is being shipped. Please note that taxes and fees are estimates and will be finalized at the time of shipment, when you will receive your transaction receipt. Please save your order number for future reference. We hope you enjoy your fabulous MedallionClass™ vacation. If you have any questions or comments, please call 1-844-525-0942. This email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message. Thank you, Ocean Medallion Fulfillment, Ltd. © 2021 Carnival Corporation Privacy Statement Terms of Use
  3. I would pick Riviera deck because there are cabins above and below you and on the lido deck you have a public area above you which might or might not be noisy.
  4. A small detail but I always grab a few pool towels for my cabin for after a shower. They are bigger and wrap around unlike the regular cabin towel. You will have slippers and a robe in a full suite also.
  5. I missed that it was a club class. You will enjoy it. Suggest you check out the thermal spa for relaxation. If the Sky has the thermal suite with the hot tile beds they are fabulous.
  6. First you need to know as a newbie that a mini suite is really a larger balcony cabin with no suite amenities. A full suite gets the amenities listed under the suite category. Full suites are designated with an S in front of the cabin number. You picked a forward facing cabin which has plus and minus'. During sailing the balcony might get locked due to wind and you may not be able to use it. It is a very large balcony and on the other ships (I've not been on the Sky) it is a solid metal railing so you can't see the ocean when seated. At night you may not be allowed to have your balcony light on since it interferes with the bridge which looks right down onto your balcony. ALL mini suites accommodate 3 and some even 4 passengers in the sofa bed. The front of the ship has the most motion so if anyone has any motion disturbance it's a poor choice. As for dinning you are in one of the general dining rooms. Based on your celebrations and what you wrote I suggest you look at a club class mini suite which has a smaller dining room with no wait time when you arrive without a reservation. There will be few if any children in the club class dining room compared to the general population dining room.
  7. I did a Mediterrean cruise during the summer one year and there were a significant number of families with children. It seems the Europeans like to do family vacations with their kids. You have no control over how many kids are on your cruise. The children have kids programs to keep them occupied during the day so you probably won't see too many around. You picked a mass market cruise line. A smaller boutique line would have a limited amount of children. I usually stay in a suite and they all have a sofa which is a sofa bed and sleeps more then 2. Which cabin are you looking at and we can be specific.
  8. Sounds like it's a change fee for the difference in price of the airfare. Do a mock booking for your exact flights and see what the fare comes up as. If the fare is identical to what you have just cancel your air and rebook it for the new dates.
  9. Nobody cares what is on your husbands feet. There are a few fashion police but why do you care? Do what's needed for yourself and don't worry about it. What other people think should not worry you, just enjoy your cruise.
  10. Yes, the point I was making was simply the health questionnaire doesn't have to be filled out 24 hours in advance.
  11. I just booked a club balcony suite and don't know what the amenities are. I would bid on the next category but need your advise as to what is a reasonable bid. It is only a 5 night cruise on the Bliss.
  12. I won't even see it before check in because I did not use an app and no smart phone. Ocean ready told me I will be able to do everything they couldn't do on the phone at check in.
  13. Previously Princess would send out an email and it was whoever responded first would get the upsell. Complimentary upgrades went the way of the dinosaur.
  14. I'm sailing Dec 15 on the Grand, is that the one you're on? I have never taken a GTY I prefer to pick my cabin and watch to see if the price drops and then call to refare. This sailing has not had a fare reduction despite it being about 60% occupancy.
  15. I'm sailing Sept 30 and have an appt at the Kaiser in T.O. on the 28th. They say they will have the results in up to 72 hours but it's usually faster. I made a second appt at the local CVS in Westlake to eleviate the stress of missing the deadline for Kaiser's results. Kaiser membership says they pay for covid testing at CVS.
  16. Up until you arrive at the pier Princess can wait to make your assignment. Check your personalizer daily to see it it's posted there. This is not unusual.
  17. When in Rome do as the Romans do and Europe is a non tipping country. They only think Americans will tip because many of them do. When Europeans come to the US we expect them to follow our tipping customs so don't we follow theirs? I do.
  18. Is this one doing tests? It is close to Calabasas questdiagnostics.com Located in: Rolling oaks plaza Address: 77 Rolling Oaks Dr Suite 120, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
  19. I'm on that sailing after having it cancelled last year. I've done Alaska 4-5 times and until I see Greenland I can't compare. There is a roll call started for this cruise. When it gets closer we'll decide on private tours and what to do.
  20. It's a mixed review. When underway you can't usually open the balcony door due to wind. At night you can't keep your light on due to the interference with the bridge which you're below. The cabin and balcony look bigger than the standard mini. The forward location is a far walk to anything. Forward cabins feel the most motion. Decide what's most important for you and go from there.
  21. Most of us don't. What is your proof before making such sweeping statements? The tip is already in the upcharge AND you've paid a second time if you pay your daily auto gratuity so why tip a third time on the same meal?
  22. I am sailing on the Sept 30 cruise. I did everything to preregister on the phone with the ocean navigator dept. I received my medallion in the mail. I also was called (thanks to my PVP following through) with my boarding time which was as requested the earliest group and got 11:30. I will go to guest services and get a regular cruise card, I keep them from every cruise. I may still use the medallion but I like to collect my cards. I have one for each of my cruises going back decades. I'm told the cruise cards will always be available because there are people who cannot use the medallion because of medical devises and need the card.
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